I am not a HardCore Gamer #46 (4)

Another slow start to yet another week of gaming in 2017. It’s hard to believe but we are on the fourth one already!!!
I had a very strong desire to finish successfully my second play through of This War of Mine but Johnny Poo got himself shot and died due to wounds. Marko deserted the shelter and Henrik with his grandson got a new visitor but he got shot dead quickly when desperately trying to find some food and meds. I lasted 29 days but what initially seemed like a very easy experience turned into quite a harsh battle and I lost it.

Never mind the buzzcocks, I haven’t given up and started my 3rd go with Marko, Slava, Silly Boo and Misha…
It’s been going ok for the first three weeks really. I’ve tried to build all the creating stations but advancing herbal stand and metal stand took longer than I wished for and I think it is partly due to not maximising the scavenging potential well enough.
This is the play through where I’d like to finish with a platinum trophy but I think due to Marko getting shot and dying in fourth week I might miss a trophy or two. Plus I can’t get anyone to be sick… I think I made it too easy for them to enjoy that war…

In other worlds there haven’t been much happening actually. I’ve spent some time playing Madden 17 as the season of HPL League progresses and I have had ton of issues with de sync glitch so few of my games had to be summed which was a shame as I one I was enjoying a big lead. Surprisingly I’m at 2-2 and at times it seems as things are falling together in the right slots for me. It’d be great to make it to play offs for once!
I have also spent few hours browsing through the playbook selections trying to find some offensive formations that would give me some favourable match ups along with a wide range of plays as I try to become a bit more of an aware player while on the field.

Gems of War got a little less attention this week and I’m not sure why really. I have tried assembling few teams to see how some combos work but I haven’t found anything exciting from the choices I made. The guild has been earning some rewards so I think it’s another decent week for me here.

To sum up it’s been rather unexciting week in my gaming time but I’d like to think that all the big fun is yet to arrive and change the 2017 into a solid gaming year. And yes, I realise I still haven’t started Dishonored 2 yet. And the trophy count for this week reaches SIX for a total 2017 output of 21 trophies.
Keep on gaming gals and guys!

I am not a HardCore Gamer #42

Well, I hope your 2016 has treated you well and that 2017 will not be worse than last year and it delivers to all of you on grounds of family, health, friendships, personal growth and of course, gaming!
This last week of 2016 has turned out rather anti gaming as with the Xmas spirit and all of that I sort of was engaged in other things and I barely managed to get any gaming done making the future gaming harder as there’s already some sizeable (for me) back log creating…
Gaming wise gift from Xmas resulted in a copy of Dishonored 2 which I’m dying to start playing but first I gotta finish off Far Harbor and Nuka World from Fallout 4.. Sigh…
I like exploring all these virtual places and it really takes me a long time to get through this all stuff but I did manage to drag Nick Valentine to Acadia and that’s where I am now really.

I have ticked off some Madden play through my league games and a bit through MUT. I have also done a bit of Gems of War but as I said this week has been not a gaming one really.
In 2017 I think I’ll look into Witcher III as I got a loads of books by Sepkowski, Polish writer, the series that inspired the game. Funny thing, he started becoming popular as I was about to leave Poland and never got a chance to read his stuff, now I do, just in English 😉 I also got cool book with art stuff from the game so I think that will be one of my resolutions. To play Witcher III. Oh that’s all.

I wish you all to have a great fulfilling year 2017 that brings joy across all parts of your lives, including gaming. Keep well!

I am not a HardCore Gamer #41

No more -aka Game Week Load- phrase in the title. With Xmas spirit in full swing it was time to retire that bit for good and save on those precious digital letters.
Even though I’m not huge on Xmas the ever so busy spirit that hits people this affects me to some degree and it reflects in rather lazy and lousy week of gaming.
I got sucked into MUT on Madden 17 with the Ultimate Freeze thingy. The solos were nicely spaced out in time and there weren’t many to do at once- 8 released every other day- so I gave it a go and since I started I had to finish, sigh…
I have also completed few of team of the month hero sets and spent all 50 badges on 95 ovr Kam Chancellor and my team rating reached 90. I’ve done my league games and sadly I am struggling everywhere but I did sneak a win against cpu as the owner of the team didn’t have time to play. Never mind.

It’s the second week in a row I skipped Skyrim in favour of Fallout 4 as I really would like to get on with finishing Far Harbor and Nuka World add ons before moving on.
I’m really pleased with the size of the map and additional quests that are there to be found but my son recommend me to bring Nick to accompany me through the main path of quests there so I’ve headed back to the Commonwealth to invite Nick to join me but the thing is, I don’t remember where I saw him the last time…
The struggles of surviving on survival carry on, especially at the Island it is noticeable when I accidently walk into some ugly looking creature but so far I managed mainly thanks to Cait who would just go all nuts at the enemies giving me some room to breath. 

