Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy- we are back. #12

Despite missing Luck and losing the game 7-28 it wasn’t as ugly as the score looks really, the problem though is that the Colts are not built for Super Bowl run and reaching the play offs might be too much of an ask.
Andrew Luck passed the concussion protocol and I hope that the Football Fairy ensures there’s no more concussion inducing hits to any of the Colts players; well… any players from any team… Basically everyone should be prevented from getting concussed… and ill… and…
Anyway, I think given the fact that December is upon us all I can wish for the Colts is to get wins and remain healthy.
I’ve still got the flashbacks of last season meet up between these two teams and what embarrassing embarrassment it was.
The football fairy should spare the Jets fans from Fitzpatrick’s meltdown but the Fairy should also ensure that the justice is served and the Colts win. Not sure why I see it as a justice but hey, I do and I want the Colts to get that win for the last season.
Other than that, I really haven’t got much more for this Monday night match up that will screw up my Tuesday a bit. Hey!

I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #28

Another week is coming to an end and there’s been x amount of activities going on around the world. Some of the action came from my household and some of it was related to gaming. Yay! There was some fiddling with OpenBVE, an open source train simulator, as my son is, safe to say, pleasantly obsessed with trains. I had to find some London Underground routes for him to drive around as well as some rolling stock. 

There was always some digital card collecting entertainment provided by NFL 17 Huddle and GridIron apps. The Huddle one sometimes crashes and refreshes very slowly but at least you ‘get to play’ your cards on the game day. As far as console gaming is concerned there was more of Madden 17 and Fallout 4 on the menu.

EA, came out with the rush uniforms and also included them in MUT so it meant more solos and more collectibles needed to get new shiny things. Since I dig the Colts rush uniform I kind of made sure to do all the daily solos to collect needed items and after buying couple more collectibles and few days of playing the solos I finally got the uni but the Madden Fever carried on.

 Since I had nearly 20 tickets for entering either Draft Champions or Salary Cap ranked modes I decided to spent the tickets as at the end of the day I was guaranteed at least a pro pack. Thanks to two people quitting on me and some perseverance I actually managed to string together 6 wins without two losses and reached the top rewards for it. Since it all happened on Friday evening I also grabbed myself some FND badges. That was cool.

The uncool face of Madden was the connectivity and ridiculous lag which nearly made me quite the HPL League as my last game was pretty much unplayable for 3/4 of it but I soldiered on and finished it and my team is 0-4 so far. Yeah. I suck and I know it well.

I am yet to start my own CFM but I can’t get organised to get going on my own against the AI. And that has been most of the gaming time this week really. Once the weekend arrived I finally managed to switch off and jump into the Fallout 4 world.

Bertha’s escapades across the Commonwealth have stalled recently by quite a lot. She has left the Nuka World to help out the amysment park’s factions in completing some random tasks. One of them involve collaring a poor soul in GoodNeighbor but her charisma level might be preventing a successful accomplishment of said quest.

So there, Bertha life got quite complex and busy and the fact I’m not good at fighting it gets even harder at times. One of the encounter with Super Mutants took me an hour that involved few re runs as I kept on dying. Due to the location of one of the randez vous I was able to pop in to Vault 88 just to see how things are there and I realised I’m still yet to fully complete the introductory quests relating to the vault. I was welcomed by bunch of hungry and angry folks as simply I hadn’t thought about making the Vault 88 a nice and an organised place.

And that was it really. I’m yet to do many quests involving a re run of the mechanist with Bertha and a proper look at Far Harbor as I never ventured there. As far as Fallout 4 is concerned I can see myself still playing it in 2017 with the current time commitment. It’s not an end of the world though.

Next week I’m hoping to finally got my own CFM going on Madden 17 and use it to learn to switch my usering onto linebackers to improve my skills. I will also continue with Fallout 4, my card collecting apps and perhaps some trains with my son on our exhausted PC.

What games keep you going nowadays folks? Leave me some comments to get the discussion going. Until next read!

Retro hobby. Another model is done.


