I am not a Hard Core Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #19

I haven’t got a crystal ball, nor am I psychic but I’m pretty sure this week has been the hottest week of the year here in South East England with Tuesday being a total arse making gaming a bit tiresome.

I have also bought a office/gaming/lounging chair as my previous piece of furniture simply didn’t work well with my specific spinal issues I deal with so here… And after putting it, it didn’t seem right so it took some time to figure it all out. Hot and money wasting (spending on necessary items some would say) week…

Gaming wise it’s been another slow moving  period with only Fallout 4 and MLB The Show taking a bit of time from our consoles’ life.

I carried on with The Silver Shroud quest and despite noticing that my character becomes much more efficient at sneaky sniping, I am still yet to complete, the simple really, quest as I keep on dying in certain spots where the enemy population is simply much greater than my usual encounters. Lack of patience and sniping tactics not effective enough… Plus Ada got shot at one point and I couldn’t rescue her so she sodded off home to Red Rocket and I decided to detour just to drag her back with me.

I should kill SinJin fella soon I reckon but given the fact another DLC pops out and I’m very much looking forward to do experiments on vault dwellers I better complete the Silver Shroud like now, otherwise it might not get done like ever.

It was one of these days where keeping track of everything wasn’t really on one’s mind.

The Show provided me with a couple of games against ‘Yetis’ in diamond dynasty (yet is are human created team for rather easy wins on legend difficulty) and some market buying/ selling items. Rest of time I put into further development of my skills as Monster Legends helper for my son amusing myself with the android platform and its perks.

It has been another great week where I have proved to everyone who is willing to visit my blog that indeed I am not a hard core gamer. I’m probably not doing well enough to reach the ‘casual’ level too. Anyways, next week I should hopefully start building my own vault. Keep well folks!

I am not a hard core gamer (aka Game Week Load) #18

So there. I have not done well gaming wise this week at all and I don’t see this changing soon. I think this week sums me up quite well as a casual gamer with a casual approach to gaming business unless one is in some manic state of obsession with a particular title.

Anyways, console gaming consisted of perhaps 3 hours of MLB The Show and 4 hours of Fallout 4 attempts at getting through point A to C via B and dying several times at point B which was Boston Library filled with them pesky Super Mutants.

After several attempts at clearing Boston Library and getting somewhere through realisation that robots were not my enemies I finally was able to proceed to point C which was the comic store holding the Silver Shroud costume. That’s what I think I’ll get through next in F4.

MLB The Show gave me like three quick games of conquest and some card selling time and I was done there for the week. I’m not bored with the game, I’m just not a heavy gamer, am I? 

The Show is a great little title with plenty to do but I’m not in the mood. I’ll probably be dying to play it once Madden 17 is out but of course I won’t have time. Haha.

Other than that my gaming time was mainly spent on resting as I’ve had plenty of flare ups this week and being chronically ill (I still don’t like referring myself as to disabled…hm… long story here really) is a full time work with overtime and no pay or any desirable benefits in view, got into my way of getting to our PS4.

At least I wondered around the mobile world for a bit, helping my boy with his Monster Legends management, revisiting Fallout Shelter (and perhaps returning to it at one point) and discovering Perfect Inning 16 which I spent some time with it during sleepless hours of seldom dying.

Always evolving line up.

I think I really like collecting stuff and hence all these ‘silly’ little games just catch my attention but there is also some decent gaming mechanics hiding underneath the Perfect Inning 16.

As one can see, I’ve had a fairly laid back week of very little gaming but I must say I have also done some revisiting in my past times that involved plenty of board games, which can be found in form of digital releases nowadays too. Ah, it is a great time to be a gamer really; regardless of level of commitment…

And it shouldn’t go unnoticed I haven’t spent a single sentence writing about a recent craze- ‘Pokemon GO’ and I don’t intend to…

Oh…. Oops… Keep well readers, until next time.

Game Week Load #17

So this week happened somehow and it just wasn’t a week worth a mention really if it comes to gaming.

I managed couple of short games of MLB The Show and few sessions of Fallout 4 and that was it. The Show isn’t even worth a mention really this week.

As far as Fallout is concerned I have started questing towards meeting The Mechanist as I wanted to get a robot work bench. I died few times getting killed by the first group of robots when I met Ada but eventually I managed to escape and make Ada follow me.

