Football- less Sunday #6. The quarterbacks quintet.

Back last year, during a humid summer I pondered about my Top picks for QBs of 2016. Now it is time to revisit and dissect my thoughts which I left here for anyone to read.
Going from the 5th upwards I thought that would be the order of dominance by the quarterbacks.

Aaron Rodgers– Packers: 4th in passing yards (4428), 4th in passer rating with 104.2, 1st with 40 passing touchdowns supported by only 7 picks thrown it was kind of usual day in the office for Rodgers through most of the season.
Given the recent FA acquisitions I should rank him in top 3 next time around. I should really expect that from Rodgers and stick him nearer the top.

Russell Wilson– Seahawks: 10th in passing yards with 4219 but 2nd in sacks taken (41) sums up the rocky season for Wilson. Only 21 TD passes with 11 picks isn’t a norm here but perhaps the Seahawks’ star is not getting the support he needs.
I definitely missed on him and he should be really be much lower as 2016 season was a huge downer.

Andrew Luck– Colts: It was such a relief to see Andrew being back to “new” normal self, although few times we all wished for his “linebacking mentality”, still…
Despite the many medias omitting Luck who didn’t even make a Pro Bowl, doesn’t mean he was one of the top dogs passing for 4240 yards and 31 touchdowns (both times in top 10 despite missing a game) adding two more on the ground and having setting a career best in completion and narrowly missing a mark in passer rating. Arrow’s up from here.

Ben Roethlisberger– Steelers: Oh. I missed badly so did many others voting Big Ben to Pro Bowl over Andrew Luck who had a better year statistically but hey Steelers made the playoffs.
Big Ben’s year wasn’t bad with 3819 passing yards and 29 passing TD but given the weapons around him, one could expect slightly more out of Ben. Next year looks promising though and as long as he stays healthy the Steelers are a threat.

Drew Brees– Saints: 1st in passes attempted, completed and yards passed. Another season when Brees surpases 5000 yards (5208) and yet the Saints are struggling and Brees is overlooked like Luck really and given his production I can see him beating Manning’s few records if he keeps at it.
37 passing TD, 101.7 PR and the longest pass of the season (98 yards) are not too shabby for “an ageing” fella with a weakening arm…

Still. Matt Ryan was the man and I didn’t see it at all, I suppose until he finally won the MVP award he just lived in the shadow of others, now he can finally shine on his own.
Well, I’m fairly pleased with my QB crystal balling and another Sunday goes down and we are one week closer. Stay together and stay healthy guys!


NFL Rapid Predictions- Super Bowl

I only got one right in championship round but it was all a tad bit crazy last Sunday with Packers completely falling apart into tiny pieces of nothingness. At least I have got two weeks to try to make my mind up whether I think the old sneaky wolf will trick the young and quirky chicken or vice versa…
It’s been tough going here with the last piece of NFL Predictions for the season; I have really struggled to try to make some sensible guesses but it all boils down to the sad fact that the Pats will outsmart, outplay, outthink, outcheat us all in one way or another so there’s no point writing the last piece but I’ll do my best.
For the last time in the 2016 season we have Prediction of the Week:

Falcons vs Patriots: The Ultimate Showtime!

The Patriots are finally facing a quality quarterback as their last one was Russell Wilson, who they lost to, somewhere in the middle of the season. They don’t fear it, the cherish the situation they are in as they’ll do everything they can to force Roger Goodell to hand the trophy to Tom Brady in a super duper crazy finale to Deflategate. Sigh… Sigh…

The Falcons have nothing to lose and everything to play for with only their second Super Bowl appearance so there might be a lot of wizardry going on and Matt Ryan is bound to air it out. And the whole game might just rely on one confused decision or so…
Hopefully we will have a good game this play off time but I still don’t know who’s gonna win it all.

Patriots to win 30:20

NFL Rapid Predictions- it’s a bye week for some; Week 10.

Wow. I am rolling here like a rock rolls off a steep hill man. Another huge week for me resulting in 11-2 score for Week 9 and giving me a juicy 0.587 % with 78-55 total score.
The closest game predictions happened in New York and Oakland.
The Eagles flew to the Giants and it ended up PHI- NYG 21:28 (I saw 23:28 score).
In Oakland red hot Raiders hosted the defending champs and the score looked like DEN- OAK 22:29 (my guess stood at 20:30).
Perhaps I should start betting or something because I’m THAT good (yeah right). My Colts are on a bye so there’s no pressure at all for me (like there is any pressure at all doing these!). So let’s get going with WEEK TEN.

Browns @ Ravens: The prime time games that starts the week and sends most people asleep. The TNF with its current divisional match ups is more of a bad miss than an average hit.

Ravens to win 24-13

Chiefs @ Panthers: That could be a juicy game in Carolina. Hot streaking Chiefs with the best record in last 20 games of regular season against the Panthers trying to salvage the huge Super Bowl hangover party, that just does not want to go away.

