Gaming Week Load #11


Hey. What do you know?
The Skylanders are back!!! Beware!!!
Just out of nowhere my son decided to check how his skylanders are and of course he employed me to give him a helping hand once in a while or give me bashing in one of the fighting arenas.
Yes… Skylanders are back and it’s scary! And given the fact that he has gotten back into the groove I can only anticipate arrival of new figurines that names I’ll have to somehow squeeze into my crowded memory. Life, eh.

I’m not going to explain Skylanders here as I’m pretty sure everyone involved with console gaming must have some idea of what these are…
And they are, depending on where you sit, a brilliant idea worth millions of pounds/dollars etc. A collectors heaven with so many greatly detailed creatures. A gamers pleasure time with not too complicated adventure platformer. And the best a great last second idea for birthday or Xmas present or whatever.
Since my son took interest in them after Trap Team was released there were plenty of new characters to us that we could add at very reasonable price. Just recently my boy completed the whole swappable collection that includes 16 characters giving you 256 combos of moves and weapons you might use in the game.
Swap Force with its swappables is my favourite but I never really played it on my own. I played other games that are my son’s (Plants vs Zombies comes to mind) but Skylanders never appealed to me on that level. With my son? Yeah I’ll complete level or two and that’s what I have spent some gaming time on this week.
We mainly focused on replaying some chapters looking for soul gems or some other collectibles and I also helped him with SuperChargers as he got stuck slightly on one of the chapters. Well, I struggled to grab the concept initially but we finally pushed through. I think SuperChargers upped its game. We’re yet to do some racing though.
Rest of my gaming time was split on checking out android apps that related to Skylanders (just being nosey and a bit fascinated with the mobile gaming world being so advanced) and playing my trusty MLB The Show 16.


Failed attempt at capturing fireworks after All Star game in Double- A League.

I’m still playing conquest, this time limiting myself to at least veteran difficulty. I like these 3 innings small bites of baseball here and there. I’m not really trying to finish any missions but I still continue to put some thought into line ups to complete few more if I can.
I’ve also tried more luck in market and lost some stubs there on purchases of silver players that were meant to go gold (according to more knowledable folks at various forums).
My RTTS player leads his team in batting and was part of an All- Star game but I struggle to find a new team for him as playing for a club called Biscuits is a bit daft. My son is having a blast with RTTS too which is cool as at least I get to show him variety of sports recently lol
Before going off I welcome you to watching a very short clip where you can see the unhuman abilities of my created player in RTTS mode. Amazing!

Rest of my gaming time was spent on learning more about Madden 17 via developer blog and finally getting a good read online about Fallout character builds and having a good idea how I’d like to get my next journey going. Although, since I intend to do it on survival mode I wonder if my skills will allow me to get going. I’m going to stay off Far Harbor for now and visit it with my new character in the future. Hopefully.
I’m not really sure what next week brings. Kids have a half term break so I’m sure to be visiting Skylands.
Keep well folks and thank you for taking your time to read my blog.


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