Football-less Sunday #2. Colts… What’s ahead? 

Andrew Luck running for his life…

Ah… I can’t get myself to look back at the ugly past so perhaps looking forward is the way to get me going through second Sunday post football season. Sigh…
There’s many things that the Colts need in order to crawl their way into play off talk and even more if they think of a deep run into cold January and the work is about to start soon. Roster building.
Key questions? Who’s going to punt, hold Adam’s balls and do kick offs??? Let’s hope that Pat McAfee pranked us all and he’ll be back… Ah the joy of alternative facts…
Seriously though… Defensive side of the roster needs a lot of love. Huge amounts of love.
The offensive side of the ball does need some work but I think this off season the Colts should address their linebacking corps and defensive backs.
There’s literally no dominant presence on the outside or inside of the linebacking grounds and Ballard gotta try to bring some pass rushing skills and some coverage skills into the middle of this mess that is known as linebackers group.
Robert Mathis retired, Dqwell Jackson was cut, Trent Cole is useless and there’s a bit of pulse left in Erik Walden. Rest of the players in that group is fairly inexperienced and not a talented lot.
Get a pass rusher and a killer Mike and then work on corners as Vontae Davis has been beaten and fighting injuries and I don’t see him coming back to no- TD allowed season 2014; and he’s our best there.
Safeties have some options in Clayton Geathers and T.J. Green with perhaps Mike “Pops” Adams staying to share his experience but other than that we need some impact players there too.
Defensive line is probably our “best” unit although the guys are not monsters there but I think they can manage if there’s some more help from perimeter.
So to sum up, I’d like to see pass rushing linebacker/ defensive end, Mike, cover linebacker, press- man to man corner and a slot one to try to make giving up less than 19 points a game a reality…
Why less than 19??? Colts led by Luck are 25-0 when the defenseman holds opponents to 19 points or less. So there…
Another Sunday killed. How did you feed your football hunger on a non- football Sunday? What needs does your team have?

Pat McAfee thanks the allmighty for today’s news…

Punter Pat McAfee Fired Off A Tweetstorm About The Colts GM Right After He Was Fired –

As the Colts’ fan I’m pleased that finally something occured in Indy and that Grigson got the boot. It’s hard to say what the future brings but we know how the past looked like recently so… It’s good news people!

Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy- 15

As I sit here, well kind of lay down, I know that the Football Wishing Fairy has to work wonders on three football fields for the Colts to make playoffs. The blowout of Minnesota came one week too late, one touchdown too late, one 1st down conversion too late. As much fun it was watch Andrew Luck dropped dimes to Phillip Dorsett that actually resulted in TD it was a very sad moment once I saw Ryan Succop bashing the second field goal attempt through the yellow sticks of Colts’ doom…

The Colts lost several close games but the game in London, against the Jaguars and both contests against the Texans will haunt the Colts players for a long time.
Now the Colts need to win both games, including this week at Oakland, the Titans need to lose to Jaguars and the Texans to Cincinnati and in the last week the Titans need to beat the Texans. Complicated, eh? Just one of the three mentioned games earlier, would make huge difference but the taste of 2016 will be sour and bitter and the guys will have to regroup and come back in 2017…
Ah…. There just isn’t enough time to make so many wishes involving so many teams so perhaps wishes of peacuful, joyful, healthy and wealthy Christmas will be better suited on this somewhat sad Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas people!

Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – #10 is a round number.

Well. Football Fairy. If you ever cared for our troubles now it is time to show it off. The final stretch of 7 games that some hope will see the Colts smashing into play offs.
This week we host the Titans (whom we already beat once) and on short notice we see the Steelers coming over for some turkey Thursday night. First the Titans, who are on a hot streak and who gave Aaron Rodgers whopping by gaining 353 yards and scoring 35 points… in the first half.
They also kicked off with an onside kick off and knowing the Colts like tricking the Titans with these we might be up for some funky call playing where Football Fairy’s influence might be quite important…
Anyways, both teams need that win badly and for both teams a loss could well mean the end of the 2016 campaign (although in AFC South sometimes there’s no end to this misery of qualifying into playoffs).
Main task here for the Colts is to slow down the ground attack, get ours going and see what hides downfield.
It’s easier said than done but we beat that team once already without our no 2 and 3 receivers and Luck’s sheet against Tennessee is still clear so a bit of help from the Fairyland could help us turn the advantage to our side.
Regardless, a game that looked on paper in August like a Sunday bore, now looks like all guns firing type of smash out football.
Time will tell who shouts louder and whose actions are heard and seen better. Go Colts!

Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #6

I’m not really sure what I meant whilst I was playing about with this Madden screenshot but hey. You only live once and it applies to Football Wishing Fairies too.
And since it appears that our Fairy is oblivious to the contents of this blog it is more than fair to assume that this fairy is dead.
So from now on I’ll be directing my wishes to higher forces that are supposed to be out there I think and this week I really have just one wish…
Whoever there is listening to me please make sure Andrew Luck survives another match up without obtaining any injuries.
I think it’s a reasonable wish given the fact that Dwayne Allen, Donte Moncrief, Philip Dorsett and Jack Mewhort are out versus Titans.
To sum up, Luck will be ‘protected’ by fifth different o-line line up and firing shots to doubled Hilton, who could end up being a real ghost, Chester Rodgers who caught few NFL passes, Jack Doyle, who could be the most productive receiver if he can create some magic, and Frank Gore.Oh yeah! Eric Swoop the power forward converted into tight end that caught like a pass or two in NFL…
I mean I hope Luck won’t be trying to force passes into too tight gaps, or run on 3rd and 33 trying to get a first down, damaging his organ on the way.
I think they should just gracefully fold and rethink everything they know about and start preparing for a long winter full of disappointments as there’s obviously some dysfunctional thinking within the organisation, with the injuries, lack of being prepared, execution and pretty much all the basic matters than one should have done automatically.
There’s plenty of thinking about strange plays, formations and all that but the basics seem left unattended…
I don’t know really. It’s all frustratring but I hope at least Vinnie will give us something to cheer about by beating the NFL record he is so close to.
So there Fairy. Screw you and your agents!
Go Vinnie!

Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #4

Nope. You are not mistaken. The picture above is the live feed from Lucas Oil, where the Bears are playing Colts. The feed comes from future and it describes the Colts situation very well.

You let me down again Football Wishing Fairy! Your cruelty knows no boundaries…
The show must go on though as the song goes and we must endure another Sunday when it simply might be too much. So, Fairy… Perhaps this week please make sure that each practice is used up to its fullest and that once Sunday comes, the guys actually know what they supposed to do and that they remain focused on the job.

If you can Fairy, also pop into coach Pagano head and tell him to try something different this week, perhaps starting up tempo as the up tempo usually works for them but the most important thing this week must be execution from the very first snap. No more drops, no more miscues, no more sloppiness. There’s still plenty of football but this team must finally start producing on the field.

Another tiny thing… Football Wishing Fairy… Turn Andrew’s aggression by a small notch or two. That fourth down drop by Allen was just too much to bear especially that Luck was just a step or two away from getting it done with his feet. I know! I know! Looking after yourself…
But why bother looking after yourself and playing safe when the result is a big fat L?

Signed by: Colts Fan.

Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – Diary #1

Andrew Luck audibles during a game against the Broncos. Photo: Joe Robbins

I think I could speak on behalf many Colts’ fans but since speaking on behalf anyone is the best way to get yourself into some crazy stuff I’ll just speak for myself (knowing there’ll be plenty of virtual head nods as I go along).
So hear me out football wishing fairy! I want Andrew Luck to be as decesive, accurate and aware in managing the pocket as he was in Colts’ last game. The thing is fairy, I would like Luck to be like that from the first drive not from the fifth or sixth. It is a real joy seeing him dropping such accurate passes of over 50 yards like he did to Dorsset. It is a joy to watch and it sooths our hearts after the misery of last season we have had.

If I may I would also appreciate you sprinkling some fairy dust over coach Pagano’s head to stop him from dropping bombs like he did last time by calling this unfortunate overtime that left the so painful 37 seconds on Detroit’s hands that was enough to make my heart bleed (and it was the happy blue bleeding I’m talking about).

Other than that Wishing Fairy of all football things make sure there is no serious injuries and that this week’s coming games are blast to watch.

Signed by one colts fan here in the UK.

Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck is determined to prove his worth

That is some great in deapth article worth having a read.

Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck is determined to prove his worth (via

OMG!!!!! The schedule is here!!!!


