NFL Season Standings – Crystal Ball Edition.

I won’t manage to dissect every teams’ season here but I think I have a pretty good idea where the said teams are likely to stand (or be seated after a defeating beating) at the end of the season so we will have a look at the order of the teams without looking to deep into the season records and scores. Off we go!

(Teams in bold- playoff berth).

AFC East

Patriots – Jets – Dolphins – Buffalo 

AFC West 

Broncos Raiders – Chiefs – Chargers 

AFC North 

Steelers – Ravens – Bengals – Browns 

AFC South 

Colts – Jaguars – Texans – Titans 

NFC East

Giants – Eagles – Redskins – Cowboys 

NFC West 

Seahawks  Cardinals – Rams – 49ers

NFC North 

Packers Vikings – Bears – Lions 

NFC South 

Panthers – Saints – Buccaneers – Falcons 

Yes. I think I’m content with my selection considering I have only watched like 4 quarters of pre season action across 3 different weeks. Thing is in few cases it’s going to be very close and any injuries, suspensions and the likes will throw things up side out lol

I would like to hear your choices for playoff teams gals and gals so leave me a comment please!


And the third one was a charm. NFL Edition

With all the Olympic Games buzz that has been going around us for the past two weeks, many could have missed the so ‘very important’ pre- season games in our beloved National Football League but since the Games are drawing to the end and the next phase is highlighted by the Super Humans attending Paralympic games that sadly don’t draw as much attention, some people might realise there are only 3 weeks worth of none regular season football left for all of us to endure.

And with that in mind I’ll try to find the three biggest games of the regular season that will be a must watch. Let’s begin!
Colts @ Packers (week 9)-

This game could be an early Super Bowl preview game with both, Luck and Rodgers on the way up from their rather unimpressive 2015 campaigns. It’s right in the middle of the season so stories would have developed and Lambeau Field might be a dreadful place in early November.

Seahawks @ Patriots (week 10)-

A rematch of a past Super Bowl with slightly changed lineups. Still there will be Wilson against Brady and Belichick against Carroll and a ghistt of the Beast Mode on cold and unpleasant Novembee night in Massachusetts. Spooky.
Cowboys @ Steelers (week 10)-

It appears that middle of November is packed with awesomeness and this match up, despite having little possible Super Bowl back story could end up being an explosive one as Big Ben and hopefully healthy Romo decide to rewrite some record books and unleash their madness loose. It could quickly get out of hands for both defences here.
And that is all for this week. You can almost feel the smell of sweet wins and bitter loses in the air. With this Sunday behind us, there are only two more to go. Stay tuned!

Top 9 NFL Wide Receivers of 2016/17 season.

Yup. Did you know that I have done away with the weekly idea of asking my readers if they knew something about football and then I’d share some obscure facts with them. I decided to commit rest of the monotounus waiting for the football season to begin into predicting my Top of Tops when it comes to football players.

Since we are exactly nine Sundays away from first Sunday kick off, the number was a easy part of the article to predict. Why wide receivers? Why not? Plus I think it’ll get me going nicely.

I’m in no way of an expert or data junkie (although I love statistics and advanced data stuff). I don’t follow each of the big stars in NFL and I’m not intending to include rookies here so my list will look out of place for some but hey… We can all pretend we are good at this stuff 😉

9. A. J. Green- Bengals

Last year wasn’t the best of his career in most of the stats but Green has delivered his usual workload with the best catch rate success of his career catching 65.2% passes thrown his way (his previous best was 59.1%). If Andy Dalton carries on as he did last season, then Green will be up there!

8. Allen Robinson – Jaguars

It was a proper explosion here last season with Robinson recording over 1000 catching yards season first time in his short two years, career. Whacking 14 receiving touchdown made him the league co- leader and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t shine on this massively improved Jaguars’ roster in 2016.

7. T Y Hilton- Colts

There’s plenty of catching up to do in Indinapolis. TY Hilton will be hoping for his NFL record breaking quarterback  in terms of contract to remain healthy and allow Hilton to surpass 1000 receving yards fourth time running. Both guys will be hungry for success so Colts should see plenty of deep bombs down the field right into the hands of the speedy receiver.


6. Jordy Nelson- Packers

Nelson needs one more recevinh touchdown to record 50th of his career. After disappointing season 2015 that saw Nelson sidelined due to nasty injury sustained during the pre season game and the Packers struggling to get momentum going well into playoffs, the fans will be expecting Nelson making plenty of catches from Rodgers. It hopefully will be Nelson’s fourth season with over 1000 catching yards to his name.

5. Amari Cooper- Raiders

It was a great rookie camping for the explosive wide receiver that joined the Raiders last year. Cooper appeared to have built great chemistry with another Raiders youngster, Derek Carr- a second year quarterback and the duo should fire it all out in the coming season. Cooper should exceed his rookie numbers as he recorded 6 receiving touchdowns and 1070 receiving yards. And let’s hope his minus three rushing yards are not the only rushing attempts of his career.

