The Dark Half – Stephen King


“The Dark Half” was recommended to me by someone who didn’t remember the name of the author and didn’t know I liked Stephen King’s work so it was a double surprise to me when the book finally landed, in my hungry of touch of paper fingers and it was a great and exciting relation I formed with the story and the main protagonist.
We meet Tad Beaumont who is a writer who wrote a great novel which earned him recognition of critics and readers across the world along with plenty of awards. Tad has a problem though, as no one seems to be interested in his second book as it appears the genius he showed in his first title burnt out or never really was there.
To check his writing skills and to continue to write Tad becomes George Stark, a writer of thriller books that with time become somewhat popular. The problem is that not many people know that Beaumont and Stark are the same person and our protagonist wants to keep the matters that way.
One day Tad/George’s peace is broken by a mysterious man who starts blackmailing our troubled writer and since Tad appears powerless in the situation he decides to orchestrate murder of his alter ego with a help of those who know about his secret. So George Starks dies and matters settle. For a while…
As the story continues it appears that everyone who knows the secret of the writer is found dead one by one and the only clues available lead towards… the grave of the thriller writer. And it is best to leave it here like this.
For those interested in reading “The Dark Half” by Stephen King I can’t recommend this book enough. It isn’t one of King’s biggest, most known titles but the story is really intriguing, the people created in the book are well constructed and the whole atmosphere makes for a brilliant read, especially during long windy nights when one might wonder if they know one or two things too many.