NFL Rapid Predictions- For some it is just the beginning, Week 17

I have given the betting another go and came short so there, lesson learnt- “keep it all in your imagination dude”. At least you won’t go bankrupt, you won’t become a sudden millionaire too but hey…
Anyway, the Christmas weekend has been poor for me and the taste of sadness is going to be the prevailing theme for me and I’d imagine few teams, including my Colts. They’re out and I hope they won’t play their starters in the meaningless game that will decide the draft pick order.
In the meantime I have gone 10-6 in Week 16 and the lowest score in many weeks still kept me in a region of 0.629 score for the season with 151-89 record. I think I have no other options than to live.
The closest guess this week goes to IND @ OAK game where I predicted 26:34 Indy loss to Oakland and the game finished 25:38 and broken Derek Carr

(insert sad face here).
WEEK 17 holds few key games and bunch of time wasters so let’s get predicting!

Jaguars @ Colts: Do not play Andrew Luck, do not play T.Y. Hilton, do not play Vontae Davis, do not play Donte Moncrief, do not… I think everyone gets the message I’m trying to sell here but I bet the Colts will do their thing and let them play to tick off some personal milestones and get that meaningless win…
As for Jaguars who had them possibly game of the year, go sweep Colts this season, just for bloody fun, especially if they dare to play their starters, dummies…

Colts to win 20:17::

Packers @ Lions: Huge one here and it was flexed to Sunday Night as this is a game of “You win You are in” unless you both tie then you both are in. Yup, imagine overtime type of scenario when Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford play like extremely safe just to get through with kneel downs and spikes just for the joy of watching it.

Packers to win 37:31

Saints @ Falcons: A good divisional match up but only Falcons have something to play for- seed so I can’t imagine the team going all nuts if things don’t get started as planned for Atlanta. Still it could be offensive festival one might enjoy a lot and another chance for Matt Ryan

to showcase his MVP skills that many voting for the title won’t consider.

Falcons to win 30:21

Panthers @ Buccaneers: The Buccaneers definitely don’t want to see a tie between the Packers and Lions but they still must win this game to have some chances. The Panthers will try to strike in revenge for a disappointing campaign after trip to the Super Bowl last year.

Panthers to win 17:11

Giants @ Redskins: I don’t know if the Redskins will pull their all effort in the coming game to try to come closer to securing playoff tickets that involve a certain no tie game to happen but we all know the Giants are the 5th seed in the NFC and it stays like this unless the world ends before the end of the year. Yes, this game has potential to be exciting!

Redskins to win 24:17:

Cowboys @ Eagles: Cowboys are said to roll with the momentum and play their starters. Cowboys’ fans hope there won’t be any injuries that will derail the disappointing play off run.
As for the Eagles it’s yet another murky season but fans in Philadelphia are used to being disappointed.

Cowboys to win 20:13

Bears @ Vikings: Meh. At one point the Vikings were the only undefeated team in NFL this season. How badly their fortunes turned around.
Bears’ fortunes were always shite.

Vikings to win 21:16

Bills @ Jets: The Rex Brothers are gone and E. J. Manuel will be a starting QB for the Bills even though Tyrod Taylor has been a dependable under the center.
The Jets continue to be rubbish.

Bills to win 20:11

Texans @ Titans: Titans lost Marcus Mariota and definitely lost a chance for playoffs with the ugly loss to Jaguars. The Texans are going to run Tom Savage into playoffs and they should be out after one game. Hey!

Texans to win 24:17

Patriots @ Dolphins: There’s AFC first seed on the stake with clear path to the Super Bowl and there’s this strange Dolphins team that likes to win games at home against the Patriots.

Patriots to win 28:10

Browns @ Steelers: Ah… If you’re a Steelers, let them bones rest and play the second stringers and if you’re Browns…

Steelers to win 19:16

Ravens @ Bengals: Normally this match up is heated with plenty of hate and something on stake but this season at this time of the year there’s sadly nothing for both teams to break their bones about.

Bengals to win 23:16

Cardinals @ Rams: No Jeff Fisher for Rams, no play offs for Cardinals. It’s been a very down season for Carson Palmer and co. and it’ll be interesting to see how this team bounces back up next season. Not much to see here during that game.

Cardinals to win 30:17

Chiefs @ Chargers: There’s not much in the game for the Chargers besides trying to forget last week’s game they lost to the Browns.
For Chiefs there’s still seeding on the plate but it’s not 100% in their control but they gotta win here.

Chiefs to win 23:14

Seahawks @ 49ers: Well, few years ago it would be a game to watch now it is a game to survive watching.

Seahawks to win 25:12

Raiders @ Broncos: The Raiders lost Derek Carr for the season but they hope to have him back for possible Super Bowl if they make it. For now they gotta make sure no. 2 seed is theirs after that’s game finished. So go for the win.

Broncos to win 19:13

Happy 2017 gals and guys!