A fortnight until NFL goes nuts!


Just think people. It is only a fortnight and the football madness is back. Yes! A fortnight! I know, the problem is that the fortnight is made of Sundays. There’s also fortnight of Mondays, Tuesdays… Yes, yes, yes! I know. It is still bloody long time until the football comes back to our tellies but it is under 100 days now!
At least it is summer. Days go quick as we spend them outside being active, getting healthy and enjoying those lovely Sun rays we are getting thanks to the arrival of summer. Oh yeah… Here in southern UK we’ve been getting plenty of wind, clouds and rain… So that’s that. Apparently it is meant to be a dull and gloomy summer. Well. We got tellies and we can watch football at least… erm… Yes. I can see an issue or two here.
Ok. Since we still have 14 Sundays to kill then it is best to look at the number 14 in our weekly column of ‘Did you know that’ and this week we will dive in for a touchdown or two or perhaps more. So let’s get started with:
Did you know that:

  • Doug Baldwin of the Seahawks finished the 2015 season with 14 touchdowns to his name? All of them were receiving ones but considering that in previous 4 seasons he recorded 15 in total, last season must have felt special for Baldwin who just exploded once he built some chemistry with Russell Wilson. It was also Baldwin’s first season with over 1000 receiving yards (1069) and a season that his longest reception surpassed his previous best of 55 by 25 yards. It was a great year to remember and Seattle fans can not wait to see what 2016 brings to Baldwin and their team.

  • Devonta Freeman of the Falcons combined for 14 touchdowns in 2015 season? 11 of them came from ground but he was also lucky to contribute in air assault with three touchdown receptions. Freeman improved massively from his rookie season, gathering 1056 yards on the ground with another 578 from air making him a great double threat. His production spiked considering his rookie campaign saw one touchdown from ground and one from air. Not to mention all these yards. And he didn’t even play in all games as he missed one and started in 13 out of 15, making him the only one on today’s list without full 16 games played and started.

  • Brandon Marshall found his funk after joining the Jets and set his career best in receiving touchdowns, recording 14 of them in 2015 season? Marshall had a smashing season at the age of 31 making it to ‘10000 receiving yards club’, becoming the first player to amass 1000 receiving yards in a season in four different teams he played for. At the age of 31 he was only 6 yards shy of besting his career high of 1508 receiving yards he clocked in four seasons ago and he is only 21 touchdowns away from reaching the number 100.

  • Allen Robinson, exploded after his rookie year and recorded 14 touchdowns, all by air, in 2015 season? Robinson finished 2015 with 1400 receiving yards and his longest career reception of 90 yards, he is still yet to fumble or record a rushing attempt since joining the Jaguars. Fans in Jacksonville must be getting excited by all the explosive youth the Jaguars put together for their 2016 campaign. Robinson will play a crucial role in there for sure.

And considering that a touchdown is worth 6 points, our touchdown leaders in 2015 look quite pale in comparison to those who contributed more points to their teams than our guys, kickers. Yes! 26 kickers earned more points for their respective teams than our four players with Stephen Gostkowski leading the table with 151 points (14 TD equals 84 points).
For comparison, Seahawks kicker, Hauschka ranked 9th with 127 points; Jaguars kicker- Myers earned 110 points for the team, ranking him 15th; Falcons kicker, Bryant, actually contributed less than Freeman and chipped in 68 points that ranked him 41st and the Jets didn’t even have a full time kicker but one of their kickers, Randy Bullock ranked 32nd with 79 points earned but he did so playing for two teams.
So here. Kickers are the weapon of mass destruction and they should deserve more respect next time they kick in ‘a lousy 3 point shot’. Until next time kind readers, I hope you enjoyed the read. Keep well! Next week all the bad luck awaits us with 13 Sundays left over.

ALL STATISTICAL DATA PER http://www.pro-football-reference.com 

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