Football-less Sunday #1

Yup. The eerie and gloomy world has surfaced from the ugly depths of football fans hell and millions around the globe are grieving or try to cope with the sudden change of atmosphere that leads them to a great deal of shock. Football fans, beware! The off season’s here and the Patriots with their awkward and arrogant fan base are on top…
Most people from the sensible parts of the world will claim that Super Bowl LI was an epic defensive meltdown from the Falcons that basically threw the Lombardi trophy away…
Few crazy groups will call Tom Brady The Goat and give him all the credit for dissecting absolutely worn out Falcons D like he was some sort of demigod… He ain’t but I won’t waste my time here on writing about him or his “goatness“.
Just a bit from Super Bowl box score…
Matt Ryan‘s passer rating: 144.1
Tom Brady‘s passer rating: 95.2
There… The whole idea of QBs win and such is just a silly narrative that sells the news…

Anyways… I’m not really sure what I am going to fill my Sundays here with but I’m pretty sure I can find something to write about that won’t interest only me.

I should really start with reviewing Colts disappointing campaign but I actually have tried to write something about it and it took me nowhere. I mean there were shockers at the end as Jim Irsay finally sacking Ryan Grigson and sudden departure of Pat McAfee who decided to go all comedian on us but it is hard to get excited about such a disappointing season.

Perhaps looking forward to new Colts GM picks in the draft and possibly FA would be interesting but I don’t think I’m good in this areas so this week I should leave it as it is and ask you one big question:

How do you survive football off season???. Leave me your coping ways in the comment section and take care!

Shocking departure.

I have woken up today and initially I couldn’t really believe what I was looking at but eventually the ugly (from my selfish point of view) truth sunk in…

Good luck, Pat! You’ll be missed.

Colts punter Pat McAfee says he’s retiring, joining Barstool Sports –

Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy- The Fairy’s Dead. 16

That’s all from us now really. The last game of the season’s upon us the Fairy’s Dead or otherwise occupied and the Colts are out of playoffs second year running.
The only wish I really have is for the management to look at the future now and let the 2nd, 3rd, 4th stringers to play it all out and see what they can muster.
Playing the few stars of this somewhat broken team would be an utter stupidity…
But the team will want the win against divisional rivalry and Andrew Luck, Frank Gore are close to reach certain milestones in their careers and T.Y. Hilton is leading receiver through 16 weeks so.. There.
After missing out on play offs second year running all we can wish for at this time is for the team management to hit the draft right and find some reasonably priced free agents if there are any and get properly prepared for the next season.
And until that point in September, let’s enjoy what 2017 is cooking for us.
Happy 2017 Gals and Guys!!!

Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Quick turnaround #11

Thanksgiving football it is. I don’t know how exactly a thanksgiving day evolves but I know that football fans will be treated to a potentially high scoring game between the Steelers and the Colts and the Football Wishing Fairy should have her hands busy casting spells and whatnot around the country stuffed with turkey…

For us, the poor folk in the UK who never experienced Thanksgiving, we are going to enjoy an extra evening/ night of football in the week while wishing for the Football Fairy not cast any spells that would bring shame to the Colts who got outscored by over 50 points in two last games against the Steelers.
That’s it really! Yup, just that one wish for the game to be competitive throughout and for the Colts players to have a shot at until the last whistle really.
The slightly hopeful and more competitive me wishes for a great last second walk off score for win but let’s be realistic, if Andrew Luck is at 99% or less he won’t keep up with the Steelers and we know from past that neither will do Colts’ defense.
So yeah at least 100% of Andrew Luck and a competitive game without any nasty injuries to either of the teams. Go Colts!

I wrote it before I got to read the news that Andrew is in concussion protocol as he started feeling unwell shortly after the game… So there’s my wish of 100% of Andrew Luck this Thursday.
Never mind I hope he gets better and doesn’t have to deal with more injuries this season.


Luck is definitely ruled out so I expect an ugly game and a huge feasting by the Steelers. Health is more important though.

Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – #9 Bye Week .

