Gaming Week Load #14


Hey. The Skylanders had a break this week and I’m thinking these creatures might not be fully ready to come out with full force as my son decided to ‘rest them for a bit until he is in the mood again’ type of thing. I’m not complaining although I did enjoy the short spell of something different in my gaming world.
With the whole E3 craziness around us, this week was partly spent on trying to keep up with all relevant info until I experienced overload and most of my knowledge turned to dust.
Bottom line from E3 is that I’m really excited for Madden 17 and not so excited for further Fallout 4 DLC.


Somewhere, out there in Commonwealth.

Also the event reminded me about Dishonored 2 coming out just late of my birthdays and revelation of remastered Skyrim coming out before my birthday. There are going to be tough decision to be made but in the meantime I can enjoy the easy ones. Purchasing Madden 17 and dowloading fallout 4 DLC.
I mean creating your own vault and doing experiments on dwellers surely must be fun but it all depends how tedious gathering all the resources going to be to have a fully functional vault. We should find out in July and I hope my Bertha Burps will be nicely developed by then. Other two DLC’s haven’t got me all hyped yet but I still have time to process some thoughts and my opinion my change.
Madden 17… Hm… The EA blog about franchise improvements and additions made me really excited and I could list all these little things that get my heart going but best to wait until the game is out. If it all works as intended then I’ll be having months and months of blast upon blast.
Now, onto my gaming this week…


The party was a proper blast!

Bertha Burps is doing her best to survive out there in my survival playthrough of Fallout 4. The main task, beside actually surviving, is to locate some beds in immediate area of your new discovered land and carefully extending the perimeter of your search while not becoming a victim of what is out there. Easier said than done, as at one point I came across two bloatflies accompanied by a legendary one and I got my arse handed back to me. Annoying little creatures.

Bertha's face tells her struggles to whoever wants to listen.

I came across General Atomics Galleria, overrun with neglected Mr. Handys and died each time I asked a robot for something. I remember dealing with the boss in the top tower in my first playthrough but I couldn’t recollect if those robots were so hostile in my first game. Nevertheless after third fatality I decided not to get involved and I just marked it on map.
One curios thing I noticed in Fallout post patch is the multitude of various herbs and plants being available to be picked up and hopefully this will allow for creating some herbal medcinie. Survival is tough but I’m still pushing through, mainly around weekends, as weekdays are kind of filled with MLB The Show.


Theodore SirDudenstein about to sent the ball out of the park!

I’m having blast with both of my RTTS characters, although the pitcher gets a little less love as he still struggles in double- A. My third baseman, Theodore is playing well for the Pirates, currently in his second season in the big leagues, building up on his rookie campaign that was sadly shortened due to a rib injury.
I’ve also enjoyed replaying conquest but since I finished it for the second time (first time without dropping below veteran difficulty) I might give it a bit rest and let my son play this baseball orientated strategy mode.

Flying high and far away.

Other than that it was mainly getting excited for Madden 17 and deciding whether to get Skyrim or Dishonored first. Both come out around my birthday so I should at least get one. Well, Madden 17 might be so superb that I might notice the passing time but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
I’m not sure what next days of gaming will bring back to me but time will tell and in the meantime, keep well friends!


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