Chiefs to win 22:16

Texans @ Jaguars: Ah… The divisional contest no 2 that will have people thrilled and all out of their minds… in dark parts of Jacksonville and even darker corners of Texas…
It’s the Osweiler versus Bortles – Garbage Game of the month. Still both teams are up one this season on the Colts…

Jaguars to win 19:14

Packers @ Titans: Aaron Rodgers is still not fully himself and the Packers allowed the Colts the free entry to their house. This recent advert staring Rodgers and Matthews will haunt them until they stop playing it.
Titans on the other hand, don’t have any players starring in adverts, I think.

Packers to win 33:27

Bears @ Buccaneers: Hm… I’m really not sure what’s happening in Tampa Bay. Chicago on the other hand is probably still high and pissed thanks to Cubs efforts so no one gives a damn here.

Buccaneers to win 14:11

Vikings @ Redskins: Remember when the Vikings were the only undefeated team and serious Super Bowl contenders (at least in talks and such)? Well they aren’t anymore and neither are the Redskins so hey! Whatever…

Redskins to win 26:17

Falcons @ Eagles: It is birds against birds. One are flying higher than others and the other are prettier???
I suppose the highly powered Falcons offensive machine will just continue to roll over their opponents defences…
Once, promising rookie that started his NFL journey interception free for a while nie manager to make it all up in turnover column. Shame…

Falcons to win 42:24

Broncos @ Saints: The defending champions are quickly falling apart without a clear offensive identity. Luckily this week they should pick up few ideas as Drew Brees will be showing the Broncos offense what a good arm and good brain can do in a passing game.
Of course the Broncos D will do its best to stop the show but it still might not be inspiring enough for Denver to get scoring.

Saints to win 17:10

Rams @ Jets: Oh. I really don’t know what’s occurring within these two organisations and I don’t find the fact of not knowing it, disturbing so whatever happens someone will be happy.

Jets to win 24:17

Dolphins @ Chargers: Ah… Two struggling teams that wished they didn’t struggle. Dolphins had recently some huge ground games, while the Chargers continue to be the Chargers and roll with angry Rivers. He’s got a right to be ticked off though.

Chargers to win 31:20

Cowboys @ Steelers: The suprisingly stunning Cowboys might have fall apart soon as the rookie wonder is still riding high and shiny but the old established general is apparently ready to get back to his old position…
Will the Steelers, with half beaten up Big Ben who comes back from another shockingly poor start in Baltimore, manage to break some of Dallas charm???

Steelers to win 31:25

49ers @ Cardinals: Ah. The Cardinals should get that win easily here and they really need it. As for the 49ers… Well Kaepernick didn’t vote apparently and look what happened…

Cardinals to win 34:14

Seahawks @ Patriots: The SuperBowlwhichevernumber Rematch. Not a preview as despite the Pats being bound for Houston in February, the Seahawks don’t look bound to reach that city too. Well at least not to face the Pats there. They are facing them in the Foxborough and all sorts of things are bound to happen there. All sorts…

Patriots to win 31:18

Bengals @ Giants: The week’s ending game will feature hope, sweat, courage, blood and plenty of miscues. Two teams that are good enough for play offs will make some statements about why they’re good enough for the big game and why they won’t be in Super Bowl at the same time. Happy watching.

Giants to win 17:14

I think that’s all I can manage this week after the shock wave of despair is vibrating through the universe. America… You had one simple job…

NFL’s lucky number 12.


Since there is 12 footballless weeks left for us to entertain, it’s good time to write some stuff about my favourite No. 12. Yes, for those who dislike/are bored with/had enough of (circle one appropriate option) Andrew Luck, please do move along while I just carry on telling myself why it is ok to like Andrew Luck, and even write about him.
Since we are getting closer to the seasons’ start and the numbers of week become lower and lower I think there needs to be a change in format of my ‘Did you know that’ weekly series.
I think the name can carry on regardless but I think I need some freshness here as the weather has been very humid and muggy recently. Anyway so lets kick of ‘Andrew Luck Edition of Did you know that?

  • Andrew Luck chose to wear number 12 jersey to carry on with a tradition as his dad, who also played quarterback and wore number 12.

  • Andrew Luck really loves football, and by football I mean soccer (yes we Europeans are crazy like that). Since Andrew’s dad worked in Europe for many years Andrew got to grow up in places like Germany or Great Britain. It is there where he found his love for football…err.. soccer and to this day he is an avid supporter of the sport. His favourite team are Houston Dynamo.

  • Luck is a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen, he especially likes Bruce’s older stuff. Music wise Andrew also enjoys listening to Stanford native alt- rock band Young the Giant.

  • Pretty much every one knows Andrew is a bit of a techno bore with his flip phones, no social medias and so on. To the long list of oddities like playing ping pong (first purchase after he signed his rookie contract in NFL was a ping pong table), one might add his day to day car which it is Honda Accord, the same one he shared with his sister while at Stanford…

And now, we can look at few odd or not so odd football stats in comparison to two other number 12s. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. I’m not claiming that Luck belongs to the same group of quarterbacks as Brady or Rodgers but statistically they played in very similar era of pass happy offenses so it is easier to compare than to say, Terry Bradshaw or Jim Kelly. So many 12s around…

Part two of ‘Did you know that’ presented below.