Well, we could be 6-3 team heading into the bye week easily but we are 4-5…
No! Really I think the opener would have been ours if the clock was managed better and the defensive fold of Houston was just out of order. I’m not saying the Colts were a thin hair away from 8-1 score but 6-3 looks reasonable and with the recent game against the Packers that showed overall involvement by everyone one might ask if the Colts are a 4-5 team or a 6-3 one heading into the final stage of the season…

No, there’s not going to be a Super Bowl team out of this lot as there’s too little talent out there but perhaps a wildcard win team could make our lives a bit easier to digest but what is suppoosed to happen after the dust of the season settles…?
Exactly, Andrew Luck with few playmakers, few potential playmakers, couple of solid players and a loads of wood chopping and grinding everything, everywhere…

Still… At this moment I see a 6-3 team that needs a full 60 minutes of engagement into a game. The next few weeks will verify my view on the situation.
In the meantime, let’s enjoy a peaceful bye.

Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #8

Hey there Football Wishing Fairy. You are probably aware that Andrew Luck had a rather poor outing against the Chiefs which led them to begin spanked at home and first time this season the Colts offense failed to reach 20 points.

Things are bad down there in Indianapolis and if you’d ever wanted to actually make real difference and change things around Football Wishing Fairy this is a very good point to do so, otherwise…

Hm… Having a high pick in next year’s draft would be beneficial providing the management would be able to find right players out there but still there are eight games remaining and being in AFC South always gives you a chance for playoffs…

This week it’d be reassuring to see Luck from beginning of the season, striking at high rate and making smart decisions.
Hilton and his injuries- don’t push it once the game is out of the reach. Allen- don’t make his ankles worse (Doyle is great this season but I miss Fleener).

Another wish for this week- since the right side of o-line is injured and it’s all down to back ups (although starters play like back ups at time) to protect Luck, please some good vibes there.

Defensively, let the young guys play hard and let them learn a lot, don’t let them to ruin the effort with flags, same goes for the o-line. Don’t pick up more injuries and see how much lack of Mike Adams affects the secondary.

Otherwise, let the guys enjoy the iconic Lambeau as much as you can as they won’t see it for a while once they’ll lose a game there in a spectular fashion.
Yeah I have no doubts, this once promisingly looking match up, is going to be a source of sadness for the Colts fans. Sigh…

NFL Rapid Predictions – One Quarter behind us now.

I’m saddened and I’m doing fairly mediocre in the prediction business. The sadness pours through my soul thanks to brutal realisation that my Colts behind couple of guys are not capable of reaching the top and that Andrew Luck’s career, once looking so bright starts to look very dim and scary…
The predictions business is easy to explain and deal with really. I know little about football and I shall stop doing this weekly column. There I said it.

Score for the WEEK FOUR 8-7

Total score to date 33-30

Closest game: Well, nothing was really in the realm of close but if I had to chose ten SEA@NYJ 26:11 would be it as I predicted the score to be 27:17 but that’s hardly anything worth writing in letter to one’s mum.

And now we can get a fresh portion of predictions for Week Five and this time let’s try to do better! (I was only joking earlier on, ha!).

Cardinals @ 49ers: Concussed Palmer takes on suddenly resurrected Kaepernick, while the sudden onset of rush colours creates some people unpleasant tremors.
TNF in its full glory!

49ers to win 23:16

Bears @ Colts: Angry Jerrell Freeman intercepts first pass by Andrew Luck that he returns for a touchdown.
On another Colts’ possession Freeman sacks Luck and forces a fumble returned for a touchdown…
Colts could have had easily sign him to a new contract last off season. They were a bit too greedy. The payout is now!

Colts to win 21:19

Eagles @ Lions: Now. The soon Rookie of the year completes more laterals than forward passes and the crowd is cheering as his completion rate is 85%. Matthew Stanford launches one big pass after another creating panic within the fans sitting in the end zones.

Eagles to win 23:21

Jets @ Steelers: Some notables from Harvard show up in Pittsburgh. They try to talk some sense into Ryan Fitzpatrick and ask him to change his day job. He refuses. Tosses another set of interceptions to local fan’s joy while Big Ben and Brown- Bell duo shred through green secondary.

Steelers to win 41:18

Redskins @ Ravens: There’s This bad taste in the water in Baltimore and Joe Flacco still has some flash backs making his face twitch. Josh Norman tries to read his mind but by accident he switches onto local radio station wave and gets distracted by weather reports.