Then things got funkier and during one session all I managed was to progress from one bed to another and never to reach my original destination due to dying at various spots. Life, eh?

Bertha is now at level 22 with a nice chunk of variety of benefits hidden behind the perks but I am not doing that great as well… I’m not a great at gaming obviously. Well I think I’m not.

All of this gaming stagnancy recently made me question of how much of a gamer am I? 

I’m not sure I know how much of gaming one must do or how much games must one own to be named a hard core gamer but I decided that I don’t fit into my own imagination of being a hard core gamer. Perhaps I’m being a casual gamer that sometimes get into the heavy moods of getting trapped into some strange realms of hard core gaming but eventually I shake it off and return to being casual.

So, there. It’s my summary of my gaming week as a casual gamer: plenty of attempts and a lot of effort made but very little progress to show for. At least I had some fun while doing it.

Game Week Load #16

This week hasn’t been the most engrosing as far as gaming goes. I’ve really played only two titles and those who have been reading this weekly piece regularly should now which games took my time away from the worries of the real world.

Yup. You guessed it right, it was MLB The Show 16 and Fallout 4. Somehow I just didn’t feel like really playing a lot, perhaps quite frequent pain flare ups put me off trying to be active, and the time I did play was committed to these two titles. I know, how boring!

The Show  was really just a series of diamond dynasty games with the Dodgers players in the line up just to complete the 1000 innings mission that earned me 86 ovr James Loney. I’m now in the process of buying fairly cheap Dodgers players cards to feed to my dynasty player which is 99 at almost every position (1st baseman will be last to reach 99) and earning myself 98 ovr Adrian Beltre which I hope will be a great addition at 3rd base in my ultimate line up that I should show case one day or another.

Fallout 4 provided me with a bit of a moral dilemma as I really fancied giving the workshops a dust off and seeing what new cool things one might build. Problem was that my son inherited my Griswald campaign with a character of level 67 to allow him for messing up with settlements and since I started survival play through, I wanted to focus on Bertha’s escapades and just carry on new things on this save but since I’m doing poorly so far there’s not a way for me to be great at scavenging, especially that I can’t carry a lot.

Where’s the bartender? I’m thirsty!

After few days of thinking about the duplication glitch in workshop mode I finally gave in and decided, quite unusually for me to help myself out a bit and started the monotonous process of pressing square, x, circle very quickly. I’m not a big fan of cheats, glitches and so on but simply there’s just too much stuff in Fallout 4 for me to get a head around doing it ‘normally’.

I mean, it won’t really affect my campaign (beside some levelling up I’ll do) but it’ll allow me to have a break from Bertha’s troubled life and escape into trying to build some more complex stuff… Well. I hope as there are so many things now in the settlement options that I find myself rather overwhelmed and lacking confidence in trying to make some whacky stuff. Well, lack of practice shows up.

Anyway, I haven’t progressed the story far. I saved Nick and opened the Far Harbor route. Due to reaching level 15 I activated the Mechanist quests and visited some places, including Vault 81. Despite the struggle I still enjoy the pace and the fragility that survival mode in Fallout 4 presents me with. There’s a lot of thinking involved now even during scavenging items as some items I saw as sure picks, now I leave in order to get home the rarer goodies that are so much more handy than when playing the game on lower difficulties. I just wish I wasn’t such easy target at times.

Welcome to Vault 114. The place to be, the place to die in.

I’m not sure what next week will be bringing as my mood for gaming varies daily and I think, until Madden 17 comes out I won’t have a really huge drive to play, play, play… Although I can always prove myself wrong. Until next time folks! Keep well!

Gaming Week Load #14


Hey. The Skylanders had a break this week and I’m thinking these creatures might not be fully ready to come out with full force as my son decided to ‘rest them for a bit until he is in the mood again’ type of thing. I’m not complaining although I did enjoy the short spell of something different in my gaming world.
With the whole E3 craziness around us, this week was partly spent on trying to keep up with all relevant info until I experienced overload and most of my knowledge turned to dust.
Bottom line from E3 is that I’m really excited for Madden 17 and not so excited for further Fallout 4 DLC.


Somewhere, out there in Commonwealth.

