Gaming Week Load #10


This week actually presented itself with a crazy variety of titles going through my mind and taking up some of my attention.
I must admit that few titles only occupied my mind without involving a gaming session while others, were just providing me with a full blast of fun. Or at least full blast of frustration.
First, the thinking part.

Most of my thinking time was eaten up by Fallout 4. I have downloaded the whopping 6.5 GB update the night it came out and I was about to go for a stroll to the new island but eventually I decided to give it another think whether it’d be actually a good time to finally start second play through with another character on which customisation I’m currently stuck at.
EA blessed us with some more details about Madden 17 so I did my due diligence and read it all back to front, front to back and it got me excited over the new defensive mechanics the game will be able to offer. Come on August! Hurry up!
Reveal of Gran Turismo Sport left me cold and uninteresrted so the Polyphony Digital will have to come up with something more explosive to grab my attention.
Now, gaming wise, I got “employed” by my son to help out with Monster Legends on our android tablet in my spare time so I was clicking and collecting stuff. It is amazing how the mobile market exploded with all the “free” games. We also have an evening “report” to go through to see how his monsters are doing.
Dirt Rally got very little attention. Game is great I just lack friends to compete against and it slowly puts me off playing it, especially that I’m not earning in game currency (duh!) to get the better and more fun WRC cars to play with.

I finally gave “Kholat” run for its money. Or it gave me the run. I’m either really stupid or just not into that type of games (not sure what type it is though). The game has great atmosphere that can easily creep me out when playing at night with dimmed lights.
The lack of any cues or tutorial just adds up to the atmosphere of abandonment and despair but for the love of what’s all holly I can not progress the game full stop.
I tried and tried but somehow I end up walking in a circle not getting anywhere or progressing the story. I either return to point of start from last save or get somewhere that gets me killed and I’m back to my last save. I said, I must be stupid.

Table Top Racing has been proving to be great little break from a monotonous reality and it is a smashing time killer for those moments one has when they are not into some serious action. I thought I might give the platinum trophy a run on this title but it might not be as easy as I initially thought. Time will tell.

Lastly, MLB The Show has been filling rest of my gaming time and I split it between RTTS player and Diamond Dynasty where I mainly replay conquest on veteran difficulty. I also try earn some stubs in the market and complete some missions that later allow me unload some cards onto my dynasty player. It’s all fun and it can all be frustratring but at least this week, provided some much needed variety.
I’m not sure what next week will bring to me but I do hope I’ll decide what to do with Fallout 4 and its Far Harbor DLC. Discover it using my well levelled character or leave it until I start my second play through to leave myself some fresh content. Decisions. Decisions…


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