Ravens to win 28:17

Patriots @ Browns: Well. The hell arrives to Cleveland in its full glory and it is dressed as Tom Brady in disguise wearing Godell’s costume. The local fans are confused but they believe in their team’s first win. It’s believeland in the end. It really is.

Patriots to win 48:7

Titans @ Dolphins: Oh. Here comes the Sun…. Aaaaaa… Here comes the Sun… Erm… Yes. There should be plenty of the Sun in the sunny parts of Miami. There’s also going to be a big man who got a lot of money but it is still yet to show what it was all for.
There’s also going to be some other people but only locally interested people will know their identities and will be able to recognise their faces.

Dolphins to win 20: 17

Texans @ Vikings: In alternative world where J. J. Watts doesn’t get hurt and he can keep on delivering hits, sacks, forced fumbles, playing tight end and sometimes even chipping in playing as a quarterback and scheming new blitzes as a defensive coordinator.
In that world he would keep his colleagues spirits high when they’d struggle facing very strong and sound defensive unit from Minnesota.
Well. In this world there’s still defensive unit from Minnesota…

Vikings to win 23:18

Falcons @ Broncos This is the Goliat vs Goliat thing. Matt Ryan flying on the flying carpet accompanied by Julio Jones, just flying are coming to city where the altitude makes everything that little bit easier.
No one knows who’ll be starting on Denver’s attacking side but all lights will be directed on the defending champs defensive maestros.

Broncos to win 24:21

Bengals @ Cowboys Hm… Welcome to Jerry Jones crazy world full of glitter. Where the stars seem to fall out of sky, straight on their bums into hospitals and rehabilitation rooms.
Luckily there is a man who can put Tom Brady into shadows with the longest streak of completed passes without throwing an interception. Yup. That is the thing, even if these passes don’t travel far.

Cowboys to win 27:24

Chargers @ Raiders The world is going to remember this match up as the old, fragile and injured vs the young, athletic and electric. There’s going to be a man that screams a lot and pulls funny faces when the cameraman is looking but that will be icing on top of that huge cake one must eat.

Raiders to win 34:26

Bills @ Rams He talked the talk and walked the talk and made one man wearing a hood angry. Now he goes onto the tour to the wild west, where his approach to life and lively persona fits in so much it could actually melt with the surrounding walls.
The home team is on a big high though and despite some struggles generating yards on the ground, the land around the stadium will shake and it’ll rumble!

Rams to win 18:14

Buccaneers @ Panthers And it appears to be a game of NFC South bottom feeders, despite many people thinking there was a chance at lossless season by Carolina. The many hits that Newton took this season seem to impact his thinking leading to even more hits.
It’s not like the other dude has it easy. No. Winston is said to be playing poorly just to annoy his coaches, so there’s that. Take it as you want.

Panthers to win 27:21

Giants @ Packers To end the week in some sort of harmony, there’ll be somewhat a classic game at somewhat classic venue led by some classic and classy Super Bowl champions. It is not expected to snow yet, so hopefully the fans will get some football on top of all the cheese.
As long as it not cheesing on Madden by hail marying using Rodgers, the head offices should be fine.

Packers to win 24:21

Ah. I needed to take this half serious half funny (someone please tell me it was funny!) approach to this because it is just going to be an awfully long season for fans like me, stuck with a great quarterback trying to get wins with below average team… Hopefully I’ll get at least 10 scores right, this week.

Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #2

Photograph by Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports; captures Andrew Luck leaving the tunnel.

Hey. It seems you haven’t bothered paying attention to me you wicked football wishing fairy. Plus I suspect you also played a trick or two on me injuring one of my favourite dark horses Donte Moncrief. With him gone for few weeks, Luck will miss a big bodied receiver to compliment Allen and Doyle’s efforts.

