I am not a Hard Core Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #19

I haven’t got a crystal ball, nor am I psychic but I’m pretty sure this week has been the hottest week of the year here in South East England with Tuesday being a total arse making gaming a bit tiresome.

I have also bought a office/gaming/lounging chair as my previous piece of furniture simply didn’t work well with my specific spinal issues I deal with so here… And after putting it, it didn’t seem right so it took some time to figure it all out. Hot and money wasting (spending on necessary items some would say) week…

Gaming wise it’s been another slow moving  period with only Fallout 4 and MLB The Show taking a bit of time from our consoles’ life.

I carried on with The Silver Shroud quest and despite noticing that my character becomes much more efficient at sneaky sniping, I am still yet to complete, the simple really, quest as I keep on dying in certain spots where the enemy population is simply much greater than my usual encounters. Lack of patience and sniping tactics not effective enough… Plus Ada got shot at one point and I couldn’t rescue her so she sodded off home to Red Rocket and I decided to detour just to drag her back with me.

I should kill SinJin fella soon I reckon but given the fact another DLC pops out and I’m very much looking forward to do experiments on vault dwellers I better complete the Silver Shroud like now, otherwise it might not get done like ever.

It was one of these days where keeping track of everything wasn’t really on one’s mind.

The Show provided me with a couple of games against ‘Yetis’ in diamond dynasty (yet is are human created team for rather easy wins on legend difficulty) and some market buying/ selling items. Rest of time I put into further development of my skills as Monster Legends helper for my son amusing myself with the android platform and its perks.

It has been another great week where I have proved to everyone who is willing to visit my blog that indeed I am not a hard core gamer. I’m probably not doing well enough to reach the ‘casual’ level too. Anyways, next week I should hopefully start building my own vault. Keep well folks!


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