Thinner – Stephen King


I found “Thinner” to be a great and a climatic read. It is something a bit out of Stephen King’s character and perhaps that’s why it read so great for me. I had already known he released under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman so it wasn’t a miraculous discovery but still, the book and the characters drawn in the story left some sort of mark on me.
We meet Billy who is an awfully successful lawyer with everything one could dream. His only problem is that he ius overweight. Or so he thinks…
One day Billy runs over a gypsy lady who in turn loses her life. Billy ends up in front of the court but since he has connections he manages to wriggle himself out of any prison or repercussions until an old gypsy man, a father of the killed lady, comes to him and whisper some curse words to him…
Billy initially doesn’t take much notice of the man thinking believing in folk magic is just ridiculous but as the action swiftly moves forward he starts to wonder if the curse is real…
You see, the gypsy has cursed him to lose weight and Billy starts losing it from the next day and it just continues. Initially our character thinks he is bothered by the feeling of guilt as he knows he was at fault but as other strange things around him start to happen, even involving the judge who made such favourable verdict during the case, Billy starts to wonder if that old gypsy man really cursed him to loose weight and if he did, when it’s meant to stop as whatever he does in attempt to gain any amount of weight doesn’t work.
Billy eventually realises he will need to speak to the man himself and try to convince him somehow to stop the curse as he fears the worst but will the Man listen too him and help him??
Given how well “Thinner” reads and how quickly the action follows, the best way to find the answer to these questions is to grab the book. I can still feel the uneasiness I felt when Stephen King described the gypsy man with great detail and skill. I never met him and I don’t think I’d ever want to come across him in the circumstances our protagonist did.