Also the event reminded me about Dishonored 2 coming out just late of my birthdays and revelation of remastered Skyrim coming out before my birthday. There are going to be tough decision to be made but in the meantime I can enjoy the easy ones. Purchasing Madden 17 and dowloading fallout 4 DLC.
I mean creating your own vault and doing experiments on dwellers surely must be fun but it all depends how tedious gathering all the resources going to be to have a fully functional vault. We should find out in July and I hope my Bertha Burps will be nicely developed by then. Other two DLC’s haven’t got me all hyped yet but I still have time to process some thoughts and my opinion my change.
Madden 17… Hm… The EA blog about franchise improvements and additions made me really excited and I could list all these little things that get my heart going but best to wait until the game is out. If it all works as intended then I’ll be having months and months of blast upon blast.
Now, onto my gaming this week…


The party was a proper blast!

Bertha Burps is doing her best to survive out there in my survival playthrough of Fallout 4. The main task, beside actually surviving, is to locate some beds in immediate area of your new discovered land and carefully extending the perimeter of your search while not becoming a victim of what is out there. Easier said than done, as at one point I came across two bloatflies accompanied by a legendary one and I got my arse handed back to me. Annoying little creatures.

Bertha's face tells her struggles to whoever wants to listen.

I came across General Atomics Galleria, overrun with neglected Mr. Handys and died each time I asked a robot for something. I remember dealing with the boss in the top tower in my first playthrough but I couldn’t recollect if those robots were so hostile in my first game. Nevertheless after third fatality I decided not to get involved and I just marked it on map.
One curios thing I noticed in Fallout post patch is the multitude of various herbs and plants being available to be picked up and hopefully this will allow for creating some herbal medcinie. Survival is tough but I’m still pushing through, mainly around weekends, as weekdays are kind of filled with MLB The Show.


Theodore SirDudenstein about to sent the ball out of the park!

I’m having blast with both of my RTTS characters, although the pitcher gets a little less love as he still struggles in double- A. My third baseman, Theodore is playing well for the Pirates, currently in his second season in the big leagues, building up on his rookie campaign that was sadly shortened due to a rib injury.
I’ve also enjoyed replaying conquest but since I finished it for the second time (first time without dropping below veteran difficulty) I might give it a bit rest and let my son play this baseball orientated strategy mode.

Flying high and far away.

Other than that it was mainly getting excited for Madden 17 and deciding whether to get Skyrim or Dishonored first. Both come out around my birthday so I should at least get one. Well, Madden 17 might be so superb that I might notice the passing time but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
I’m not sure what next days of gaming will bring back to me but time will tell and in the meantime, keep well friends!

Gaming Week Load #13


Before I will get going I’d like to celebrate with my readers a little accomplishment my little son achieved recently in his gaming journey. He has completed the Spelunky’s Hell run after many, many hours of frustration while getting better.
It’s been great to finally see a smile of achievement on his face when he beat the last bit of game and when trophies (to hell and back – the entire gang) popped out on the tv screen confirmining his effort at this simple but quite challenging game. I wish I was that skilled at this game but somehow I don’t last long time enough to make my way out of mines let alone getting to hell. Family’s gaming is fun.


Typical Fallout humour. Mannequins standing around their headless victim.

As for me, it was an odd week a bit but I finally got going with new campaign on Fallout 4 on survival difficulty.
Bertha Burps is the name of my character and she’s had a rough life prior to the big war and the bigger bang!
I can’t remember her stats (I was meant to take note) but basically Bertha has a well above average perception and agility isn’t far off. Her luck is around average with inteligence being not far off it. Rest of SPECIAL were set to 1 and we could begin her story.


Ah... Nothing beats the 'sweet home' atmosphere.

From the go, as soon as I got through the banging, freezing, defrosting and all that, it turned out that the pace of the game will be much slower, the utilisation of the pip boy much greater and the frustration upon dying and loosing hours of progress, inevitable.
I will do my best to evolve my stealth ninja-sniper, half idiot lady into something supremely supreme but at the moment I enjoy the little jingle associated with the Idiot Savant perk, that my son made me choose, while I struggle immensely at staying alive.

A room with a beautiful view for free!