4. Dez Bryant- Cowboys

Another injury victim that will have plenty to prove and who shouldn’t disappoint is the so physical receiver named Dez Bryant. The very explosive personality of his is probably half of the success he gathers on the football field.
Last season Bryant only played in 9 games and that resulted in posting his lowest records of career and it happened straight after three seasons where he was consistently top tier of wide receiving production on the field. Hopefully Dallas fans will see much more than 3 receiving touchdowns and 401 receiving yards he clocked in last year.

3. Odell Beckham Jr.- Giants

Beckham Jr. is yet to play full season in NFL as his first two seasons produced 26 starts out of 27 games he played in as he missed few in 2014 due to injury and one game in 2015 due to reckless behaviour. It might be a make or break season for Beckham who’ll try to establish himself as a consistent, level headed wide receiver. He’s got the numbers to back it up with 2755 receiving yards and 25 catching touchdowns in Hus two years but his mental make leaves a lot to ask for as some games showed it well last season.

2. DeAndre Hopkins- Texans

His career might be passing by quietly as Hopkins’ team, the Texans have not had a great deal of success but the three year wide receiver, who established himself as number one in Texans will hope to work some magic with new addition at the quarterback position in Brock Osweiler who joined Houston last off season.
Hopkins had by far the best year of his short career recording 1521 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns, both career bests that he’ll hope to top up in 2016.

1. Antonio Brown- Steelers 

It might be a record breaking season for Brown who has established such great chemistry with Big Ben that only injuries really stay in front of him and some NFL records that he hopes to beat. Last year Brown caught 136 passes and produced 1834 yards from these adding 10 receiving touchdowns along the way. He’s not missed a game in three seasons and his production only kept getting better as the last two seasons he averaged over 70.5% catch ratio which made all the missed passes such incredibly rare feat to see.

And that’s it. I’ve actually done it and I should remember to revisit this article in few months time when the 2016 season will be nearing the end, to see how (in)accurate I was in predicting the best catching hands of 2016 NFL.
Next week I think we’ll look into top producing cornerbacks to tie it nicely with this week’s beast, the receivers. Until then. Keep well!


We are at 20. And it is scary.


Training camps started and we finally got a glimpse of our favourite players back, lifting heavy things and such. Andrew Luck started in his own fashion adding more confusion than claryfication in regards of his shoulder rehab. Time will tell.
Mega deals got done when Titans traded away their number one to the Rams and the Browns gave their second to the Eagles. Is there going to be a taker for number three or does it stay where it belongs? Time will tell.
We are 20 Sundays away from regular season and it still is a long journey ahead of us. We’ll get there in the end, we really will but in the meantime, let’s get to meet the players who finished 20th in various statistical lists as writing about the leading players get boring rather quickly.
So this week’s edition of ‘Did you know that?’ visits running backs who had finished in top 20 in various performance related statistics, being exactly twentieth on the list, so….

Did you know that?

  • C. J. Anderson from Denver Broncos ranked 20th in rushing touchdowns with 5 of them in 2015? His career best is 8, he achieved that in 2014 that was his best to date season. He is yet to play all 16 games in one season as his best- 15, he has done it twice, in 2014 and 2015.
    Anderson has 13 rushing touchdowns and 2 receiving touchdowns. He fumbled 3 times in three seasons and his longest rushing attempt comes from 2015 when he run for 48 yards.

  • Eddie Lacy from Green Bay Packers ranked 20th in rushing yards and rushing attempts in 2015? Last season was his worst one where he only scored 3 rushing touchdowns in comparison of 20 scored in his first two seasons. 2015 was also Lacy’s first season without 1000 rushing yards he achieved in each of his first two seasons.
    Lacy’s also netted half of his total career fumbles in 2015 when he dropped the ball 4 times. Hopefully, once he looses some weight he will be able to put up numbers he did during his first two seasons.

  • Frank Gore from Indianapolis Colts ranked 20th in receiving yards and average yards receiving per game with 267 yards and 16.7 yrd/game in his nightmarish campaign of 2015? After leaving his long time home of San Francisco he was meant to boost Indy rushing offence but no one appeared to let the o-line know about the fact and it was only 3rd season, out of 11 in Gore’s career where he failed to record 1000 rushing yards. It was also like 1789th game in a row where Colts’ running back failed to rush for 100 yards a game and like 500th season in a row without a 1000 rushing yards in a season running back in Colts recent history.
    What is worth mentioning, is that, at the age of 32 it was Gore’s fifth(!) consecutive season when he played all 16 games and fourth consecutive where he started all 16. Bloody amazing! Gore’s 6 rushing touchdowns brought his total to 70, his 967 rushing yards brought his total to 12040 yards. His 267 receiving yards allowed him to surpass 3k yards with 3150 and his lone receiving touchdown brought his career total to 12. Gore is still under the contract so watch this space out.

