Nemesea – In Control

Since I slightly drifted away from my usual musical territories I’d like to mention a dutch band, Nemesea. I was introduced to their music by my friend who plays drums and who linked me a drum solo from Nemesea’s concert album as he knew I enjoyed the craft of drummers.
Anyway that solo led me to discovering pictured above album “In Control”.
It isn’t my mainstream music I associate myself with often but the catchy tunes, with really quite cool sounding, down to earth type vocals by Manda made this album one of those that became my ‘go-to’ selection during the days when I just wanted some music without much of deep thinking (no disrespect here to band and their music, but I always enjoyed having ability to listen to something that wouldn’t provoke deep thinking and wouldn’t necessary be actually ‘my’ type of music, and thats where this album sits for me) just listening and enjoying the sounds surrounding you.
There’s plenty of synths and upbeat, very nicely mixed up with loads of energising guitars and skilful drumming. The whole atmosphere reminds me a bit of industrial genre where the guitars sound a bit more processed and razor-sharp like. The genre of electro-goth was always a bout of an odd apple to me so I always struggled with placing bands there but I think Nemesea belongs there (at least slightly).
The vocals are nice and at times grab you somewhere deep inside but for me these are a nice change from the opera like vocals of Tarja’s, which is good since I do have a like in female front bands but the down to earth sounds are sometimes forgotten in the albums in favour of powerful vocals that crash you all the way into a ground.
All in all, I said I like to go for this album in times when I’m not in specific mood but looking for some upbeat rhythms with some grizzly guitars and funky drums filling in nicely along some keyboards stuff.
Album is definitely worth giving a try and if you are Amazon Music member, clicking on the cover art picture up the top will allow you to get the album from there.
If you don’t have the Amazon Music account, the whole album is easily found here. Let me know what you think if you happen to give it a good listening session!

Factory of Dreams – Melotronical

I really have no idea how I got my hands on “Melotronical” by Factory of Dreams since I had never heard about that band before I was looking at the cover of the album. I do know why I decided to keep it though as it was filling a void that occurred with the Nightwish original band’s fallout. Since then I really missed something and despite following Nightswish and Tarja after their roads split I needed something and this is the reason why this album stayed with me and got transferred to my MP3 Player (old fashioned???).
I am still to listen other albums of Factory of Dreams (I don’t really listen to songs individually and I tend to hang onto listening certain albums for months sometimes) but if rest of their music (Melotronical was their third album) is in similar atmosphere of haze and storm then I’d be quite happy. Unfortunately I’m a slow listener so the back log grows…
Back to the album which, if you are Amazon Music member, you can obtain by clicking the picture of its cover on top. The music took me by surprise with all the gentle keyboards and vocals of Jessica that fazed me and promised something along a relaxing evening quickly turned into burst of aggression and fury with the guitars going nuts and the drum parts, funny enough, appearing to try to keep up, not the other way around as it normally in music is.
I think the vocals really drew me in and while I had come a long way to enjoy all this electronic stuff it was mainly the words that firstly hit me, allowing the guitars to continue with crashing my senses.
The whole album merges two themes for me. One, of day dreaming or perhaps late afternoon napping with the other being not so much a nasty wake up call but more in line of much needed awakening.
Given the fact it is only two member enterprise the effect of the album is so much more impacting and goosebumps producing that one might think they’d just listen to orchestra accompanying a metal band that furiously need to get their stuff out of their hairy chests.
As always, writing about music isn’t my strongest attribute but if you like progressive metal, full of female lullabies mixed skillfully with some explosive guitars, well exercised mixture of keyboard effects and fast paced drums getting the album is really worth your time.
If you are not a member of Amazon Music then you can obtain the album here, otherwise click the album cover picture on top.
Enjoy the lullabies and sweet dreams!