So far I got to helping the annoying Preston out of Museum and I’m now getting Sanctuary sorted. I’ve done Abernathy Farm quest so I’ve got now like three sleeping places but these are all nearby.
There is going to be more of that stuff coming in coming weeks but since my son enjoys watching me play Fallout 4 I might be slower as I might only stick to weekends/ holidays evenings to play the game.
We had a bit of Skylanders fun but not much as the Spelunky quest took over my son’s mind so the whacky figures had some days of relative rest. We are still aiming at completing the nightmare mode on Trap Team (and all other titles lol).

My collection of Skylanders Battlecast cards.

For me, the rest of gaming time was spent on discovering Skylanders Battlecast on android and baseball sweating on MLB The Show 16.
I discovered the Battlecast thanks to two cards that were supplied with SuperChargers. I downloaded the app, pointed my phone’s camera at these two cards and voila I had Hex and Spyro ready to roll with and after few days of playing the story and PvP I was able to obtain the 22 card pack for 1400 coins that further expanded my deck.


Hard fought win is in our hands.

I’m not really sure what to think of it but it reminds me a lot some of the parts of Monster Legends my son plays and plenty of other games where you click, collect and wish you had more. Still good fun, although the game’s pace awfully slow.

In The Show there was some more trading and my first season reached the end. The Cubs won The World Series over The Royaks and once new season 2017 rolled over I noticed I finally made it to MLB, being member of Pittsburgh Pirates. Initially many games at pinch hitter but slowly I started appearing in starting line up. Slowly building up my player to be a mega star lol I’ve also reached All- Star difficulty level with hitting so I’m pleased for the continued improvements.
As NBA 2k16 was added to PS Plus as a freebie a traded my physical copy to spend cash on something else and went through downloading of the digital one and I had a game or two but it didn’t warm me up towards hoops.
Next week, starting this weekend I can see more Fallout 4 and perhaps Gone Home as I downloaded the game for free as a PS Plus deal. It might be spooky fun from what I could notice in first 10 minutes of the game.
Well. That’s all from me for now. Keep well and hydrate often in this muggy, hot weather. Until next week!

Gaming Week Load #12


This week just wasn’t going to be a gaming week due to the half term and loads of attention required on keeping the little creatures, called children, busy. Luckily our neighbours went away for short break so I had only my son to worry about most of the time.
So I worried and worried about him and I have became his main assistant in Skylanders Trap Team as he decided to take on the nightmare mode. I like a good challenge so I was glad to help out.
So far we made through four painful chapters full of nasty creatures to beat (I’m sorry I’m getting a bit too old to embrace it all and memorise the names most of the ugly trolls are given). We’ve had a decent run, one glitched level when enemies stopped appearing and there was no way to progress and we also had some new arrivals and some news.
The arrivals were ZooLou, Jawbreaker and most recently Krypt King. Yes my son’s collection is well behind but he doesn’t mind and he’s happy with what he has. He’s currently focusing on trying to grab all the trap masters and one missing giant before moving onto collecting superchargers.
Given the news of release of Skylanders Imaginators he already decided to put the game on his Xmas list and hopefully start collecting stuff for it next summer or so. Who knows. He might change his mind and have a Skylanders sabbatical before Xmas goes.
I haven’t caught much of the new game details except Activision giving us ability to create own skylanders how cool!

Although I can imagine you’ll need all elements’ Crystals to create the ultimate Skylander Hero plus hours of discovering and collecting new stuff. Well I’m up for collecting not so much for obtaining more and more figures but hey, we only have one life to enjoy. We’ll see how the next Skylanders journey evolves in the near future as the game is due out in October.

The other game that took my time was MLB the Show 16 (I know, right! Almost like a true baseball fan!). I made some progress. Once I finally made some stubs on my market investments and decided to treat myself to 10 standard packs that gave me like two silver cards with rest just being junk stuff.
My RTTS character was moved to Triple- A within Tampa Bay Rays farming system just to be traded shortly after to San Diego, still in Triple-A. Still, one step closer to the dream of MLB comes true. I’m also at Veteran+ when it comes to hitting, trying really hard to get into All- Star. I spent little time in Diamond Dynasty but days and nights are just short.

I’m still stuck at starting new Fallout 4 campaign but the mods that are coming towards ps4 will finally get me going in right direction. Hopefully we will also find out some more about further DLC stuff coming to this great title.
And that is all from me I think. Keep well folks!

