Gaming Week Load #9


This week has been marked by a surprise that was born both, through my lack of keeping up with the calendar and through following some cool blogs including one that is run by the 1BrokeGamerGirl, which you can visit here.
Thanks to entry on her blog I realised that May was upon us and PS Plus Store got updated with new goodies. I must admit I’ve skipped several titles recently as these neither appealed to me or my son but there was no chance of me skipping “Table Top Racing: World Tour” and “Tropico 5″.
I had finished main story of Tropico 5 long time ago and decided to trade it in, hoping to pick it up later at much lower value but I didn’t expect a freebie. It sure is a great surprise and the game will serve me well when I’m more into some heavy strategic thinking.
Table Top Racing, turned out to be a great game for when you have spare 10 mins or an hour. Cute cars modelled off the real cars we know from the streets but without a licence, booming along fancy race ways filled with rolls, cans, spoons and of course some power ups to create a mayhem.
The game starts you off slowly and by the time you realise how little there is to learn in terms of controls, you’re on your way to little madness. Great little racing title for kids and adults that just want to smash into things and cross the line in first.
So here, that was some of my gaming time taken away by these new additions that definitely spruced up a bit my recent gaming routine that has consisted of… Yes… MLB The Show 16 and Dirt Rally. I know. How boring I am!


Brake discs red hot from heavy breaking.

Dirt Rally is becoming a bit of a grind at the minute as I’ve got couple of cars on my radar but don’t have enough in game coins to get the cars, so it is a bit of frustrating struggle at times. The game is good I just wish I had someone to compete against in leaderboards, as this would make my rallying escapades a tad more interesting.
I bought myself a rally cross Mini and it has been a massive blast using that little beast on these little circuits prepared for the rally cross races. I wish there were few more of locations for the circuits and races itself but I guess if there will be any, there is going to be released in form of DLC I guess.

Unsuccessful slide to secure the base in RTTS mode.

MLB The Show has still been my main dish of daily gaming diet but I finally managed to venture into other paths that the game has to offer. Reason behind being, I simply needed a break from the conquest mode and the madness of counting inning played with players of a certain team to accomplish a mission.
So I took a turn into RTTS and created myself a second baseman with a great caricature of my facade. Since most games nowadays include some RPG style level up mechanics, I was quickly drawn into spending my training points into attributes that allow me to become a star. Currently I play for Montgomery Biscuits and we kind of roll in right direction.
I have also committed some time to working the auction house and earning some stubs, nothing major, like up to 500 stubs a day earned by buying mainly bronze cards for little and selling for a bit more. On Thursday I took a bigger gamble and bought several copies of two cards that saw a bump from silver to gold in last roster update and I hope to cash in a bit more sizeable prize soon.
As far as missions go, I completed 1000 innings with Athletics players and got 86 ovr Reddick but I’m yet to feed my created player with cards from the Athletics collection but I’m three cards away from getting the whole team so I’ll try to do that and get rewarded before letting my player to feast on all this cards.
Gaming has changed a lot through the recent years and it is amazing how much time, and for some, money it can take out of your daily lives. So there. Until next week and keep well people!


2 thoughts on “Gaming Week Load #9

  1. Is that screenshot from Table Top Racing World Tour? Looks so good! I had forgotten to add this month’s free PS Plus offerings. I just did. I can’t wait to get back home and try it out! I skipped the Tropico 5 though because that’s not really my type of game.


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