Football-less Sunday #4. The cornerbacks of 2016.

This week it is time to revisit last summer’s crystal balling and see which cornerbacks I expected to be the most disruptive in the 2016/17 season. You can have a read about it here. Going from 8th to 1st the order I expected to be:
Patrick Peterson Cardinals:

Richard Sherman Seahawks:
With 4 interceptions, 13 passes defended and one recovered fumble it was a fairly quiet season for Sherman, who played most of it with an injury that was reported once the season ended. Still it could be much worse.

Chris Harris Jr.- Broncos:
I thought Harris Jr. would have a better season than Talib but looking at the standard data both players struggled and Harris struggled slightly more with only 2 interceptions, 13 defended passes, one recovered and forced fumble it was a season rather to forget like most of the Broncos players can relate to.

Vontae Davis Colts:
With only one pick and 10 defended passes it was another year to forget in Indy. Davis has been plagued by injuries over the last two seasons and it shows. He could bounced back up as he usually improves after one pick seasons but given his age one can’t see it happening really. One of biggest busts of my Top list.

Desmond Trufant Falcons:
And here comes another bust. One interceptions and four passes defended in nine games. Luckily Trufant showed some action by forcing two fumbles and recording two sacks.

Malcolm Butler Patriots:
Definitely up there with top corners, Butler snagged 4 interceptions and 16 defended passes. He also forced one fumble and recovered two. The Super Bowl XLIX none to stardom fella continues to be a presence on the Patriots defensive team.

Josh Norman Redskins:
Some say that Norman’s divorce with the Panthers affected both sides and while the Panthers struggled, Norman had so and so season recording three picks and career high 19 passes defended. Throw in 2 forced fumbles and career high 52 tackles and it is good for top 8 list I guess, just not as high as I thought.

Marcus Peters Chiefs:
Six interceptions, 20 defended passes one forced fumble and three recovered one’s it was not as dominant season as his rookie campaign but it still delivered. Peters was only beaten by Casey Hayward in amount of picks among the cornerbacks.

It is very obvious I don’t know how to asses cornerbacks, well any football player really, and it shows in how many ‘busts’ I produced in this list.
Well, upwards on onwards, onto another week.



Top 8 NFL Cornerbacks that will dominate 2016/17 season.

With 8 weeks away until our Sunday football comes back  our tellies. The summer is just a long boring drag that just gets on everyone’s nerves and this week we’ll have a look at 8 players that can get really annoying at times, especially if one happens to be a wide receiver. Let’s look at the top 8 cornerbacks that should shine in the coming season.

  1. Marcus Peters (Chiefs)- The Chiefs got what they asked for in the rookie selection of Peters. The young shot had co-led the league with 8 interceptions and picks returned for touchdowns with 2. He left rest of defensive backs in dust when it came to returned yards after interceptions with 280, while the second best had 136. Pro Bowl nod earned and sophomore year to look forward to.

  2. Josh Norman (Redskins)- After the bizzare events of the spring when the Panthers decided to give ol’ franchise tag a rest in case of Norman, everyone wondered what flaws he must have hidden that Carolina simply allowed Norman to walk away with a new deal in Washington?
    Nevertheless, quite a dominant year in shutting down top options of opponents, four interceptions, two fumble recoveries and a future two meetings with Odell Beckham Jr. should make his next season busy.

  3. Malcom Butler (Patriots)- “The Star” of Super Bowl XLIX, the slant pick at the goal line, Malcolm Butler fitted in fairly well replacing Revis who left for the Jets. Perhaps his stat line doesn’t really show off his story but he started all 16 games, came up with two picks, 15 passes deflected and 56 assist to build up his resume and prepare for his third season under the “scary” coach that suspended him during spring camp last year for a very silly thing, really.

  4. Desmond Trufant (Falcons)- It wasn’t Trufant’s best season but one can’t miss that he hasn’t missed a regular season game in three seasons providing the Falcons with some continuity and stability at the corner position. It was hard to find him among the defensive stats tables but the next year might change that as Trufant will have some contract talks in near future to do his game should see increase in numbers.

  5. Vontae Davis (Colts)- Last season was a disappointment for Davis who didn’t allow a passing touchdown the year earlier. Davis gave up first touchdown in his first game of the season and the misery continued for the Colts in 2015 under the big sign of ‘Injury’.
    Nevertheless, despite injuries, Davis grabbed 4 interceptions, defended 16 passes and somehow played and started in all games. With time to recover Davis should be back to a shutdown cornerback and yet another Pro Bowl season.

  6. Chris Harris (Broncos)- This one was tricky but I decided that Talib is not going to have a great season so here, we have Harris as the top 3 cornerback. Despite Harris finishing below Talib last year in the stats sheets I think he’ll have a dominant season. Add the fact he hasn’t missed a game in last three seasons it only shows that Harris takes the preparation seriously. 2 interceptions last year returned for a total of 94 yards and one touchdown. Add one forced fumble and 49 tackles and here you have a physical force waiting to wreck havoc.

  7. Richard Sherman (Seahawks)- Legion of Boom has been dead from the moment it became popular really but work of Sherman hasn’t. Despite, perhaps the weakest statistical sheet produced in his career, Sherman still requires plenty of respect from defensive coordinators.
    He’ll be looking forward to bouncing back up from 2 picks, 14 passes defended year, especially that it was his first season without putting his name anywhere near fumbles row and being credited with only 30 returned yards and no interceptions.

  8. Patrick Peterson (Cardinals)- Perhaps a bit bizarre choice but there is something cooking there in Arizona. Peterson hasn’t missed a game since entering NFL, he hasn’t had a dominant year as far as traditional statistic sheets show but sometimes one must look deeper behind the 2 interceptions returned for 41 yards and 8 passes defended. Sometimes, just the presence is enough to force mistakes or to create them somewhere else by working the best possible match ups. It’ll be loud here I reckon.

Ha! I am really looking forward to visiting my latest pieces I created in my Sunday column later in the year, perhaps as a Xmas treat, to see how much insight my grey cells have had during this hot, humid and somewhat uncomfortable summer.
Until next week where I should look at the linebacker position or perhaps I might dive into the running back world. Time will tell. Keep well folks!