Gaming Week Load #11


Hey. What do you know?
The Skylanders are back!!! Beware!!!
Just out of nowhere my son decided to check how his skylanders are and of course he employed me to give him a helping hand once in a while or give me bashing in one of the fighting arenas.
Yes… Skylanders are back and it’s scary! And given the fact that he has gotten back into the groove I can only anticipate arrival of new figurines that names I’ll have to somehow squeeze into my crowded memory. Life, eh.

I’m not going to explain Skylanders here as I’m pretty sure everyone involved with console gaming must have some idea of what these are…
And they are, depending on where you sit, a brilliant idea worth millions of pounds/dollars etc. A collectors heaven with so many greatly detailed creatures. A gamers pleasure time with not too complicated adventure platformer. And the best a great last second idea for birthday or Xmas present or whatever.
Since my son took interest in them after Trap Team was released there were plenty of new characters to us that we could add at very reasonable price. Just recently my boy completed the whole swappable collection that includes 16 characters giving you 256 combos of moves and weapons you might use in the game.
Swap Force with its swappables is my favourite but I never really played it on my own. I played other games that are my son’s (Plants vs Zombies comes to mind) but Skylanders never appealed to me on that level. With my son? Yeah I’ll complete level or two and that’s what I have spent some gaming time on this week.
We mainly focused on replaying some chapters looking for soul gems or some other collectibles and I also helped him with SuperChargers as he got stuck slightly on one of the chapters. Well, I struggled to grab the concept initially but we finally pushed through. I think SuperChargers upped its game. We’re yet to do some racing though.
Rest of my gaming time was split on checking out android apps that related to Skylanders (just being nosey and a bit fascinated with the mobile gaming world being so advanced) and playing my trusty MLB The Show 16.


Failed attempt at capturing fireworks after All Star game in Double- A League.

I’m still playing conquest, this time limiting myself to at least veteran difficulty. I like these 3 innings small bites of baseball here and there. I’m not really trying to finish any missions but I still continue to put some thought into line ups to complete few more if I can.
I’ve also tried more luck in market and lost some stubs there on purchases of silver players that were meant to go gold (according to more knowledable folks at various forums).
My RTTS player leads his team in batting and was part of an All- Star game but I struggle to find a new team for him as playing for a club called Biscuits is a bit daft. My son is having a blast with RTTS too which is cool as at least I get to show him variety of sports recently lol
Before going off I welcome you to watching a very short clip where you can see the unhuman abilities of my created player in RTTS mode. Amazing!

Rest of my gaming time was spent on learning more about Madden 17 via developer blog and finally getting a good read online about Fallout character builds and having a good idea how I’d like to get my next journey going. Although, since I intend to do it on survival mode I wonder if my skills will allow me to get going. I’m going to stay off Far Harbor for now and visit it with my new character in the future. Hopefully.
I’m not really sure what next week brings. Kids have a half term break so I’m sure to be visiting Skylands.
Keep well folks and thank you for taking your time to read my blog.

Gaming Week Load #10


This week actually presented itself with a crazy variety of titles going through my mind and taking up some of my attention.
I must admit that few titles only occupied my mind without involving a gaming session while others, were just providing me with a full blast of fun. Or at least full blast of frustration.
First, the thinking part.

Most of my thinking time was eaten up by Fallout 4. I have downloaded the whopping 6.5 GB update the night it came out and I was about to go for a stroll to the new island but eventually I decided to give it another think whether it’d be actually a good time to finally start second play through with another character on which customisation I’m currently stuck at.
EA blessed us with some more details about Madden 17 so I did my due diligence and read it all back to front, front to back and it got me excited over the new defensive mechanics the game will be able to offer. Come on August! Hurry up!
Reveal of Gran Turismo Sport left me cold and uninteresrted so the Polyphony Digital will have to come up with something more explosive to grab my attention.
Now, gaming wise, I got “employed” by my son to help out with Monster Legends on our android tablet in my spare time so I was clicking and collecting stuff. It is amazing how the mobile market exploded with all the “free” games. We also have an evening “report” to go through to see how his monsters are doing.
Dirt Rally got very little attention. Game is great I just lack friends to compete against and it slowly puts me off playing it, especially that I’m not earning in game currency (duh!) to get the better and more fun WRC cars to play with.