  • Andrew Luck played and started more games in his first four seasons than Brady and Rodgers did in theirs? Despite injury riddled 2015 luck started 55 games, Brady started 46 and played 48 and Rodgers’ input was starting 16 and playing 23 in the same period. Perhaps there’s a good reason why Rodgers is so damn near perfect after all?

  • Andrew Luck had more rushing touchdowns in his rookie season than Brady and Rodgers managed to record in their first four seasons?
    Luck finished his rookie campaign with 5 rushing touchdowns (12 in four seasons), while Brady amassed 2 and his first one arrived in Brady’s third year of pro contract. Rodgers on the other hand rushed for a touchdown 4 times in his first four seasons, although all of them touchdowns came from his first full season that was in his 4th year of pro contract.

  • Both, Tom Brady and Andrew Luck recorded 6 tackles in their first four seasons? They also both were complimented with 10 fourth quarters comebacks in their first four seasons. What about Rodgers? Well he has been credited with 6 tackles and 10 fourth quarters comebacks throughout his whole career to date. Strange… eh?

I’m not going to be discussing the whole who’s better who will be better and so on. It was fun to look at the numbers posted through the first four seasons by our number 12 stars and it is quite obvious that Luck was the busiest from that trio. Whether it’s a good thing or not, the time might tell us. Or it might not
Until next week people where I’ll try to come up with some fresh stuff about number 11 as it’ll be just that many weeks left till… KICK OFF!
Keep well!


It currently stands at 22.


Our footballless Sunday count reached the very neat number of 22. As one can see, the writing fingers are still alive and able to type in coherently meaning the ManFlu from last week wasn’t some deadly version of brain consuming disease.
As I mentioned last week the number crunching isn’t the problem but sometimes a little research might help you generate slightly better or easier to digest results, meaning the piece you create looks and is consumed better. I was meant to do that but since this Sunday series is more of fruit of improvisation I at the very last second decided to keep it this way, for at least a while so we can see this week what was happening in the world of New England Patriots last season and see Did you know that?

  • Tom Brady’s career average in completed passes per game is 22? (for those nitpicking it stands at 22.013 but for me it is close enough). In 2015 Brady posted numbers above his career averages in pretty much every category. His interception rate was better than career wise with only 0.4 picks per game in 2015 to 0.7 during career which due to the less is better approach with picks, means it was more than less (haha).
    The only one major statistic that Brady appeared below his average was in QBR where he marked 2015 with 64.42 to career’s one standing at 67.91. Also he was slightly worse at avoiding sacks as his all time average stands at 1.8 sack per game and 2015 saw 2.4 sacks delivered on Tom per game. He’s like wine, gets better with age.

  • Alan Branch, defensive tackle, recorded 22 tackles in 2015. He started 15 games out of the 16 he played last season and managed 2 defended passes, 2 forced fumbles, 1 sack. The 31 years old veteran totalled 9 passes defenses, 4 forced fumbles, one fumble recovery, 9 sacks and 148 tackles during his nine seasons long career. His last two seasons with the Patriots proved to be the most productive really.

  • New England Patriots failed to score 22 points in only 3 games and it took them all the way until 23rd November game where the Bills finally held them under 22 points. Pats still won the game but a week later the came out defeated by the Broncos in overtime. The other games where New England failed to reach 22 points were at Jets (20-26), and at Dolphins (10-20) the season finale loss that probably cost them very dearly in loosing first seed in playoffs.

  • Malcolm Brown reached the age of 22 years old in the week leading up to Super Bowl 50. The young defensive tackle hopes to become a steady anchor at the defensive line, after he was drafted 32nd overall in 2015 draft. He went onto starting 12 out of 16 games where he recorded 2 fumble recoveries, 3 sacks and 31 tackles giving him an average of 1.9 tackle per game. Not bad for a youngster whose career high in tackles stands at 5 that he recorded in a loss to Miami Dolphins.

  • The Patriots defensive units drew 22 yellow flags on first downs indicating some sort of penalty. It was 28.9% of their total first downs that the defense started off with penalties. In total, the defense gave up 1013 yards on 112 penalties which ranked them 8 in league in given up yards.

Anyways, as we slowly and painfully tick off each and every Sunday it becomes apparent that the football season is still a long way from us and the recent release of pre-season schedule couldn’t even keep our spirits up. I know I get to see my Colts in the opening game of the preseason but at the end of the day, it is still only a preseason game regardless that our opponent is the hot Green Bay Packers with even hotter Aaron Rodgers who gets to do stuff with the very hot Olivia Munn.
I should look into changing the weekly write up as the initial thought became a bit stale and it doesn’t deliver the results I’d prefer to enjoy myself with so we’ll see what the next week brings to us with the funky number of 21.