Well. As I mentioned earlier, me and my son started doing some plastic models. It all started from my son’s interest in some warships, through finding out about World of Warships PC Game, all the way back to my youth when I used to enjoy some alone time with plastic and glue.
Anyway, after assembling a plane and a car we finally got our hands on a thing that brought us here in first place, a warship.
It was a bit of confusing process of choosing knowning our target for second ship was something related to World of Warships but in the end we landed ourselves a deal on Amazon where we found a £9.99 deal on Admiral Hipper 1:720 scale from Revell. Well… checking the price recently made me realise my deal wasn’t such a deal as currently you can grab this heavy cruiser model for £5.99 here.
Anyways. It was my first contact with the company, I knew the model was coming with no paints, glues, brushes and any other extras so I also ordered some Humbrol acrylic paints, each for £2.00 a tin ( minimum spend on whole order has to be 20 pounds to have the paints delivered as add on items, you can also pay a bit more a buy a lot of 12, 18, 24 tins sets etc paints and leave number of paints in order so you get the ones you know but I found them slightly dearer)…
Erm… Where was I? Oh yeah. I got some paints I’d need knowing I still had leftovers from starting kits, including loads of glue. So we got the stuff, unwrapped it and it quickly become apparent that the quality is not as good as airfix as there was a lot of little cutting required where the plastic followed through the mould.
The instructions weren’t the clearest and most user friendly so in a bit of doom and gloom I got going, preparing some stuff ahead.


Admirall Hipper in over 50 pieces, mostly painted, ready for glue.

My son painted bigger parts leaving me the small ones and I still missed some as I wasn’t paying attention. The kit is actually decent deal despite this lack of airfix level of quality as some smaller parts are already together making assembly easier and despite the somewhat slighlty puzzling manual I think these models could be quite great for starters as I’ve seen plenty of quite inviting price offerings out there and it’d serve well for getting stuck in a hobby.
Anyway, initial steps of assembly were steaming ahead nicely and my progress slowed down towards the end due to all the fiddling tiny parts of mast and so on but we cracked in around 3 days and roughly 6 hours without adding time for finishing touches of paint and the flags as it was a different matter for a clumsy me.
Overall it was a good fun for both of us, along painting, glueing and sticking stuff we also licked another bit of naval history and the Admiral Hipper is now here with us and it looks ‘really cool’)as my son says.

Gaming becomes touchable. Sort of.


I wish I actually took some pictures from the moment me and my son got our first models to see if we could turn it into some sort of hobby but I didn’t so we have to start in the middle.
It all started with my son asking some questions about warships, that led to discovering the World of Warships and then it was only a small step to try to rediscover a hobby of mine from my youth. Modelling.
Then few days of browsing various modelling web sites to see what’s out there and how much you’d need to invest initially and before I realised me and my son had two models to get busy with.
First one being an easy choice, a plane Hawkers Hurricane Mk. I Starter Kit that comes with all the needed paints for it and the modelling glue and a paint brush. Other tools we used was a pair of nail clippers and nail failing sand paper on a stick thingy and a needle. Unfortunately I must inform that the price had gone up since I bought it for £5.99 😦 perhaps I faced some sale.
Nail clipper would be used for cutting pieces out of the spruce, nail filer was to smooth out rough edges and the needle I used to apply glue as I’d gently squeeze a drop of glue out of the tube on it and then spread it on required space.
Later a pair of tweezers would come handy when applying the decals. The end result of around 6 hours spread through three days (health issues limit my durability greatly, hence spreading things as much as possible into smaller portions) can be seen at the top of the entry in the picture provided.
The other model was much more challenging and my very first as we both like motorsports and I never did a car before we had gone for Ford Fiesta WRC, another starter set arriving with all the paints, glue and this time two brushes included. The price dropped a bit as I paid around £15.25 for it.
This time it took probably over 10 hours of fiddling about over four days and the end result looks like this.