Current Mood – Anathema – Judgement – Natural Disaster – Double Bill

I have recently written about Anathema’s younger album and it is not sitting right with me not to include the Mother Of It All (at least for me) “Judgement” album in my journey through music. If you click at the picture above you’ll be able to obtain a double portion of listening as Amazon Music offers Judgement with a younger child of Anathema, “A Natural Disaster”.
Both albums are very very very close to my heart as I had discovered them in very precious and fragile moments of my life and I think these two words describe these two pieces very well.
Anathema’s “Judgement” is more precious than fragile while “A Natural Disaster” leaves the preciousness behind a bit and takes you through lands of fragility…
It is hard, as I mentioned earlier, to put music into words but for me “Judgement” was an album that travelled with me from early mornings of love making, through afternoons of anger and evening of exhaustions, taking me to nights full of wonder or fear.
When I realised that ‘One last Goodbye’ was a song dedicated to mother of the Cavanagh’s brothers (who had died a year prior to album’s release) it really hit me hard and left me really shattered as to how many feelings can travel with the beat of drums or lingering riffs of guitars… The whole album then gathered completely new light that casted different shadows on the songs throughout the album.
I think it is also the first album where Lee lend her female vocals that blend so well with Vincent’s voice and the overall sound of Anathema’s music that lingers… I think this is the best way of describing their songs. They linger and slowly turn into another piece, seamlessly.
We sometimes go through angry moments with plenty of guitars and drums explosions which then blend with much calmer moments of more keyboards and piano bits thrown into mix to follow the gentler guitars that somehow calmed down after expressing all the anger and frustration and that’s where Anathema headed with their music.
Only few years later they released ‘A Natural Disaster’ where the guitars became almost lazy and sleepy and so gentle that one nearly stops breathing as not to break the almost perfect harmony…
It all becomes very gentle in most of songs where we just follow a natural flow of a river of gently sounds and, oh so, tender and compassionate vocals of Vincent that are joined again by female parts performed by Lee, who I think is showcased much more within the band.
The music becomes more easy listening sounding but sudden tempo changes or couple of more violent songs remind us where Anathema came from and make us wonder where they are heading almost pausing our lives and forcing us to look at what we left behind and what we hope for in the future…
As much as Judgement could go with me almost anywhere for almost any occasion, A Natural Disaster became a friend who I’d call in time of need or sorrow…
I don’t think that my writing can make these two albums any kind of justice but I now feel better to include these two titles in my blog.
If you are not an Amazon Music member you can obtain these albums here and here. They are really worth holding onto…

Current Mood – Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here

Anathema remains very high on my listening list despite the band becoming more and more mellow. When they started in doom/death genre it was a bit too much of hard whacking and too little melody (for me, personally) but then the band reached an era of gothic metal and it was that sweet spot of melancholy, depression and taste of salty tears that made me go crazy about that band…

So as the years started going by and the members of band were going through spiritual changes the music become much more involving and less brutal. As the gothic theme turned into something alternative and then into even more progressive sounds my passion for them remained although each album realised in 21st century would cause a bit of worry of where the guys headed.
“We Are Here Because We Are Here” didn’t initially got me going and seeing all excited about the album but after a few listening sessions I realised that different doesn’t mean bad or good, worse or better. It means different, that’s all there is to it.
And song after song it finally clicked and as ‘Summernight Horizon’ scrolled through my listening parts of brain I realised that, both me and the band, had been through a lot and we evolved and despite the music being fairly calm and the whole album edging at times on something nearly esoteric it is worth recommending not only for long standing Anathema fans.
Outsiders will be welcomed with plenty of piano accompanying the bass guitar and Vincent’s stretching vocals that, for a while now, are frequently joined by female vocals of Lee. It all allows easy following from song to song within an album many would describe as post-rock piece of art. Its up tempo isn’t brutal and falls into your ears easily as well as some nice drumming going from very fast beat to very delicate touches on the cymbals.
HIM’s Ville Valo recorded backing vocals for the ‘Angels Walk Among Us’, one of the songs that one might feel is going to be lifted up in the air and never be back to ground and taking you back a bit into the time allowing some time for reminiscing good old times.
I must admit that describing music comes very hard to me as it’s such an intangible matter making words sound silly and really not in place that is allowed to stand next to pieces of music, hence making my ‘music recommendations’ is rather poorly constructed.
Anyway, if you happen be an Amazon Music subscriber, you can obtain the album by hitting the picture on top of my entry. Alternatively the whole album can be found here.
Easy listening!!!

The journey continues. Nightwish – Wishmaster



I couldn’t get into the flow of “Wishmaster” despite many sessions of listening and I was going to give up on the third album by Finnish maestros Nightwish but the music from this album kept on existing in my surroundings and I am glad it did as eventually it all clicked in and became one wonderful masterpiece where there is place for anger and fight, the same as for dreamy atmosphere and nostalgia.
The selection of songs and their mix among each other give the album this specific feel and can make you feel all ready to face the biggest evil in one moment to feeling very vulnerable in another.
There isn’t much energy going throughout but opening track “She is the Sin” or titled “Wishmaster” will give you some kicks of energy, while still keeping your soul within the realms of fairy tales and innocent dreaming that suits so well “A Dead Boy’s Poem” or “Come Cover Me”, pieces that are much calmer, slower and very on the edge of romantically induced coma, mainly thanks to Tarja’s vocals that wrap around you like a death wish.
“FantasMic” or “Wanderlust” are much more symphonical and almost mystic taking you to the edge of what is discoverable but not much further as to preserve what hides underneath the shadows.
“Wishmaster” isn’t the band’s best album but it is there in top of their creations, especially that it was produced early into the band’s existence it serves well as a stage of perhaps big town concert, teasing you with promise that the next time you’ll have to gather all of your energy to GI and visit a huge city full of lights and fireworks…
Providing you can gather yourself after the dark, hidden in deep woods story for children who are not so easily scared.

