What if? The Madden Way – Onto 2016 season.


After one retirement announcement following another one, matters settled. We knew we had lost Peyton Manning, Witten, Woodson, Vinateri, Andre Johnson and Frank Gore amongst many others it was time to prepare for free agency.
Liam Magician was a hot cross bun topic of the opening week but his agent did whatever he could (at least it looked like that) not to find him a new home but finally after some sweaty negotiations, we had the news that Washington Redskins was going to make Liam their franchise quarterback offering him over 30 million dollars contract with nearly third of it guaranteed. Not bad for a firmer undrafted quarterback.
Matters looked much dimmer where Marcin sat as despite some initial interest in him, no one decided to take Marcin on board and the young lad was considering career in accountancy. For our luck though he stuck out and later on he got his chance.
Griswald landed in hospital as he needed few new organs due to killing his own ones with heavy booze celebrating but he was back in driving seat for end of free agency and he spent some Buck on reshuffling o-line, finding new kicker and few other pieces with the most important at the linebacker by striking a multi year deal with Brandon Spikes. The secondary looked a bit shakey not to mention running back position.
When the draft came the Colts invested in some lesser know rough diamonds and scored a talented running back T. Jackson who after some evaluation looks really like the Deal and they added a nose tackle T. Burton who is said to be a hard working creep. Rest of the crop was pretty lousy but two possible studs out of seven picks, sounds like a smashing weekend!
While Liam was learning in and outs of new system, Marcin kept on drowning in depression until the 49ers decided to give him a chance and he made through the training camp. The season 2016 looked to be so exciting with Packers defending the title, our brothers trying to conquer the NFC and Griswald trying not to damage his kidneys again. It was a beautiful time to be alive!!!!


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