Gaming Week Load #12


This week just wasn’t going to be a gaming week due to the half term and loads of attention required on keeping the little creatures, called children, busy. Luckily our neighbours went away for short break so I had only my son to worry about most of the time.
So I worried and worried about him and I have became his main assistant in Skylanders Trap Team as he decided to take on the nightmare mode. I like a good challenge so I was glad to help out.
So far we made through four painful chapters full of nasty creatures to beat (I’m sorry I’m getting a bit too old to embrace it all and memorise the names most of the ugly trolls are given). We’ve had a decent run, one glitched level when enemies stopped appearing and there was no way to progress and we also had some new arrivals and some news.
The arrivals were ZooLou, Jawbreaker and most recently Krypt King. Yes my son’s collection is well behind but he doesn’t mind and he’s happy with what he has. He’s currently focusing on trying to grab all the trap masters and one missing giant before moving onto collecting superchargers.
Given the news of release of Skylanders Imaginators he already decided to put the game on his Xmas list and hopefully start collecting stuff for it next summer or so. Who knows. He might change his mind and have a Skylanders sabbatical before Xmas goes.
I haven’t caught much of the new game details except Activision giving us ability to create own skylanders how cool!

Although I can imagine you’ll need all elements’ Crystals to create the ultimate Skylander Hero plus hours of discovering and collecting new stuff. Well I’m up for collecting not so much for obtaining more and more figures but hey, we only have one life to enjoy. We’ll see how the next Skylanders journey evolves in the near future as the game is due out in October.

The other game that took my time was MLB the Show 16 (I know, right! Almost like a true baseball fan!). I made some progress. Once I finally made some stubs on my market investments and decided to treat myself to 10 standard packs that gave me like two silver cards with rest just being junk stuff.
My RTTS character was moved to Triple- A within Tampa Bay Rays farming system just to be traded shortly after to San Diego, still in Triple-A. Still, one step closer to the dream of MLB comes true. I’m also at Veteran+ when it comes to hitting, trying really hard to get into All- Star. I spent little time in Diamond Dynasty but days and nights are just short.

I’m still stuck at starting new Fallout 4 campaign but the mods that are coming towards ps4 will finally get me going in right direction. Hopefully we will also find out some more about further DLC stuff coming to this great title.
And that is all from me I think. Keep well folks!


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