We’re in Nightwish realms. “Angels Fall First”


I don’t exactly remember when I first heard “Angels Fall First” by Nightwish but I remember the moment I bought it. I saw the cover of that album (it was on the slowly dying out tapes) and I thought that this little thing would be a great little gift for that someone in my life.
I bought it, wrapped and gave it and kinda went about my life.
I knew she liked the album as she told me so some time later but I was on a different discovery road and wasn’t paying attention to this band…
Until some time later when I heard a different song from different album it dawned on me that I never really got to listen to the album I had given as a little gift…
I thought it was kinda odd not to enquire further for so long but then, back in a day I used to go with my internal flow a lot and it’s a shame because I now know this album would fit perfectly into the winter scenery around me, the snow covered pavements, tress, fences…
The frosty cold getting to you and your bones with every beat, riff and every note that spilled out of Tarja’s mouth, and given the times female vocals were still somewhat a rarity, especially the ones who can sing on opera like scale.
Little I knew back then that this band would accompany me through many life journeys….
And as for the album itself… it’s calm and yet angry at times. The vocals very often appear to be sad, crying for help just to become more forceful and decisive.
You get plenty of gentle guitar weeps mixed with a lot of angry riffs and the basses laying the background nicely.
There’s plenty of keyboard magic as well as some Finnish influence so well mixed into the whole composition making you just sink and sink into the notes more and more with passing time.
“Angels Fall First” is the début album by Nightwish. It is simply an invitation for a fruitful journey of discovery you can not simply refuse and the whole creation is best listened in darkness, during cold winter night from the first sound to the very last sight of relief…
Just a tease from somewhere half way through…

The Antidote – Moonspell


For some reason I’m just stuck with Moonspell as my inspiration to get out there and do something constructive with my life these days. I haven’t got a problem with that at all as I just enjoy digging in old stuff (well given the age of our planet or other structures out there, ‘old’ is relative term).
I guess 13 years since first it was published you can call an album old and that’s how many years “The Antidote” has been with me. And despite the countless amounts of hours I spent with this album it still manages to trick me, make me all calm and comfortable just to scare the living life out of me with next riff of a growl coming from Fernando’s mouth.
The whole album is very well designed and it can really be explained in few words: tempt, startle, scare, calm down, leave breathless. Many songs here will invite you in with gentle whispers coming from Fernando’s mouth just to make you stop and think with some up best tempo stuff or an aggressive riff that will leas you through a wood straight into chaos where the powerful vocals try to destroy your sense of hearing and if you are still there you might get wall of screaming riffs with, as always in case if Moonspell, great drumming to go along just to leave you begging for more or for some mercy.
it’s an amazing mix of almost sexual temptations mixed with horror of the unknown or the fear of what is beyond our ability to comprehend…
As with many Moonspell albums, you get what you asked for, a very talented drummer, enigmatic and charismatic leader who’s can make you cry with his whispers as much as with his growls and the guitars that sometimes just don’t know when to stop the torture and plenty of magic and mystery mainly served by some clever use of keyboards that just wraps around you silently until you realise you are breathing no more and the time is running out…
As a taster listen to the opening track, it might be something that’ll change your day. Go on!

Current mood – Irreligious

It is a bit windy, wet Tuesday’s morning and I just feel lazy. I get that often, feeling like I need a kick up my are to get started. Today I’m serving myself a bit of Portuguese stuff.
Today is the day to revisit “Irreligious” by Moonspell. That particular album was given to me to listen early in my journey through goth/metal genre it was a nice and welcomed change after I was given some really black and quite heavy stuff to get acquainted with the subculture. It was too much so when I got into listening “Irreligious” on my way home in bus it hit me with a structure, parts of clean vocals by the band’s leader Fernando and I thought that this was closer to what my heart desired than the continuous growling and screaming I was introduced earlier.
The whole album carries a very nice cemetery atmosphere with some great little effects thrown in to get you really in the sense of this coming dread. It is very melodic and to some degree even uplifting in moments just to make you feel crashed and resigned in others.
Given the bands origins one can really also hear and taste that bit of fiery nature of people from the hot regions of Portugal. It is band that when listened to live sounds much better than on tape and the drummer does an incredible job.
I think my best option would be to direct you to the whole album where you can share this scary walk among some rusty graveyards with me. Come on don’t be afraid!