1:32 Ford Fiesta WRC

The most important factor of it was, since my son only really did bigger parts as he is only 8 years old and I dealt with the rest, we both had a good chat about the real machines we were putting together and it was a well spend time on something that could perhaps lead us to a bigger hobby and since all of this was really inspired by the world of gaming, mainly World of Warships, we decided to test our skills on some warships which we should be assembling shortly after these reach our hands. And I shall try to document it better.

A case of a screaming YouTuber


Back in my day of childhood I had very little entertainment coming from behind a glass showing colourful things. Ha. I only had black- white things shown to me until I reached the teens. Nowadays our kids are bombarded with all types of colours and noises coming from behind all sorts of glassy screens of different sizes. Well they get bombarded as much as we let them to.
It’s neither here or there for me to go about my son’s daily routine but him being a gamer does involve some screen time through the day. Me and my partner are fine with it. What we are not so cool about are the ever growing crowds of YouTube Screamers. They are everywhere nowadays. At least that’s what my son gets bombarded with during his watching time as he looks for new game, some tips or tricks and so on.
I’m not going to be name shaming or what not as I don’t even remember all the youtube IDs of the creators but I always wonder why there is so much pointless screaming around?
With recent (?) craze about Five Nights at Freddie (well it’s five nights at anyone’s from what I can gather) I tried to think of them screamers adding atmospheric audios to the very creepy nature of the content but still it seemed all way over the top.
It’s almost as every thing my son follows (minecraft, little big planet, etc) involves YouTuber that gotta scream…
Does anyone know why it became so popular to scream? Are they trying to be heard and seen in the endless sea of videos, blogs, vlogs, guides…? Or are they trying to get rid of some unused energy from their outside of YouTube lives? I don’t know. All I know it is hard to tolerate the screaming without stopping my son to explore his interest but sometimes I just have to, especially when one or the other fella starts dropping swear words like a drunken butcher attending Scottish wedding…
I mean… One has a casual walk within Minecraft world, introducing some mods or things one created and then one drops a moth$#%&++%$ like nobody’s business killing all the creative passion he or she has for something that obviously was hidden behind a common creature…
And the magic is gone. At least for me, the old, grumpy fart that I am.

Ups and downs.


Today’s entry drags me around my own very little, and very crowded tiny world. I’ve been having a lot of pain, breaking through my usual pain relief and it slowly started leading me to spending less gaming time on gaming…
One of my best solution that allow me to hide from the pain that I’m going to be in for rest of my life (bar a miracle), is gaming. It can be a life saver at times, allowing yourself an escape from the invisible claws of pain that very much can take your life away from you and give you something strange in return…
Anyways. Recent weeks has marked some decline in either pain relief or comfort I’m able to find myself in. I noticed that I started spending less of my ‘free’ time on gaming and more on gathering strength to game, which made me rather cranky.
I had been given an old HTC one phone as a thank you gift from someone I know and as this smartphone is capable of running some latest titles from play store it gave me the opportunity to discover how advanced mobile gaming became.
I always looked at people playing on their phones as humans enjoying solitaire and candy crash saga type of things but to my surprise I even found mobile version of Madden which I promptly got busy with.
Mobile gaming might not offer the ability to really get involved in the games as you can with full pc/ console versions but gosh, it turns out it can be a lot of fun and time killing opportunity for the painful moments that strike out of nowhere like no one’s business.
As they say, finding positive things out of negative outcomes is a gift. I doubt I really have it but I’m glad I was ‘given the chance’ to look somewhere else.

