I am not a hard core gamer (aka Game Week Load) #18

So there. I have not done well gaming wise this week at all and I don’t see this changing soon. I think this week sums me up quite well as a casual gamer with a casual approach to gaming business unless one is in some manic state of obsession with a particular title.

Anyways, console gaming consisted of perhaps 3 hours of MLB The Show and 4 hours of Fallout 4 attempts at getting through point A to C via B and dying several times at point B which was Boston Library filled with them pesky Super Mutants.

After several attempts at clearing Boston Library and getting somewhere through realisation that robots were not my enemies I finally was able to proceed to point C which was the comic store holding the Silver Shroud costume. That’s what I think I’ll get through next in F4.

MLB The Show gave me like three quick games of conquest and some card selling time and I was done there for the week. I’m not bored with the game, I’m just not a heavy gamer, am I? 

The Show is a great little title with plenty to do but I’m not in the mood. I’ll probably be dying to play it once Madden 17 is out but of course I won’t have time. Haha.

Other than that my gaming time was mainly spent on resting as I’ve had plenty of flare ups this week and being chronically ill (I still don’t like referring myself as to disabled…hm… long story here really) is a full time work with overtime and no pay or any desirable benefits in view, got into my way of getting to our PS4.

At least I wondered around the mobile world for a bit, helping my boy with his Monster Legends management, revisiting Fallout Shelter (and perhaps returning to it at one point) and discovering Perfect Inning 16 which I spent some time with it during sleepless hours of seldom dying.

Always evolving line up.

I think I really like collecting stuff and hence all these ‘silly’ little games just catch my attention but there is also some decent gaming mechanics hiding underneath the Perfect Inning 16.

As one can see, I’ve had a fairly laid back week of very little gaming but I must say I have also done some revisiting in my past times that involved plenty of board games, which can be found in form of digital releases nowadays too. Ah, it is a great time to be a gamer really; regardless of level of commitment…

And it shouldn’t go unnoticed I haven’t spent a single sentence writing about a recent craze- ‘Pokemon GO’ and I don’t intend to…

Oh…. Oops… Keep well readers, until next time.


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