Regulators – Stephen King


I didn’t really plan it out. It was more of an impulse that led me to revisiting “The Regulators” by Stephen King and sticking it here today. Since my last entry was about “Desperation” it looks like we end up having a double look at these two connected titles, that are meant to be happening in two parallel worlds and there’s is a character named Tak, linking both stories.
I reached out for ‘The Regulators’ with a bit of anticipation as there were some elements I liked in ‘Desperation’ so I expected a bit more of that strange atmosphere and I got something along the lines of tiny town (more of a single street really) in Ohio, Wentworth. The citizens of Wentworth are just like us. They work, moan at their neighbours, visit their friends, cheat behind their loved ones backs, get married, have children, get old and die… It easy to grasp the concept to that point. Matters do get complicated one feral day when the inhabitants start dying and these deaths are not of natural cause.
Wentworth is visited by MotoKops 2200 straight from TV screens and they start to sow fear and panic. The very friendly and sleepy street is surrounded by a total chaos and havoc. It’s an absolute nightmare that turned everything into a desert of desperation.
Seth, is an autistic boy who lives in one of the houses, he has a second personality that remains hidden, and will be known to those who read ‘Desperation’, and is named Tak. The boy is looked after by a very anxious aunt who suffers badly from mental health issues and she is the only one that knows the truth about Seth.
Will she be able, with a help from John, an old writer, to deal with the Regulators? Will the Regulators from parallel world to Desperation’s universe be destroyed and put away??? Well you gotta read it to find out.
And here the problem with “The Regulators” occurs. Somewhere along the story it all became a bit boring and really just not interesting that I was happy that it was supposed to be the last book written under pseudonym of Richard Bachman, as mostly the books written under this name were something that one could reflect upon finishing them and while ‘Desperation’ kept me interested, the last title really failed at that job and left me fairly cold.