I think that I’m that kind of strange fella who due to his hobbies or interests, given his geographical location, feels somewhat lost and alone and has no one to share his interests and passions with.

Yes I do have a family, I am a parent and a partner but for goodness’s sake I can  keep pestering these poor people with stuff like who Andrew Luck threw a pick to, or who I came across while playing Fallout, and all other silly sorts of things.

Hence I think this is my corner to hopefully meet some people who’d like to cheer on some NFL teams, or share some gaming tips, ah even recommend a horror book or a crazy Norwegian band playing some cool metal music. I don’t know. This is my first step, just dipping my toes in this radioactive sea to see (erm…) who is out there.

If you have made it so far I’d like to say a big thank you as it means a lot of me because for that minuscule moment in history of the World I came across your mind (and no I don’t look like you just thought!)

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule and sharing this precise moment with me. Well, from my perspective it is one of them cold rainy Fridays where you know cup of cocoa would be just the right thing to have spilled over your favourite blanket…..

Fallout4 visiting grave

Ah When I saw this I thought this poor lady’s husband died and no one was able to take care of her. In memory of Hilda from Fallout.

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