Game Week Load #17

So this week happened somehow and it just wasn’t a week worth a mention really if it comes to gaming.

I managed couple of short games of MLB The Show and few sessions of Fallout 4 and that was it. The Show isn’t even worth a mention really this week.

As far as Fallout is concerned I have started questing towards meeting The Mechanist as I wanted to get a robot work bench. I died few times getting killed by the first group of robots when I met Ada but eventually I managed to escape and make Ada follow me.

Then things got funkier and during one session all I managed was to progress from one bed to another and never to reach my original destination due to dying at various spots. Life, eh?

Bertha is now at level 22 with a nice chunk of variety of benefits hidden behind the perks but I am not doing that great as well… I’m not a great at gaming obviously. Well I think I’m not.

All of this gaming stagnancy recently made me question of how much of a gamer am I? 

I’m not sure I know how much of gaming one must do or how much games must one own to be named a hard core gamer but I decided that I don’t fit into my own imagination of being a hard core gamer. Perhaps I’m being a casual gamer that sometimes get into the heavy moods of getting trapped into some strange realms of hard core gaming but eventually I shake it off and return to being casual.

So, there. It’s my summary of my gaming week as a casual gamer: plenty of attempts and a lot of effort made but very little progress to show for. At least I had some fun while doing it.


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