Ah…. At least there is a tiny spark of hope breaking through the black thick cloud of desperation. I hear Anderson and Davis might be back to starting line up to bolster the worst defence in the NFL, although given the fact there is so many people basically off the street one must give them some credit…

Anyways. Week 3 wishes. I would like Hilton and Dorsett do their 115% of their best to get open and do it from the go as I think it might help Andrew settle down and go back to week 1 performance letting us forget the awful week 2 lack of passes that were on target both in vertical and horizontal line. I’m not sure what the business was going on there with Luck but he looked everything but comfortable and assuring. It was a mess. The interception wasn’t that bad and neither the fumble when it comes down to Andrew alone but still. It killed any hopes…

Next agenda… Please make sure that offensive line coach does some work with the o-line and identifies the biggest threats on the Chargers front seven. Andrew can’t be sacked 5 times again… Carry on establishing the run but don’t push it like mad. Mix it up a bit with formations.

The defence… I dunno…. I really don’t. It’s like watching a show where one wait for a disaster to happen to laugh or be shocked but neither applies to the Colts fans. I miss Freeman but hey, he’s goner. Gotta do something with what they have and let’s hope that you, football wishing fairy, make sure Vontea Davis is back in secondary taking care of half of the field and Henry Anderson is down there in trenches, stopping the run and the painful bleeding.

Yes I’d like that and a huge blow out win as the cherry on the top of the cake that I hope, won’t taste anything like the last one we had to chew on, last season.

Thank you, Football Wishing Fairy!

NFL Season Standings – Crystal Ball Edition.

I won’t manage to dissect every teams’ season here but I think I have a pretty good idea where the said teams are likely to stand (or be seated after a defeating beating) at the end of the season so we will have a look at the order of the teams without looking to deep into the season records and scores. Off we go!

(Teams in bold- playoff berth).

AFC East

Patriots – Jets – Dolphins – Buffalo 

AFC West 

Broncos Raiders – Chiefs – Chargers 

AFC North 

Steelers – Ravens – Bengals – Browns 

AFC South 

Colts – Jaguars – Texans – Titans 

NFC East

Giants – Eagles – Redskins – Cowboys 

NFC West 

Seahawks  Cardinals – Rams – 49ers

NFC North 

Packers Vikings – Bears – Lions 

NFC South 

Panthers – Saints – Buccaneers – Falcons 

Yes. I think I’m content with my selection considering I have only watched like 4 quarters of pre season action across 3 different weeks. Thing is in few cases it’s going to be very close and any injuries, suspensions and the likes will throw things up side out lol

I would like to hear your choices for playoff teams gals and gals so leave me a comment please!

NFL Goodies Bag. That odd week before kick off.

Well, the pre season has reached the end, hundreds of young players have their dreams shattered or are about to have them destroyed but the rosters are only so big.  

For us fans, there’s just several more days to survive before the real deal starts and before there will be so many topics to discuss. For me, I’ve got few thoughts to share before I’ll go about creating some new regular stuff.

I can’t really omit Colin Kaepernick’s stand or a sit down really. I’m far from the States and I look at things from a strange perspective but I think many people overreacted at Kap’s protest. At the end of the day the anthem is a song and the flag is a piece of material and both these things represent very little nowadays as I think these are only symbols not supported by what goes around us.

Even if Kap really overdid it, at least he brought something important to the nation’s attention. More sport people should use the great platform they have to utilise it to make the world around them and us better. I hope it continues really…

The pre- season jitters:

* Colts – Well. I will do my best to enjoy the 16 games that the Colts are about to play but I think the expectations gotta be low given the state of the team is in. So many injuries at cornerback is worrying and I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the way Colts prepare their players to endure the brutality of the game. I’m not going to even explore the running game… Time will tell.

* Andrew Luck – no interceptions is a good sign but one can’t miss no touchdowns either. The red zone woes are still Colts’ brand mark unfortunately. Andrew looked fresh and composed despite the O-line not giving him a lot of time but it’s only pre season. At least there’s something to look towards to.

*Injuries – these are always a bummer and as much as Tony Romo’s injury wasn’t a great shock (he seems to be done and needs to retire really) but Teddy Bridgewater’s from the Vikings was; especially that he basically destroyed his knee on a no contact practice event. Shame as the Vikings looked interesting.

That’s all from me now. I should start a prediction column before the kick off and perhaps some more golden ideas will embrace my mind to fill in the hours in between Sunday’s games. Until next time kind readers!