Gaming Week Load #13


Before I will get going I’d like to celebrate with my readers a little accomplishment my little son achieved recently in his gaming journey. He has completed the Spelunky’s Hell run after many, many hours of frustration while getting better.
It’s been great to finally see a smile of achievement on his face when he beat the last bit of game and when trophies (to hell and back – the entire gang) popped out on the tv screen confirmining his effort at this simple but quite challenging game. I wish I was that skilled at this game but somehow I don’t last long time enough to make my way out of mines let alone getting to hell. Family’s gaming is fun.


Typical Fallout humour. Mannequins standing around their headless victim.

As for me, it was an odd week a bit but I finally got going with new campaign on Fallout 4 on survival difficulty.
Bertha Burps is the name of my character and she’s had a rough life prior to the big war and the bigger bang!
I can’t remember her stats (I was meant to take note) but basically Bertha has a well above average perception and agility isn’t far off. Her luck is around average with inteligence being not far off it. Rest of SPECIAL were set to 1 and we could begin her story.


Ah... Nothing beats the 'sweet home' atmosphere.

From the go, as soon as I got through the banging, freezing, defrosting and all that, it turned out that the pace of the game will be much slower, the utilisation of the pip boy much greater and the frustration upon dying and loosing hours of progress, inevitable.
I will do my best to evolve my stealth ninja-sniper, half idiot lady into something supremely supreme but at the moment I enjoy the little jingle associated with the Idiot Savant perk, that my son made me choose, while I struggle immensely at staying alive.

A room with a beautiful view for free!

So far I got to helping the annoying Preston out of Museum and I’m now getting Sanctuary sorted. I’ve done Abernathy Farm quest so I’ve got now like three sleeping places but these are all nearby.
There is going to be more of that stuff coming in coming weeks but since my son enjoys watching me play Fallout 4 I might be slower as I might only stick to weekends/ holidays evenings to play the game.
We had a bit of Skylanders fun but not much as the Spelunky quest took over my son’s mind so the whacky figures had some days of relative rest. We are still aiming at completing the nightmare mode on Trap Team (and all other titles lol).

My collection of Skylanders Battlecast cards.

For me, the rest of gaming time was spent on discovering Skylanders Battlecast on android and baseball sweating on MLB The Show 16.
I discovered the Battlecast thanks to two cards that were supplied with SuperChargers. I downloaded the app, pointed my phone’s camera at these two cards and voila I had Hex and Spyro ready to roll with and after few days of playing the story and PvP I was able to obtain the 22 card pack for 1400 coins that further expanded my deck.


Hard fought win is in our hands.

I’m not really sure what to think of it but it reminds me a lot some of the parts of Monster Legends my son plays and plenty of other games where you click, collect and wish you had more. Still good fun, although the game’s pace awfully slow.

In The Show there was some more trading and my first season reached the end. The Cubs won The World Series over The Royaks and once new season 2017 rolled over I noticed I finally made it to MLB, being member of Pittsburgh Pirates. Initially many games at pinch hitter but slowly I started appearing in starting line up. Slowly building up my player to be a mega star lol I’ve also reached All- Star difficulty level with hitting so I’m pleased for the continued improvements.
As NBA 2k16 was added to PS Plus as a freebie a traded my physical copy to spend cash on something else and went through downloading of the digital one and I had a game or two but it didn’t warm me up towards hoops.
Next week, starting this weekend I can see more Fallout 4 and perhaps Gone Home as I downloaded the game for free as a PS Plus deal. It might be spooky fun from what I could notice in first 10 minutes of the game.
Well. That’s all from me for now. Keep well and hydrate often in this muggy, hot weather. Until next week!


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