Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Quick turnaround #11

Thanksgiving football it is. I don’t know how exactly a thanksgiving day evolves but I know that football fans will be treated to a potentially high scoring game between the Steelers and the Colts and the Football Wishing Fairy should have her hands busy casting spells and whatnot around the country stuffed with turkey…

For us, the poor folk in the UK who never experienced Thanksgiving, we are going to enjoy an extra evening/ night of football in the week while wishing for the Football Fairy not cast any spells that would bring shame to the Colts who got outscored by over 50 points in two last games against the Steelers.
That’s it really! Yup, just that one wish for the game to be competitive throughout and for the Colts players to have a shot at until the last whistle really.
The slightly hopeful and more competitive me wishes for a great last second walk off score for win but let’s be realistic, if Andrew Luck is at 99% or less he won’t keep up with the Steelers and we know from past that neither will do Colts’ defense.
So yeah at least 100% of Andrew Luck and a competitive game without any nasty injuries to either of the teams. Go Colts!

I wrote it before I got to read the news that Andrew is in concussion protocol as he started feeling unwell shortly after the game… So there’s my wish of 100% of Andrew Luck this Thursday.
Never mind I hope he gets better and doesn’t have to deal with more injuries this season.


Luck is definitely ruled out so I expect an ugly game and a huge feasting by the Steelers. Health is more important though.