I am not a HardCore Gamer #48 (6)

Well… Year seems like a lot but I just realised it really isn’t. In about 6/7 weeks MLB The Show 17 will drop in on us and if I have money to play with, me and my boy will get the game and the relearning of baseball will resume and it seems like it was few weeks ago that I was whacking home runs on the Show 16… And hey, I have started my offline franchise in Madden 17 and the aim is to play mainly Play the moments mode and focus on building a long lasting team but I can’t see myself getting through at least 10 seasons as… Well, one year is not much of a time for serious gaming unless you’re a like really hard core gamer fully commited to get to spend every wake hour playing games… Well. I’ll try my best but among health issues, family life and other stuff that needs to get done and things will getting quickly tricky and tiring…

Simple Concept od matching three of one kind mixed with card collecting game.

Anyways… Another ‘off’ gaming week here but with some light at the end of the tunnel which started flickering towards end of the week. Between constant issues with Madden 17 de sync while trying to play online league games and some Gems of War PvP there was a new mobile game that I came across and I also immeresed myself in Dishonored 2 and i realised that having two saves, one for Emily and one for Corvo, and having the story developing along is a viable option therefore the plan is to go high chaos with Corvo and then return to the mission with Emily for some stealthy action knowing the mission and critical areas where I might fail. This way I might finish two playthroughs in one go. So to speak.

One of modes of CBS Franchise manager includes playing pro teams.

The other mobile game I came across was Franchise Football Manager by CBS Sports. It’s a pay to win or wait to play type of a game but it only takes like 30 mins a day to progress through the games that are available and i can see that it’ll take ages to build a decent squad but why not? It’s a bit of management fun although I hope to have something done on Madden 17, that I could perhaps share here once I got my offline franchise through a whole year…

No idea what I witnessed here but I blew all the candles as it is my “thing”

Anyways. That’s that from me really. This week has not been great in trophies as I only collected 4 trophies for a total amount of 35 this year.
How has your gaming been going on recently?

I am not a HardCore Gamer #45 (3)

One eventually needs to get going in the right direction but one also has to think about 167 or so various things to consider so… again, it’s been fairly slow week in terms of gaming.
I attended the draft at HPL and grabbed myself few decent rookies and we are set to start third season on Madden 17, we have a solid group and I think I should try to get into play offs this season but the time will tell.

The offense based on A. Luck and CM chemistry mainly.

Beside the league games and team management I have also spent some time in MUT, where I completed few solos and sets relating to TOTY and I finally got my team to ovr 92 as seen in pictures here.

Defence built around Seattle chemistry, featuring my best card, 97 ovr (boosted) Chancellor.

I have also unloaded loads of bronze cards for badges and I’m going to clean my folder now and see how many elite badges I’ll get. I think as far as regular visits and collecting stuff on MUT, I’m done although I’ll pop in here and there sometimes. Perhaps to put my team to test in H2H or something. I have also thought of taking part in some tournaments and signed up for ESL Gaming maybe in the future I could compete for prizes and such…

One must not forget the special teams. (I wasn’t pleased to get Tucker as a reward card).

I completed first run through This War of mine and unfortunately I didn’t make it through. On the 27th day Cveta, Irena and her niece were all gone. Pavle died few days earlier in combat…
Luckily it’s only a game so I set myself my own story with one of my created characters and I’ll see if I can make it through and also try to get platinum trophy for that game.

The stories behind characters of my first play through of ‘This War of Mine’.

The 2nd go is hopefully my main play through in attempt to obtain the platinum trophy. I have had a cheeky sneaky peek to see what they are and I think I can achieve them by playing smart.

This time I am in charge of guiding Marko, Jonny Poo and an old fella, whose name I can’t remember, who’s there with his grandson.
I have set the length to 40 days and chose a rather easy set of game settings and I’m going to see how I manage the second time running. So far I’ve reached the week Mark and everyone’s alive and most of them are ok.
The mobile gaming saw me further evaluating Bridge Bandit and I came to a conclusion that I’m not that serious about bridge at the minute to invest money into the app. I mean Bridge Bandit seems like a really great and innovative way of learning/ playing Bridge but I don’t think I’m that into it as I first thought.
So basically Gems of War remain my main mobile fun and I’m plodding about slowly but this week I haven’t found much enjoyment in colour matching world.
I’m not sure where I’m headed next week as far as gaming goes but I hope to finally start Dishonored 2 once the upcoming update comes to ps4 on Monday.
As far as the trophies are concerned I have got 5 more this week, all of them coming from This War of Mine and my total in 2017 stands now at 15.
Keep on playing guys!

