Super Bowl 50 – The Jitters.


I don’t expect many (if any) players that will take part in the biggest show on Earth to have any pregame jitters but I do know that I will be having plenty of them.
My season finished ages ago with Andrew Luck injuries since beginning of the season but since I have a little bit of a sweet spot for Peyton Manning’s accomplishes and the legacy he’ll leave behind him, I’d love to see him riding into the sunset with another ring on his finger. Two is a great little number and it fits many narratives well. Hence. I’ll be all jittery.
This is almost like a Hollywood blockbuster. The David vs Goliath point of view. The classic vs modern point of view. The old vs young narrative. You can, if you want to, (although I don’t recommend it) make it even a racial narrative. The problem with it all is that despite all the talk of quarterbacks it takes 22 men plus some substitutes to deliver the result. The quarterback might be the Braun of the offence but it takes the defensive minds to confuse the generals.
It all isn’t as simple as Manning vs Newton although the story line is one for the movies. I’ll be rooting for Denver because I want Manning to win and I want them to take him where he can hoist the Lombardi Trophy once more; but he’ll be facing his demons whilst Newton will be trying to prove he has none that he fears.
Ultimately both men will need plenty of assist from their teammates to get where they want and I really don’t know how they are going to achieve that but my guess is, the Broncos will do their best in tiring Newton out, while the Panthers will try to bite quickly and control from then on. If Carolina stalls on the offence I think they’ll do anything to can to dare Peyton to go deep, as Indy did last year in playoff, and count on mistakes or quick three and outs which will ultimately tire out the Bronco’s pass rush.
I don’t think Denver has anything that the D as their plan A, B, C and even D. The run game struggled most if the year, passing game has been awful at times. If it wasn’t Peyton struggling then it was his receivers dropping the balls. I can see why the Panthers are heavy favourites. They have explosive offense and their defence is up there with the best ones.
Perhaps health of the both squads will be important to the final outcome. On Denver we have both safeties with some injuries from AFC Championship Game, both listed as probable and ready to go but it takes only one wring tackle, jump etc to go back to the locker room. With Panthers you have the linebacker Thomas Davis who is planning to play the game two weeks after fracturing his firearm and having surgery that resulted in a plate and 12 screws attached. How is it allowed for him to play? I’m not sure but at the end of the day it is his life, no matter how stupid I think it is to play in such state.
I’m not inside there. I don’t even pretend to know football. I just like having a discussion about, but having no one to discuss it with, hence the typing here. Given the lack of data of games played between these two teams it ius really hard to predict anything. Looking at their regular season games it is hard to miss 15-1 record that Panthers put on the resume, especially with Broncos 12-4 but the Panthers faced only 4 teams that ended the 2015 season with winning record and their best victory came against 10-6 teams. They did manhandle the Cardinals in the NFC Championship but I’m not sure how much of that was down to the Cardinals “stage fright”. Broncos on the other hand faced 7 teams with winning record two that had 12-4, and that were pivotal games for their seeding.
One odd team that stands out is the Colts who served Broncos their first loss of the season, only week apart after nearly upsetting Panthers on their turf only to cough it all up in OT. Not much to read into it beside the fact, that Panthers struggle with finishing while Broncos do hang about.
If the Bronocs D slaps Carolina’s offense from the go there is a big chance that Denver will pull this win off despite not being favoured by so many. But if the Bronocs offense has to chase the Panthers it is going be something like 31-13 for Panthers with the game decided in first quarter or at worst first half. If it is all in the balance after the half time show, then last dying effort of McManus and 21-20 win for Broncos should ease off Manning’s pain of losing in earlier games in Indianapolis where Vanderjagt simply didn’t hit it right.
But what do I know to predict Super Bowl 50 score??


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