Shocking departure.

I have woken up today and initially I couldn’t really believe what I was looking at but eventually the ugly (from my selfish point of view) truth sunk in…

Good luck, Pat! You’ll be missed.

Colts punter Pat McAfee says he’s retiring, joining Barstool Sports –

Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #6

I’m not really sure what I meant whilst I was playing about with this Madden screenshot but hey. You only live once and it applies to Football Wishing Fairies too.
And since it appears that our Fairy is oblivious to the contents of this blog it is more than fair to assume that this fairy is dead.
So from now on I’ll be directing my wishes to higher forces that are supposed to be out there I think and this week I really have just one wish…
Whoever there is listening to me please make sure Andrew Luck survives another match up without obtaining any injuries.
I think it’s a reasonable wish given the fact that Dwayne Allen, Donte Moncrief, Philip Dorsett and Jack Mewhort are out versus Titans.
To sum up, Luck will be ‘protected’ by fifth different o-line line up and firing shots to doubled Hilton, who could end up being a real ghost, Chester Rodgers who caught few NFL passes, Jack Doyle, who could be the most productive receiver if he can create some magic, and Frank Gore.Oh yeah! Eric Swoop the power forward converted into tight end that caught like a pass or two in NFL…
I mean I hope Luck won’t be trying to force passes into too tight gaps, or run on 3rd and 33 trying to get a first down, damaging his organ on the way.
I think they should just gracefully fold and rethink everything they know about and start preparing for a long winter full of disappointments as there’s obviously some dysfunctional thinking within the organisation, with the injuries, lack of being prepared, execution and pretty much all the basic matters than one should have done automatically.
There’s plenty of thinking about strange plays, formations and all that but the basics seem left unattended…
I don’t know really. It’s all frustratring but I hope at least Vinnie will give us something to cheer about by beating the NFL record he is so close to.
So there Fairy. Screw you and your agents!
Go Vinnie!

Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #1

Andrew Luck audibles during a game against the Broncos. Photo: Joe Robbins

I think I could speak on behalf many Colts’ fans but since speaking on behalf anyone is the best way to get yourself into some crazy stuff I’ll just speak for myself (knowing there’ll be plenty of virtual head nods as I go along).
So hear me out football wishing fairy! I want Andrew Luck to be as decesive, accurate and aware in managing the pocket as he was in Colts’ last game. The thing is fairy, I would like Luck to be like that from the first drive not from the fifth or sixth. It is a real joy seeing him dropping such accurate passes of over 50 yards like he did to Dorsset. It is a joy to watch and it sooths our hearts after the misery of last season we have had.

If I may I would also appreciate you sprinkling some fairy dust over coach Pagano’s head to stop him from dropping bombs like he did last time by calling this unfortunate overtime that left the so painful 37 seconds on Detroit’s hands that was enough to make my heart bleed (and it was the happy blue bleeding I’m talking about).

Other than that Wishing Fairy of all football things make sure there is no serious injuries and that this week’s coming games are blast to watch.

Signed by one colts fan here in the UK.

29 Sundays to go.


With the NFL 2016 season set to kick off on Thursday the 8th of September 2016 we have 29 Sundays without the regular season game of football to endure. Given that today’s kinda half gone makes it that little bit more bearable but it is still a long way to make our brains go without much NFL stuff to go on, so perhaps we should look at number 29 from this strange perspective.
Did you know that?

  • Adam Vinateri missed a 29 yards field goal attempt in a second game of regular season where Indy hosted NY Jets. The last time that Adam missed a field goal attempt from that range was in 2007. To add salt to the injury he then went on perfect for remaining of the season 2015 and his other missed FG attempt happened week earlier when he missed 52-harder when Colts were up against the Bills.
    The Colts went into losing booth games, creating a shocking start for a then Super Bowl contender. Yes, we can all laugh now at the silly predictions everyone was making.

  • Andrew Luck’s longest rushing attempt while playing in the NFL is 29 yards. He accomplished that feat in 2013 when the Colts went with a visit to Cincinnati. The scramble occurred in 3rd quarter when the Colts were down 7-21. The run led to Colts scoring and bringing the game to 14-21 but despite Luck’s efforts worth 326 yards and four touchdowns the Bengals still managed to drop 42 points on Colts defence grabbing a comfy win of 42-28.

  • Dwayne Allen was targeted only 29 times during the whole 2015 season. The tight end who caught 29 passes in season 2014, eight of which turned into touchdowns was heavily underutilised in the passing game during the 2015 season, just adding to the fact how badly the whole o-line struggled and how the hyped offense prior to start of the season let everyone down.

  • Pat McAfee will be 29 on May the 2nd of 2016. This well accomplished punter was one of not many bright spots on the Colts’ roster last season. It is quite amusing that he wasn’t chosen to Pro Bowl given how well he handles the punting and kick off duties with one of the best rates of touchbacks. Oh and talk about the kick off recovery skills among his comedian talents.

  • Indy’s defence allowed 29 receiving touchdowns during the 2015 season. The first one being the 51 yard pass from Tyrod Taylor to Percy Harvin (would you dream off that passing combo prior to the start of the season?) during Indy’s losing effort of facing the Bills that finished with 14-27 loss. The last Passing touchdown the Indy’s D allowed was funnily enough produced by Alex Tanney, who had spent most of the 2015 season on Indy’s training squad, he was picked by the Titans to replace Mariota and the said pass was a five yarder to Dorial Green Backham.

It was a fitting, ironic end to the Colts 2015 campaign where the starting quarterback and couple of back ups were too beaten up to play and the training squad quarterback scored against them in the last game, while, he could had played earlier for the Colts and the play off appearance might had been secured. Never mind. At the end of the day, as fans of the team we can enjoy plenty of merchandise including this wicked scarf to keep us warm through the early months of 2016.

Well. Here. Still 29 Sundays away from first regular game kick off but at least we killed some time and we realised how interesting the number 29 turned out to be.

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