NFL Corner

at-t-stadium-740537_1280Just a comfy chair, and a little table, some crisps and pretzels something to wash it down with and I can enjoy my Sunday’s afternoon that might turn into early Monday morning. Depending who is playing.
My journey with American Football started somewhere in 2013 when my health problems had already forced me out of job and where I kinda had to much time to spare but little possibilities of doing things.
I knew my mate, who I used play online with on PS3, liked football and was watching the games so I asked him, what a decent team there was to watch. He said “the Colts, 49ers are not bad too”.
49ers just doesn’t sound right so I found Colts’ game from the current season and well soon I was hearing a dude growling a screaming some nonsense then whooooop he threw this eggball that somehow landed perfectly in another dude’s hands and I thought “Wow. What a precision”.
You see, I always like the professional leagues in the States, especially basketball was my thing during my teens but I never full understood the football and always shied away from it until that day somewhere in 2013.
Having also promised myself to finally give Madden a go and next several months it was plenty of watching, playing reading…
Then my surgery time came, Broncos got whooped in the SB against Seahawks. I remember this night like it was yesterday. A young doctor was inserting a catheter tube down my thing asking my who was playing and I said “Well, the Seahawks are. Bronocos are just asleep…”
I left the hospital eventually, relearned many common things like walking, standing, seating from the start and somewhere I started bleeding Blue… And a tiny amount of Orange too.
The Colts led by the loud growling Andrew Luck were my team but Peyton Manning was a guy who I wished him well on the field, having gone thru more extensive version of the surgery he had, kinda hooked me on him a bit.
So yeah there I was all pretty much by myself with not many people to talk to about this brutal sport cheering for Colts and when not in straight completion against Colts, Peyton Manning. I am still here and hopefully me and you, will have a nice journey together. Or maybe it’s going to be just me writing stuff thinking that I’m sharing something with someone.
Well. Let’s see what comes out of it.