NFL Rapid Predictions- Super Bowl

I only got one right in championship round but it was all a tad bit crazy last Sunday with Packers completely falling apart into tiny pieces of nothingness. At least I have got two weeks to try to make my mind up whether I think the old sneaky wolf will trick the young and quirky chicken or vice versa…
It’s been tough going here with the last piece of NFL Predictions for the season; I have really struggled to try to make some sensible guesses but it all boils down to the sad fact that the Pats will outsmart, outplay, outthink, outcheat us all in one way or another so there’s no point writing the last piece but I’ll do my best.
For the last time in the 2016 season we have Prediction of the Week:

Falcons vs Patriots: The Ultimate Showtime!

The Patriots are finally facing a quality quarterback as their last one was Russell Wilson, who they lost to, somewhere in the middle of the season. They don’t fear it, the cherish the situation they are in as they’ll do everything they can to force Roger Goodell to hand the trophy to Tom Brady in a super duper crazy finale to Deflategate. Sigh… Sigh…

The Falcons have nothing to lose and everything to play for with only their second Super Bowl appearance so there might be a lot of wizardry going on and Matt Ryan is bound to air it out. And the whole game might just rely on one confused decision or so…
Hopefully we will have a good game this play off time but I still don’t know who’s gonna win it all.

Patriots to win 30:20


Football’s back (sort of)! Four painful weeks of projections ahead.

With the Hall of Fame game way behind us and four weeks of painful pre-season semi action on the field ahead of us, it  the best time to point my fingers at four teams that have the most to lose in the coming season and which are more likely to blow it a big time during the course of the coming Autumn and Winter.

Let’s get picking , in no particular order, two AFC and NFC teams that will disappoint their fans the most in 2016.

  • Seattle Seahawks (NFC)- 

With Pete Carroll extended through 2019, there’s no less expectations than to try to repeat Super Bowl XLVIII but the Hawks are going to fail yet again.

They were granted two ‘extra lives’ in last two seasons, first by the Packers, throwing the NFC Championship away despite Russell Wilson doing whatever he can to lose that game. Last year the Vikings kept the game close thanks to their kicker and failed to capitalise on poor Hawks’ game thank to the same kicker.

Expectations will be high to return to the Super Bowl but the window here has closed a while ago. Why the fans won’t understand that?

New England Patriots (AFC)-

Tom Brady is suspended for four games, he then returns, rallies the Pats with short slants to Gronk into the playoffs and slowly fades away into retirement as his body can’t keep this nonsense up.

The Pats are always the team to beat in AFC and always high on list of favourites but this time around there’ll be one qb sneak too many for Tom to shake it off. While the Pats have some great pieces (Gronk, Hightower, Collins) it is time to just become mediocre.

* Kansas City Chiefs (AFC)- 

No. Nope. Manning-less Broncos have nowt to prove or keep the hype up, despite deadly defence. The Chiefs though… They have the hype of going from 1-5 to 11-5 and shutting out Texans in Wild Card to live up to, just to lose by a possession to the Pats.

With Charles, hopefully in 100% health mode and last serious hurrah to give his fans and some deadly pieces of the defensive team (yes, looking at you, Mr. Houston) this team is poised to make a lot of noise and to finish off quietly somewhere out there where no one looks past half January.

  • Carolina Panthers (NFC)- 

Well. It has already begun. Cam Newton imploded during the Super Bowl 50 and then sunk to the bottom shortly after. The Panthers gave up the rights of Josh Norman without even trying to get a compesation. The signs are here really.

Given the fact that Panthers had a fairly easy schedule ride last season the 15-1 record doesn’t really resemble the true value of the team which is bound to just carry on the implosion started by Newton in February. Poor fans, eh?!

And like that I have put another football- less Sunday to bed. Personally I’m going for Colts vs Packers in Super Bowl as both, Rodgers and Luck will be looking to put their 2015 misery deep in the ground.

What do you guys think? Let me know and until next week. Keep well.


AFC Championship Game. The Countdown.

Since I wrote preview of the other game that will reveal one of participants of the Super Bowl 50, I have no other choice than to write a decent AFC Championship Game preview that will go hand in hand with my previous blog entry.
I could just go like Manning-Brady-Manning-Brady but there is still over 40 other lads in each team, each one of them capable of making that one crucial play that might able just turn something obvious into a total mystery.
I feel much better within the AFC realm and considering these two teams I could just carry on making a list of potential game changers, playmakers and on and on but if you, or you, or that fella there under a tree got here and started reading it, I think I am safe no to list the payroll of each team but focus on that one play.
I do really think this game will turn ugly and one of the teams will end up with a sizeable lead but it won’t happen until that play. And it’s definitely not going to be Patriots fumble as they are historically known for taking care of the football (Much content was written about it due to defletegate).
No this AFC Championship Game will turn on its head somewhere around a referee’s mistake, tipped pass or missed field goal type of a thing and it’ll just be a thing many years after the game, people will remember the game for.
With Patriots effective offense and Bronco’s top defense (in yards allowed) it’s going to be a tug of war for a while until things settle and the ugly play happens. Patriots might not finished the season with great defensive numbers but at one point their D was next to Bronco’s.
While Bronco’s offense never really took off this season, one can not discount all the difference makers, hopefully finally meshing properly with coach’s Kubiak game plan and hopefully catching the balls (divisional round was ugly against the Steelers).
And then you got Brady and you got Manning. Both capable of creating magic. Both personas that grasped many people’s lives and thoughts and caused that enormous discussion of who is better quarterback. Well regardless, there will be a better one eventually. Maybe in next 50 years or perhaps in 500, unless mankind finally destroys itself leaving the Earth to healing from all the damage we had done to it, but nothing last forever and there’ll be another quarterback that will surpass Brady and Manning.
And as far as the AFC Championship Game is concerned it is going to be 21-13 to Broncos and that play that people are going be talking about is going to be…
Well I ain’t got a crystal ball here so I won’t say that defensive pass interference that a referee missed in favour of Broncos got the Patriots wound up and left unfocused for enough time for Father Time to take it easy on Peyton just this last time.
Well, we will be in a middle of this particular story in less than 24 hours with the end result leaving us all quite tired and emotionally worn out.