  • Justin Forsett from Baltimore ranked 20th in received passes with 31 he caught in 2015 before breaking his arm in a gruesome fashion during 10th game of the season against the Rams. Forsett was on pace reaching his second season with 1000 rushing yards in a revival of his career since joining the Ravens a season earlier when he posted his career bests in many categories.
    It was also his first time he started the same amount games he had played in his career; given he only played 10 games, Forsett was on the way to record his career best with pass receptions and his 32 receiving yards catch remains the second best of his career.

It is easy to overlook contributions of the players that finish somewhere in the middle at the end of the season but try to imagine how worse off the teams would be without these four gents producing at the rate they produced in 2015. Hopefully these four running backs will come back stronger and better and show the world how much more they are worth and in the meantime we are slowly awaiting to hit the teens numbers in our long wait.
Until next time! Keep well folks!


21 is a great number in America. Apparently…


It is hard for me to establish how great it is to be 21 while living in America as it is apparently the age of legal drinking and I’m not going to try to dive inside of the crazy world of American laws, rules and other oddities that tend to shock us from across the pond but since my previous idea of dealing with Sundays wasn’t working out as well as I thought it was time for a change.
With 2016 Draft closing on us with less than two weeks remaining, the schedule dropping on us so unexpectedly, few days ago and with today’s Sunday being the 21st away from football season it works out well really combining 21 with youth and draft with hope mixing all the expectations and spitting it all in my weekly series.
So todays topic is going to be 21st pick of draft from the past and we’re going to focus on the close past so let’s get going with: “Did you know that?”:

  • 21st pick of 2015 Draft was Cedric Ogbuehi, an offensive tackle taken by Cincinnati Bengals. The soon to be 24 years old player, took part in five games towards the end of the season and since offensive line players don’t really get a chance to record plenty stats, his totals from the games he took part in look rather empty. The Bengals went 3-2 in those games and the future only will tell us if we see more of the young athlete or not.

  • 21st pick of 2014 Draft was Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, an explosive defensive back, that slotted into free safety position and started 26 games out of 32 possible since drafted by Green Bay Packers. So far he recorded 3 interceptions (2 in 2015), 12 defended passes (3 in 2015), one forced fumble (2015), and one fumble was recovered by him (none in 2015).
    Clinton- Dix also has 4 sacks to his name and 156 tackles with 48 assists through his two years. His production took a step up from his rookie season and his post season play seems elevated as he added further 4 interceptions in four play off games he was part of, and defended further 7 passes. The Packers definitely have high hopes for the young fella.

  • 21st pick of 2013 Draft was Tyler Eifert, another pick coming from Cincinnati Bengals. This tight end took some time to spread his wing wide as his two first seasons saw him play in only 16 games as he missed 15 Sundays in 2014-15 season. He only grabbed 2 touchdown passes on 482 receiving yards in that period but he then exploded in his third year, making headlines around the league.
    In 2015 alone, Eifert caught 52 passes (94 total) for 615 yards (1097 total) and grabbed incredible 13 touchdown passes (15 in total) as he exploited the defenses with his quarterback, Andy Dalton. Given his third year fireworks, the team, the fans and the management must have high hopes for the coming season.

  • 21st pick of 2012 Draft was Chandler Jones, defensive end that landed in New England where he won Super Bowl with the Patriots in 2014-15 season in which he was limited to only 10 games, starting 8.
    Altogether, Jones has 134 tackles with 88 assists to his name. He recorded 36 sacks (12.5 being his best from 2015 season). He also recovered two fumbles and has one defensive touchdown to his name, along 9 defended passes, 10 forced fumbles and one interception.
    He started all but one of his 9 play off games and contributed further two sacks, one forced fumble and 13 tackles in the very hot heated games of cold American winter.

  • 21st pick of 2011 Draft was Phil Taylor who was picked by the Browns. The defensive tackle spent four seasons with Cleveland based team and then he had disappeared from football for one season and signed a contract with the Broncos in 2016 hoping he’ll be able to contribute in the coming campaign.
    To date, Taylor racked up 42 starts from 44 played games, his rookie season was the only when he played all scheduled games. He has 3 defended passes with one forced fumble and one recovered fumble to his name. He was also able to get to opposing quarterbacks 7 times (4 sacks being his highest from rookie season) and totalled 69 tackles with 40 assists. Denver Broncos sure hope he’ll be able to find his rookie form with them.

So, there. Five draft picks. All 21st name called on a night of draft. All separated by a year, all young and full of hopes. Each of them different, from having great rookie seasons to needing time to flourish. 3 defensive choices with two defensive linemen and two offensive players.
Who’s done the best? It is hard to say and it is going to be very interesting to see who Washington Redskins will decide to gamble on, unless they move up or down via trade.
We should find out very soon and in the meantime, we kind of eliminated 1/3 of the waiting period since the countdown began with this lively series of ‘Did you know that?’. Until next time!