Football-less Sunday #5. The running backs of 2016.

In my blog entry about which running backs I expected to wreck chaos I predicted these 6 to be the most painful ones to opponents defensive mind.
Starting from 6th spot of my crystal balling we have:

Adrian Peterson– Vikings: 3 games started (and played) 37 rush yards for 1.9 yds/att no touchdown and currently free agent as Minnesota released him before FA started. Total bust by me.

Le’Veon Bell– Steelers: 2nd in average rush yards per game but missing 4 games affected the totals. 4.86 yds per carry with 7 touchdowns and over 1k in rush yards (1286) paint a solid picture of a distracting running back. No wonders Steelers like him so much.

Todd Gurley– Rams: Definitely another mission by me but some put more blame on the problems of Rams that the slump of Gurley. Nevertheless 3.18 yds per carry with only 6 touchdowns and not even in 1k in rush yards after starting all 16 games paints a picture of someone else more deserving the spot here.

Doug Martin– Buccaneers: Ah. It seems as if I cursed the players I chose to this list last year. Only 8 starts, 3 touchdowns, 52.3 yds per game disappears in a shadown of the Buccaneers overall improvement.

Devonta Freeman– Falcons: A trip to the Super Bowl is not a common thing, add 11 touchdowns, 1079 rush yards for 4.75 per carry and you get a solid top 10 performance here. Not as high as I thought but still better than most of my picks here.

Jamaal Charles– Chiefs: Oh dear… 3 games played with one touchdown and we have another bust and another free agent here. Many believes Charles is done and recent numbers do seem to support the idea.

Here. If there’s a reason why I suck at running the ball while gaming on Madden it is down to my knowledge of running backs that is shockingly bad as shown on the example above.

Who was your top 5 back in the 2016 season?



We are at 20. And it is scary.


Training camps started and we finally got a glimpse of our favourite players back, lifting heavy things and such. Andrew Luck started in his own fashion adding more confusion than claryfication in regards of his shoulder rehab. Time will tell.
Mega deals got done when Titans traded away their number one to the Rams and the Browns gave their second to the Eagles. Is there going to be a taker for number three or does it stay where it belongs? Time will tell.
We are 20 Sundays away from regular season and it still is a long journey ahead of us. We’ll get there in the end, we really will but in the meantime, let’s get to meet the players who finished 20th in various statistical lists as writing about the leading players get boring rather quickly.
So this week’s edition of ‘Did you know that?’ visits running backs who had finished in top 20 in various performance related statistics, being exactly twentieth on the list, so….

Did you know that?

  • C. J. Anderson from Denver Broncos ranked 20th in rushing touchdowns with 5 of them in 2015? His career best is 8, he achieved that in 2014 that was his best to date season. He is yet to play all 16 games in one season as his best- 15, he has done it twice, in 2014 and 2015.
    Anderson has 13 rushing touchdowns and 2 receiving touchdowns. He fumbled 3 times in three seasons and his longest rushing attempt comes from 2015 when he run for 48 yards.

  • Eddie Lacy from Green Bay Packers ranked 20th in rushing yards and rushing attempts in 2015? Last season was his worst one where he only scored 3 rushing touchdowns in comparison of 20 scored in his first two seasons. 2015 was also Lacy’s first season without 1000 rushing yards he achieved in each of his first two seasons.
    Lacy’s also netted half of his total career fumbles in 2015 when he dropped the ball 4 times. Hopefully, once he looses some weight he will be able to put up numbers he did during his first two seasons.

  • Frank Gore from Indianapolis Colts ranked 20th in receiving yards and average yards receiving per game with 267 yards and 16.7 yrd/game in his nightmarish campaign of 2015? After leaving his long time home of San Francisco he was meant to boost Indy rushing offence but no one appeared to let the o-line know about the fact and it was only 3rd season, out of 11 in Gore’s career where he failed to record 1000 rushing yards. It was also like 1789th game in a row where Colts’ running back failed to rush for 100 yards a game and like 500th season in a row without a 1000 rushing yards in a season running back in Colts recent history.
    What is worth mentioning, is that, at the age of 32 it was Gore’s fifth(!) consecutive season when he played all 16 games and fourth consecutive where he started all 16. Bloody amazing! Gore’s 6 rushing touchdowns brought his total to 70, his 967 rushing yards brought his total to 12040 yards. His 267 receiving yards allowed him to surpass 3k yards with 3150 and his lone receiving touchdown brought his career total to 12. Gore is still under the contract so watch this space out.

  • Justin Forsett from Baltimore ranked 20th in received passes with 31 he caught in 2015 before breaking his arm in a gruesome fashion during 10th game of the season against the Rams. Forsett was on pace reaching his second season with 1000 rushing yards in a revival of his career since joining the Ravens a season earlier when he posted his career bests in many categories.
    It was also his first time he started the same amount games he had played in his career; given he only played 10 games, Forsett was on the way to record his career best with pass receptions and his 32 receiving yards catch remains the second best of his career.

It is easy to overlook contributions of the players that finish somewhere in the middle at the end of the season but try to imagine how worse off the teams would be without these four gents producing at the rate they produced in 2015. Hopefully these four running backs will come back stronger and better and show the world how much more they are worth and in the meantime we are slowly awaiting to hit the teens numbers in our long wait.
Until next time! Keep well folks!