Insomnia – Stephen King


Since I was a young lad sleep eluded me for many reasons, so when I saw “Insomnia” by Stephen King I was really interested in seeing what this book was going to be about and how much about the sleepless hours the author going to write.
For those who never had sleep problems the story might appear a tad boring and lifeless as it starts off really slowly with us meeting Ralph, an old man who lost his wife over a month ago and since then started experiencing sleep problems. Well… Ralph’s main problem is the waking up as each day he wakes up a bit earlier than the day before.
The lack of sleep begins to affect Ralph both physically and mentally. He is loosing weight, looking really pale and tired and he is also becoming forgetful about little things and then the matters he had dealt with for a long time on continuous basis. Old age some may say…
When it all starts to be too much for realms of an old age issue is when Ralph starts to notice other people’s auras. Some are brighter, some darker. As the time goes by Ralph starts to notice more and more around these auras and he realises he starts to notice more about the people themselves as well as he notices a strange entities that accompany the deaths of his friends…
As we endure Ralph’s issues that become more and more bothersome there is also an background story developing where it involves the people of the town of Derry when a brand new clinic opened recently causing a bit of stir in the community.
People became restless as the clinic is very modern in thinking and one of the procedures it offers is an abortion. Pro-life supporters get very involved in the matter causing all the recent disturbances and the leader of the organisation, who is a committed criminal and who abused his own family in the past becomes a central part of the story.
The leader appears very aggressive and mentally unstable and he plans to destroy the clinic and all people in there. The only way to stop him from doing that, lies in hands of a small boy who stays at the clinic. In his hands rest the peace of the town and perhaps the whole world.
Only tired and old Ralph realises, thanks to his recently acquired talents, that the boy is special and he can stop the maniac but will Ralph be able to act…?
“Insomnia” reads slowly and for me it was a great read for several lazy afternoons and evenings. I must admit I didn’t feel very attached to Ralph despite his sleeping problems but nevertheless his character was created well and the story itself was intriguing, enjoyable and well worth the time spent with, so another thumbs up towards Mr. King.

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