Blogging life…


Hm…. I think the reasons why my previous attempts of establishing a virtual space to live fell short, were lack of time, too high expectations of myself and sometimes, just luck of stuff to share publicly.
And I realised last night staring at empty word document that I need a better approach to my blogging with better time management and some internal filtering, hence I think (I’m mainly directing it to the few regular readers I have -thank you, BTW!) there will be a bit less of me here and hopefully a bit more of me out there getting to know you guys.
I’m not gonna dump this blog. I’ll do my best to keep it fresh and relevant to me but I think it is simply a matter of quality over quantity and definitely a bit lower set of expectations really (I actually realised that I always expect ridiculous things from myself and then wonder why I feel low…)
Anyways. To sum up; I’m planning to read and visit more blogs while keeping my space going but at slower pace.
Personal note regarding gaming: World of Warships kind of stole my gaming time. Well to some degree as with my back, sitting for long time in front of the PC screen is really hard so this is really helping me in not getting all sunk into the (sadly) pay-to-win game.
Since I’m not into paying for virtual currency or coins or whatever it means that progressing the ships development is slooooooow but still it brought a nice breeze of youth to my life when I reminisced about the times I spent reading and learning about naval battles during the world wars and hours of fun building plastic models (yes… I also thought of acquiring a few cheaper models but so far I’m holding onto my sanity).
It all started with my son actually, who wanted to watch some ship battles and quickly spiraled into mayhem. It eventually calmed down when I got him few books by Philip Kaplan for our bed time reading (yes I know!).
We discovered World of Warships existence and then slowly stuck our teeth in by downloading it onto our rusty PC and jumping in to play on and off, leveling up and so forth while getting better at shooting and dodging bullets.
Crazy how life somehow makes a magic turn making you feel like you just went back so many years….
If there are any warship fans here, please see if Battleships: The First Big Guns fits your taste and then if you enjoyed the first part, there is more in Battleships: WW II Evolution of the Big Guns and then the series ends with World War Two at Sea: The Last Battleships.Plenty of great, never seen photographs with a great chunk of history of big guns development during the early 1900s. We’re still reading it and I found it so well presented it is a nice to jump from chapter to chapter.

Super Bowl 50 – 10 things you don’t need to know


With the Super Sunday upon us I thought it’d be fun to look for some quirky things that relate to the Super Bowl itself as well as people that’ll be involved in making us happy/angry(circle the appropriate) during the probably most watched event in history of the USA. Well at least in 2016. So let’s start this list to prepare us for some trivia during commercial breaks and the so obvious booth reviews and other usual occurrences.

1. Super Bowl 50’s referee will be Clete Blakeman, the same super cool dude who somehow botched the coin flip during the Cardinals-Packers game causing Aaron Rodger’s slight confusion. Be aware, he’ll be flipping too. It can get scary.
2. For the first time in history of NFL two quarterbacks taken with first overall draft pick will go against each other during the Super Bowl. Manning was no 1 in 1998, Newton was no 1 in 2011.
3. Cam Newton not only works hard on Sundays during football games. He continued to take classes at Auburn during off season periods and he finished his degree in sociology in 2015.
4. There is 60 beer taps on the east side of the Levi Stadium at the 50-yard line and if you are lucky to attend the Super Bowl 50 in person and overdo on beers, don’t worry. There is 1620 women’s and men’s toilet fixtures. Splash away!
5. Peyton Manning is the only quarterback in NFL history to lead multiple teams (Colts, Broncos) to multiple Super Bowl appearances.
6. The number of Wilson factories that make the footballs used during NFL game is one. They produce around 700000 football per year. The air pressure matter we will leave in capable hands of the NFL.
7. Super Bowl 50 will mark the occasion where there was the largest age difference between the starting quarterbacks in history of Super Bowl, with Manning at 39 and Newton 26 the exact difference will be 13 years and 48 days.
8. It is estimated that over 1.3 billion chicken wings will be devoured by the fans watching the game from their premium spots in their lounges in front of the TV. Oh, it is expected that over 1500 litres of beer will be needed to wash the wings with.
9. When not busy tackling opponents or intercepting footballs, Panther’s Luke Kuechly likes to hunt. Its been a life passion for him as he started bird hunting at the age of four.
10. What is it with the linebackers and birds? Bronco’s Von Miller found his niche while minoring at Texans A&M and it is chickens. He already got some chickens and Miller Farms is his little side project.

So here. 10 things I didn’t know about Super Bowl 50 until I thought about it a bit more and poked my nose around.
I think my most anticipated moment of the Super Sunday will be a coin flip…yes definitely. It would be also a very special coin flip if it end up being needed to decide first possession in overtime as there has not been a period of overtime in Super Bowl history(oh did I just made an 11th fact?).