That was some party to remember!

Sadly, she eventually got too busy with Trappers and I couldn’t assist her due to low amount of power core juice so she left me, wearing the greenish Vim Armour. So there, plenty of blood, swearing, shooting and sadly redoing stuff due to sudden deaths have been my main theme for Fallout this week.

I haven’t put a lot of time and effort into Gems of War and with the trend of losing members despite my efforts to gain new members I’m slowly getting a bit frustrated as we, as a guild, can never finish many tasks and I suppose the members that leave my guild land in bigger ones.
Well, it’s been a bit topsy turvy week and the next looks to be the same. I expect to at least finish the Far Harbor or at least advance it by a chunk or two. I know I’ll be spending a lot of time with my son playing his new Skylanders Imaginators reading some books and playing some board games as Father Xmas dropped the goodies to us.
For all of you that travelled with me through my weekly gaming struggles and for those who didn’t, I wish you all, peaceful, healthy and fulfilling Christmas with plenty of what you wish for under and around your Xmas tree. Merry Christmas people!!

I am not a HardCore Gamer (aka Game Week Load) #31

This week appeared somewhat chaotic when it comes to gaming. I haven’t managed to touch Fallout 4 last week and pretty early in the week I realised I might not touch it again. Perhaps a little break won’t hurt but with Skyrim and Dishonored 2 just around the corner (I’m hoping to get both titles this year) I might have issues going back to Fallout and finish off the remainder of DLC stuff I had started with Bertha.

Anyways. This week saw me struggling almighty on Lords of the Fallen, carrying on gingerly with F1 2016 wanting to have a bit of break from MUT in Madden 17 but having problems with it as EA released the Journey set of solo challenges with 160 games to complete. That’s on top of the regular content. I can’t really see myself starting my own franchise soon coz it’ll all be too watered down so something will have to go…
It’s bloody annoying and pleasing at the same time as it requires completion that needs time but also rewards with packs and some coins for those not willing to pay real money for extras. So… There… Additionally I unlocked 500 VIP challenges as it turns out I must have played at least 500 solos/ games on MUT. All of the challenges are on all- Madden difficulty so that’s a set I won’t finish for sure lol

I also started a new mobile adventure thanks to my son who sometime ago had played Gems of War on PS4 and the title sat there and I had a look at it once then I found out that the game us available on android so I gave it a go and I actually like it. (I think every one likes the kind of -move bubble here to have three together- games). I can’t say a lot about as I only completed one kingdom’s set of quests but there are guilds, and PvP upgrading weapons, troops, and so on… 

Of course collecting new things, levelling up and so forth. All the games are pretty much the same… Fallout, Madden, Dragons Age… Joking here a bit.
Coming back to Gems of War I know there are microtransactions but I’m not sure how not wanting to spend any real money hinders your progress while enjoying this little mix and match game. I guess, time will tell.

Lords of the Fallen proved to be one of these game I hate to put down but I also hate to struggle playing. I think this kind of type of games was always keeping me away from RPG genre for so long as I never felt confident enough in this hacking and slashing but hey, here I am struggling like that:

I’ve spent a huge chunk of my playing time getting through Lords of the Fallen and I’ve enjoyed most of the time but dying has led me to some swearing and increased blood pressure. I think I might actually finish this title, unless I’ll get across some boss that is just too much for a mortal creature like myself.

I’ve also had some short stints on F1 2016 where I continued my development of a set up for Spain GP in quick race mode with full practice and qualifying. It’s been ok, I’ve made some progress although I realised that my current skill sees me competing against medium level AI as hard was just a little touch too much. Hey, I’ve gone rusty.

It’s such a shame that previous games had so little features in option menus and gameplay wise as they’d work so well for league racing and on individual level too with plenty of customizations. Codies needed this extra years to get where the game should be in 2011 (not talking graphic wise- just ideas about custom options)…

I think next week should see me doing what I’ve been doing recently but one must never assume they know the answer…

Something New and Someone Exciting!

My son decided to start off his YouTube Entertainer career early to get himself ahead of… himself.

He’s going to post some videos of mobile games for android initially and then we’ll see how it all goes. Here’s a link to his YouTube video that starts it all off:

And his channel can be found here if any of you, followers would like to join and follow his adventures.

Many thanks!