Game Week Load #16

This week hasn’t been the most engrosing as far as gaming goes. I’ve really played only two titles and those who have been reading this weekly piece regularly should now which games took my time away from the worries of the real world.

Yup. You guessed it right, it was MLB The Show 16 and Fallout 4. Somehow I just didn’t feel like really playing a lot, perhaps quite frequent pain flare ups put me off trying to be active, and the time I did play was committed to these two titles. I know, how boring!

The Show  was really just a series of diamond dynasty games with the Dodgers players in the line up just to complete the 1000 innings mission that earned me 86 ovr James Loney. I’m now in the process of buying fairly cheap Dodgers players cards to feed to my dynasty player which is 99 at almost every position (1st baseman will be last to reach 99) and earning myself 98 ovr Adrian Beltre which I hope will be a great addition at 3rd base in my ultimate line up that I should show case one day or another.

Fallout 4 provided me with a bit of a moral dilemma as I really fancied giving the workshops a dust off and seeing what new cool things one might build. Problem was that my son inherited my Griswald campaign with a character of level 67 to allow him for messing up with settlements and since I started survival play through, I wanted to focus on Bertha’s escapades and just carry on new things on this save but since I’m doing poorly so far there’s not a way for me to be great at scavenging, especially that I can’t carry a lot.

Where’s the bartender? I’m thirsty!

After few days of thinking about the duplication glitch in workshop mode I finally gave in and decided, quite unusually for me to help myself out a bit and started the monotonous process of pressing square, x, circle very quickly. I’m not a big fan of cheats, glitches and so on but simply there’s just too much stuff in Fallout 4 for me to get a head around doing it ‘normally’.

I mean, it won’t really affect my campaign (beside some levelling up I’ll do) but it’ll allow me to have a break from Bertha’s troubled life and escape into trying to build some more complex stuff… Well. I hope as there are so many things now in the settlement options that I find myself rather overwhelmed and lacking confidence in trying to make some whacky stuff. Well, lack of practice shows up.

Anyway, I haven’t progressed the story far. I saved Nick and opened the Far Harbor route. Due to reaching level 15 I activated the Mechanist quests and visited some places, including Vault 81. Despite the struggle I still enjoy the pace and the fragility that survival mode in Fallout 4 presents me with. There’s a lot of thinking involved now even during scavenging items as some items I saw as sure picks, now I leave in order to get home the rarer goodies that are so much more handy than when playing the game on lower difficulties. I just wish I wasn’t such easy target at times.

Welcome to Vault 114. The place to be, the place to die in.

I’m not sure what next week will be bringing as my mood for gaming varies daily and I think, until Madden 17 comes out I won’t have a really huge drive to play, play, play… Although I can always prove myself wrong. Until next time folks! Keep well!


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