The Girl who loved Tom Gordon – Stephen King


“The Girl who loved Tom Gordon” by Stephen King was a book I had nearly never read as neither the title nor the book’s cover was appealing to me at the time when I came across in a library. The problem was, I had picked three books and I couldn’t find a fourth one to max out my allowance so I gave it a read and I’m glad I did.
Trisha, a nine years old girl is walking around the woods with her mum and older brother. Unfortunately the mum and the brother had recently been arguing a lot and that is the case now. The pair is rowing so badly that they don’t notice when little Trish is taking an off course path to have a wee-wee.
She went there and never came back. And from this point onward the mum or the brother become unimportant and we’re paying full attention to Trisha who has only her wits to rely on and a walkman she can use to listen to broadcast of Boston Red Sox game and the performances of her hero, Tom Gordon, a relief pitcher.
As she travels through the woods trying to find a way out the time is not stopping and what was a daylight, slowly turns into night. Trisha, who was bitten by bees, who is sore, tired and hungry starts to notice more and more things. When the walkman batteries dies she starts to imagine that Tom is next to her and the he’ll help her survive as there appears to be something scary and something dangerous out there, something that creeps up closer and closer as the daylight is fading away…
Trisha has to find strength to fight that something that appears blood hungry and seems to be merciless. She has to survive but with each passing hour, she loses a bit of hope here and a bit of strength there. She starts to lose a battle against her weaknesses and she feels hopeless and lost without a chance for someone to come and rescue her before she dies, or before this something out there comes close enough in order to…
Not everyone is afraid of ghosts, monsters or serial killers but we all are afraid of the unknown – the something that we so don’t want to experience or we don’t wish for this something to happen.
The Unknown… Waiting to attack at the first moment we least expect. And that’s what “The Girl who loved Tom Gordon” is really about. Its a book about the fear of the unexpected even if we expect it. It’s a well written, fairly short story about a girl lost in the woods. What we are afraid while we are reading it, is probably different to each of us. Pick your poison.
For those using Amazon Kindle, the book can be bought here.
Please enjoy responsibly.