NFL Players – Crazy or Indestructible?



Hey. How would you feel couple of days after having a surgery on an arm you broke few days earlier? I’m guessing you’d want to a)rest, b)wanting more pain relief, c) showing off the arm to few mates while still taking care of it or d) go and play in Super Bowl?

Wrong, wrong, wrong. The obvious answer is D. How could you not willing to re-injure the said arm that now has 11-12 screws in and a steel plate there. I mean its obvious that in this day and age where everything has to be available this instance, even broken bones are expected to heal like in two days.
I mean, take a look at DNewtonespn Tweet
This is photo of Thomas Davis’ arm he injured during the NFC championship game, he already had the surgery, had some nice metal pieces installed and hey, he is ready to go to play in a brutal game (the one that led him here) because…
Well… My imagination runs short here. I mean I understand he is an elite sportsman who has overcome some really bad luck and became the first ever NFL player to come back to playing football after tearing his ACL three times in three years and it is all inspiring and great but boy, besides the risk of hurting it again (screws, plates can break too), playing with some limitation I assume it’ll take some serious pain relief dosage to get through this Super Bowl game and the fact is, if Carolina wins without him in the field that particular day, he’d still be world champion as he was part of the team that got here.
Is one more appearance and risking your health, perhaps even becoming a liability during said game that important? I suppose the players are only seen as sources of income for the owners and they just don’t see that a broken arm can take up to 12 weeks to heal properly. 12 not ‘nearly 2’.
Fame? Money? Proving a point? Indestructibly? Or craziness? Or perhaps I’m being a big softie…?
Regardless of your answer, if you would like to cheer on Davis during his recovery or appearance at Super Bowl his NFL jersey can be found here. Wear it proudly 😉