I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #33

I know that Skyrim Limited Edition has just been released and I know that I should feel ashamed that I haven’t played the original title on PS3 or XboX 360 but I’m not a Hard Core Gamer so I might finally get to it but in the meantime the usual business had to be continued so the World could rotate peacefully in right direction.

This week some time was taken up by my health issues so my gaming time was reduced although it didn’t really matter as things started moving in right direction very slowly but at least.
Anyways the main offenders this week have been Madden 17, Gems of War and Lords of the Fallen. I mean to go back to Fallout 4 and F1 2016 but somehow I don’t get around these titles.

Madden presented us with the regular stuff plus all the Most Feared extras that got some more extras and eventually I started realising I really haven’t got the time to keep up with all this MUT content.
I mean it’s great that there’s so much to choose from as it gives many options to either the hard core followers or the casuals but for me who is kind of in the middle. I’d like to have some well thought through team as the hard core lot but would like to be involved as casual and with all the content I struggle.

The plus of this solo challenges is that I have gotten a bit better on the defence usering linebackers or safeties and it slowly starts showing in my online league where I actually won another game and was very close to win one more but my receivers were dropping the balls all over the place.
So that’s that. Lords of the Fallen was kicked to the side because of the MUT but I proceeded the story a bit more and challenged and beaten up next Boss and this time I have used my own tactics to do so I’m very hopefully for Skyrim and Dishonored that my controller skills have improved.

The journey with Gems of War has continued and I decided to save up and create my own guild as the one I was part of wasn’t very active.
I have found that I struggle with the quest part of the game and I seem to be escaping it via playing PvP or doing treasure chest challenges.

Other than that I don’t think my gaming this week was really used up fully but it just gets like that. I’m thinking of getting Skyrim and Dishonored this autumn/winter so gaming might become quite a hard task to achieve with so many games I currently enjoy…
Ah First World problems here….
Stay healthy people and keep gaming.

I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #27

More of the same here really. Except that huge heat wave that apparently broke UK’s record for the hottest day in September in like… ever. Luckily our PS4 have had an easy week really and somehow it has managed not to overheat and melt. This week Madden 17 and Fallout 4 were yet again the stars of my show. I’ve managed to download ‘Lords of the Fallen’ but with all the Nuka- World excitement and Connected Franchise Mode which I finally have had a taste of I can’t see myself starting a new game but then never say never!

The ever evolving line- up of my MUT fantasy team in Madden 17

Madden 17 was the star of the week despite my slow realisation that MUT is not going to be as much fun as it used to be as I find earning coins and contracts to be harder than previously. I mean this mode is really ‘pay to win’ one but this year the EA has made it that little bit obvious.

Trying to build a fearful defense in MUT mode.

Luckily there’s Franchise Mode and this was the culprit that even got my Fallout time a bit disturbed. I’m a member of an online league and we finally got going so it was nice get to see new additions for CFM such as practice squad, practice drills that actually make you earn your rewards accordingly or formation subs menu which seems like a blast. I’m 0-2 in my games so far but the game provided me already with some thrills and excitement. Happy days ahead I think.

As for Fallout, I haven’t made a lot of progress yet as after initially sniffing around Nuka World I proceeded with the initial quest there and met the leaders of Nuka World factions and then I decided  to claim some territories but several deaths later I have had a change of plans and decided to first complete the faction relevant quest which brought me back to the Wasteland.

There’s always place for some random craziness in Fallout 4.

At least I could go back to Red Rocket to pick up Ada to take her for another journey which sadly didn’t last long as I forgot to stock up on repair kits so Ada came back home after some encounter with a crazy dude blasting bullets from his machine gun. I met up with one of the Nuka World gangs and helped them, I also found the target to collar in The Third Rail but due to low charisma I’m yet to put a collar on her.

Bertha Burps wearing OverBoss’ unifo…erm… power armour.

Lastly, I realised how many original quests I’ve still got to finish so I actually did venture out there and started getting busy really. I’m not sure why I went after ‘The Gilded Grasshopper’, perhaps the location was close by to my recent quests but I’m pleased I have gone for it (and completed it) as I realised I somehow missed it during my first play through. 

Hopefully it’ll look nice in my cabinet of Wasteland findings. Once I make it… lol 

All in all it was a fairly productive weekend session of Fallout although I know I must progress my character a bit further and hopefully faster as I’m only on level 39 and I still have a lot of the original story to cover and I’d like to finish it at some point of my life. lol

Ah… Digging around cementaries is such a relaxing hobby.

What about you guys? What games have you played recently? What games you want to finish? What games you can’t wait to get?