NFL Season Standings – Crystal Ball Edition.

I won’t manage to dissect every teams’ season here but I think I have a pretty good idea where the said teams are likely to stand (or be seated after a defeating beating) at the end of the season so we will have a look at the order of the teams without looking to deep into the season records and scores. Off we go!

(Teams in bold- playoff berth).

AFC East

Patriots – Jets – Dolphins – Buffalo 

AFC West 

Broncos Raiders – Chiefs – Chargers 

AFC North 

Steelers – Ravens – Bengals – Browns 

AFC South 

Colts – Jaguars – Texans – Titans 

NFC East

Giants – Eagles – Redskins – Cowboys 

NFC West 

Seahawks  Cardinals – Rams – 49ers

NFC North 

Packers Vikings – Bears – Lions 

NFC South 

Panthers – Saints – Buccaneers – Falcons 

Yes. I think I’m content with my selection considering I have only watched like 4 quarters of pre season action across 3 different weeks. Thing is in few cases it’s going to be very close and any injuries, suspensions and the likes will throw things up side out lol

I would like to hear your choices for playoff teams gals and gals so leave me a comment please!