Football-less Sunday #5. The running backs of 2016.

In my blog entry about which running backs I expected to wreck chaos I predicted these 6 to be the most painful ones to opponents defensive mind.
Starting from 6th spot of my crystal balling we have:

Adrian Peterson– Vikings: 3 games started (and played) 37 rush yards for 1.9 yds/att no touchdown and currently free agent as Minnesota released him before FA started. Total bust by me.

Le’Veon Bell– Steelers: 2nd in average rush yards per game but missing 4 games affected the totals. 4.86 yds per carry with 7 touchdowns and over 1k in rush yards (1286) paint a solid picture of a distracting running back. No wonders Steelers like him so much.

Todd Gurley– Rams: Definitely another mission by me but some put more blame on the problems of Rams that the slump of Gurley. Nevertheless 3.18 yds per carry with only 6 touchdowns and not even in 1k in rush yards after starting all 16 games paints a picture of someone else more deserving the spot here.

Doug Martin– Buccaneers: Ah. It seems as if I cursed the players I chose to this list last year. Only 8 starts, 3 touchdowns, 52.3 yds per game disappears in a shadown of the Buccaneers overall improvement.

Devonta Freeman– Falcons: A trip to the Super Bowl is not a common thing, add 11 touchdowns, 1079 rush yards for 4.75 per carry and you get a solid top 10 performance here. Not as high as I thought but still better than most of my picks here.

Jamaal Charles– Chiefs: Oh dear… 3 games played with one touchdown and we have another bust and another free agent here. Many believes Charles is done and recent numbers do seem to support the idea.

Here. If there’s a reason why I suck at running the ball while gaming on Madden it is down to my knowledge of running backs that is shockingly bad as shown on the example above.

Who was your top 5 back in the 2016 season?



Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Quick turnaround #11

Thanksgiving football it is. I don’t know how exactly a thanksgiving day evolves but I know that football fans will be treated to a potentially high scoring game between the Steelers and the Colts and the Football Wishing Fairy should have her hands busy casting spells and whatnot around the country stuffed with turkey…

For us, the poor folk in the UK who never experienced Thanksgiving, we are going to enjoy an extra evening/ night of football in the week while wishing for the Football Fairy not cast any spells that would bring shame to the Colts who got outscored by over 50 points in two last games against the Steelers.
That’s it really! Yup, just that one wish for the game to be competitive throughout and for the Colts players to have a shot at until the last whistle really.
The slightly hopeful and more competitive me wishes for a great last second walk off score for win but let’s be realistic, if Andrew Luck is at 99% or less he won’t keep up with the Steelers and we know from past that neither will do Colts’ defense.
So yeah at least 100% of Andrew Luck and a competitive game without any nasty injuries to either of the teams. Go Colts!

I wrote it before I got to read the news that Andrew is in concussion protocol as he started feeling unwell shortly after the game… So there’s my wish of 100% of Andrew Luck this Thursday.
Never mind I hope he gets better and doesn’t have to deal with more injuries this season.


Luck is definitely ruled out so I expect an ugly game and a huge feasting by the Steelers. Health is more important though.

And the third one was a charm. NFL Edition

With all the Olympic Games buzz that has been going around us for the past two weeks, many could have missed the so ‘very important’ pre- season games in our beloved National Football League but since the Games are drawing to the end and the next phase is highlighted by the Super Humans attending Paralympic games that sadly don’t draw as much attention, some people might realise there are only 3 weeks worth of none regular season football left for all of us to endure.

And with that in mind I’ll try to find the three biggest games of the regular season that will be a must watch. Let’s begin!
Colts @ Packers (week 9)-

This game could be an early Super Bowl preview game with both, Luck and Rodgers on the way up from their rather unimpressive 2015 campaigns. It’s right in the middle of the season so stories would have developed and Lambeau Field might be a dreadful place in early November.

Seahawks @ Patriots (week 10)-

A rematch of a past Super Bowl with slightly changed lineups. Still there will be Wilson against Brady and Belichick against Carroll and a ghistt of the Beast Mode on cold and unpleasant Novembee night in Massachusetts. Spooky.
Cowboys @ Steelers (week 10)-

It appears that middle of November is packed with awesomeness and this match up, despite having little possible Super Bowl back story could end up being an explosive one as Big Ben and hopefully healthy Romo decide to rewrite some record books and unleash their madness loose. It could quickly get out of hands for both defences here.
And that is all for this week. You can almost feel the smell of sweet wins and bitter loses in the air. With this Sunday behind us, there are only two more to go. Stay tuned!

There will be 6 running backs causing chaos in 2016/17

As many backs as we have football-less Sundays to get through until we can actually see them fully kitted and ready to rip off so turf in pure anger.

Until that glorious moment comes to us though we are in a middle of very hot and very annoying summer, some teams started their training camps, some players got injured and we have these 6 long Sundays to get through. Not to mention all the days in between these 6 sad Sundays. Let’s see these 6, yards- starved running backs that are about to rock!

  1. Jamaal Charles- (Chiefs): Yup. It is going to be a do or a die year for Charles who only managed 5 games before giving in to a nasty injury. Within his short period he still racked up four rushing and one receiving touchdowns. Last time he came back after losing most of his season was in 2012 when he posted his career high in rushing yards. Yes, do or die here. Gone be do!

  2. Devonta Freeman- (Falcons): After an explosion in his second season, Freeman set his bar very high but he shouldn’t have problems meeting his numbers and even exceeding them unless we see some injury plagued season.
    Last year, Freeman scored 11 rushing and 3 receiving touchdown and he co- led the scoring tables. He also surpassed 1000 rushing yards. The momentum will carry on here.

  3. Doug Martin- (Buccaneers): After two rather disappointing seasons, Martin bounced back up in 2015 and nearly beat his rookie season highs but he just came a bit short. Now, in 2016 he’ll have his eyes set on a group of targets and he’ll prove he was worth the weight of his fresh contract standing at over $35 millions.
    Last season numbers to beat are 1402 rushing yards, 6 rushing and one receiving touchdown. He’ll hope to beat his rookie season high of 11 rushing touchdowns though.

  4. Todd Gurley- (Rams): He was in the spotlight since the draft day and he hasn’t disappointed. Despite missing three games Gurley still surpassed 1000 rushing yards and recorded 10 rushing touchdowns basically exploding most of the times he touched the ball.
    Now the Rams have moved to Los Angeles and it’d be fitting to give the city a new star to look at. Perhaps Gurley can make sure LA doesn’t wait a long time.

  5. Le’Veon Bell- (Steelers): Injuries are awful and at the minute no one knows if Bell will play his first game of the season as he recovers from a nasty knee injury for which he required a surgery.
    Let’s hope he does recover in time and at least meets his numbers from his sophomore year. With Big Ben under center and Antonio Brown at receiver, defenses can’t load the box and Bell will punish it whenever he can.

  6. Adrian Peterson- (Vikings): If one doesn’t count his single game in season 2014, then it is easy to see that Peterson never let down his fans and every season delivered double digit numbers in rushing touchdowns. It is probably his last chance at repeating the feat for the ninth time.
    Peterson won’t have his 2012 career high numbers in yards but still over 10 touchdowns and over 1300 rush yards are a given unless an injury strikes. There’ll be much more though. It’s going to be nasty!

And that is all. No more running this summer for me as it’s exhausting. It really is, especially in this heat. I hope to revisit this entry towards end of the year to see how much of an insightful creature I am when it comes to football and in the meantime, keep well and remember to hydrate kind souls. Until next week!