I finally gave “Kholat” run for its money. Or it gave me the run. I’m either really stupid or just not into that type of games (not sure what type it is though). The game has great atmosphere that can easily creep me out when playing at night with dimmed lights.
The lack of any cues or tutorial just adds up to the atmosphere of abandonment and despair but for the love of what’s all holly I can not progress the game full stop.
I tried and tried but somehow I end up walking in a circle not getting anywhere or progressing the story. I either return to point of start from last save or get somewhere that gets me killed and I’m back to my last save. I said, I must be stupid.

Table Top Racing has been proving to be great little break from a monotonous reality and it is a smashing time killer for those moments one has when they are not into some serious action. I thought I might give the platinum trophy a run on this title but it might not be as easy as I initially thought. Time will tell.

Lastly, MLB The Show has been filling rest of my gaming time and I split it between RTTS player and Diamond Dynasty where I mainly replay conquest on veteran difficulty. I also try earn some stubs in the market and complete some missions that later allow me unload some cards onto my dynasty player. It’s all fun and it can all be frustratring but at least this week, provided some much needed variety.
I’m not sure what next week will bring to me but I do hope I’ll decide what to do with Fallout 4 and its Far Harbor DLC. Discover it using my well levelled character or leave it until I start my second play through to leave myself some fresh content. Decisions. Decisions…

Gaming Week Load #9


This week has been marked by a surprise that was born both, through my lack of keeping up with the calendar and through following some cool blogs including one that is run by the 1BrokeGamerGirl, which you can visit here.
Thanks to entry on her blog I realised that May was upon us and PS Plus Store got updated with new goodies. I must admit I’ve skipped several titles recently as these neither appealed to me or my son but there was no chance of me skipping “Table Top Racing: World Tour” and “Tropico 5″.
I had finished main story of Tropico 5 long time ago and decided to trade it in, hoping to pick it up later at much lower value but I didn’t expect a freebie. It sure is a great surprise and the game will serve me well when I’m more into some heavy strategic thinking.
Table Top Racing, turned out to be a great game for when you have spare 10 mins or an hour. Cute cars modelled off the real cars we know from the streets but without a licence, booming along fancy race ways filled with rolls, cans, spoons and of course some power ups to create a mayhem.
The game starts you off slowly and by the time you realise how little there is to learn in terms of controls, you’re on your way to little madness. Great little racing title for kids and adults that just want to smash into things and cross the line in first.
So here, that was some of my gaming time taken away by these new additions that definitely spruced up a bit my recent gaming routine that has consisted of… Yes… MLB The Show 16 and Dirt Rally. I know. How boring I am!


Brake discs red hot from heavy breaking.

Dirt Rally is becoming a bit of a grind at the minute as I’ve got couple of cars on my radar but don’t have enough in game coins to get the cars, so it is a bit of frustrating struggle at times. The game is good I just wish I had someone to compete against in leaderboards, as this would make my rallying escapades a tad more interesting.
I bought myself a rally cross Mini and it has been a massive blast using that little beast on these little circuits prepared for the rally cross races. I wish there were few more of locations for the circuits and races itself but I guess if there will be any, there is going to be released in form of DLC I guess.

Unsuccessful slide to secure the base in RTTS mode.

MLB The Show has still been my main dish of daily gaming diet but I finally managed to venture into other paths that the game has to offer. Reason behind being, I simply needed a break from the conquest mode and the madness of counting inning played with players of a certain team to accomplish a mission.
So I took a turn into RTTS and created myself a second baseman with a great caricature of my facade. Since most games nowadays include some RPG style level up mechanics, I was quickly drawn into spending my training points into attributes that allow me to become a star. Currently I play for Montgomery Biscuits and we kind of roll in right direction.
I have also committed some time to working the auction house and earning some stubs, nothing major, like up to 500 stubs a day earned by buying mainly bronze cards for little and selling for a bit more. On Thursday I took a bigger gamble and bought several copies of two cards that saw a bump from silver to gold in last roster update and I hope to cash in a bit more sizeable prize soon.
As far as missions go, I completed 1000 innings with Athletics players and got 86 ovr Reddick but I’m yet to feed my created player with cards from the Athletics collection but I’m three cards away from getting the whole team so I’ll try to do that and get rewarded before letting my player to feast on all this cards.
Gaming has changed a lot through the recent years and it is amazing how much time, and for some, money it can take out of your daily lives. So there. Until next week and keep well people!