Childhood isn’t necessarily what we think it might be.
For some childhood is a dream that they try to turn into a reality.
A little girl wants to be nurse- a young woman graduates from nursing school…
For some childhood is the time of little worry and a lot of laughter.
A little boy playing pranks on his parents not worrying about telling off, as he knows they still love him- a grown up man with a family and a job becoming a comedian on Fridays evenings…
For some childhood is an act of discovering and hard work.
A girl finds a crystal and is fascinated by a flash of light it produces- an old woman receiving Noble Prize for development of new meaning of propulsion…
For some though, childhood is a cuddly toy dressed as fear and a worn out book which titles says ‘Survival’.
A little boy or a girl trembles in a shadow- a grown man or a woman still trying to survive the never-ending childhood’s nightmare…

Written in response to Daily Prompt which can be found here

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