In NFL it doesn’t matter that you know your teams’ next year opponents as soon as the season’s done; there’s still plenty of craze going around when the announcement of announcement of when the schedule is going to be revealed gets announced.
There’s still plenty of craze and anticipation, probably due to the off season boring days. So, here we are. Few days after the schedule dropped I decided first time ever to do like a very pre mature projection for how the season evolves. I mean it’s very premature given I don’t have an idea of what any starting line up might look but hey, you live only once! So there.
For those interested how the schedule gets to become an official living thing, please do check Peter King’s feature at MMQB. I like plenty of his insightful articles and this one belongs in the category of strange things about such silly matters.
For those less interested, the NFL computers are getting better at spitting the schedules out and this season’s schedule was the 43066th presented one, that the team finally approved.
Anyway. Back to my stuff.

  • Game 1- vs Lions; excitement level: 9; interest level: 4

The excitement level can’t be 10 coz the opponents are Lions but it also can’t be 8 or lower because it’s an opener. So there. I dont think this game has enough highlight in it for me to be interesting except the fact it’s the Colts and it’s the first game of the season.

Colts win 28-10

  • Game 2- at Denver; excitement level: 9; interest level 9

If certain Manning was still playing the excitement and interest levels would be higher but since that little twist to story had gone, the game can’t get top marks. It’s going to be really good to see how the offense can handle Denver’s D (not as furious as the last season’s one) and how Luck can adjust to funky blitzes and pass rush.

Colts to win 21-18 (he’s crazy!!!)

  • Game 3- vs Chargers; excitement level: 5; interest level: 5

Philip Rivers is a great quarterback but rest of the Chargers squad really lacks in the wow factor for me. If my predictions are right the Colts will be high off the win over the Broncos and it should be a game where the offense could catch a right wing under its sails.

Colts to win 35-14

  • Game 4- “at” Jaguars; excitement level: 10; interest level: 10 (only because the game is played like an hour away from me, and I hope to go there- otherwise the scores would be around 6).

Given the effort the Jaguars put into slowly assembling a young and explosive team, this game might be a great indication of how the AFC South is. The only problem, since the game is played in London, the atmosphere is neither homely or guestly for either team, so these games sometimes end up quirky. Initially I had Colts to loose but then I slept on it.

Colts to win 24-20

  • Game 5- vs Bears; excitement level: 7; interest level: 7.

There’s just something about Jay Cutler that just makes the Bears team worth watching occasionally. Not sure how the Bears are going to be but I think it’s going to be a good game for Colts against a hopeful play off team. Since Colts elected not to have a bye after London game, they’re going to be on a shorter week but as some people stated, coming back from West Coast can be more time taxing than returning from the queen’s land, hence the bye moved to later and Bears in week five.

Colts to win 33-21

  • Game 6- at Texans; excitement level: 4; interest level: 7

Games against Houston are always important and there’s some action going on, named J. J. Watt but overall most of the battles between these two teams tend to be fairly boring or really hard to watch (last season’s crazy loss, a great example). Given the front 7 on Houston D, it is still going to be an interesting watch and good test of pass protection.

Colts to win 31-21

  • Game 7- at Titans; excitement level: 3; interest level: 5.

No disrespect to anyone but besides Mariota, I can’t think of any other player name I’d be familiar with on Titans roster. Since it is divisional game it will be of significance but I doubt it’ll be so crazily packed with action as last season’s first win and cool comeback delivered by momentarily capable Luck.

Colts to win 44-14

  • Game 8- vs Chiefs; excitement level: 7; interest level: 8

That epic comeback from playoffs in 2014 was something strange and out of this world. Firstly, Luck dug up a huge whole and then once they all fell into it, he just lifted them up on his shoulders for a tiniest margin win and that fumble recovered by him, turned touchdown was just something else.
And this match up could be something, with the Chiefs riding all high in second part of the season, with Smith, getting so much effective and some fierce defence, this match up might prove pivotal.

Colts to lose 24-38

  • Game 9- at Packers; excitement level: 10; interest level: 10

I can already see the headlines. The hype. The comparisons, stories, expectations and all sorts of stuff for this Luck vs Rodgers II rematch (well, the Hall of Fame game from pre season will only wet our appetites I suppose).
I’m surprised this game isn’t in prime time but 4pm est works great for me and it’s going to be great to see how Colts D looks against elite quarterbacking and how Luck adjusts to somehow, strangely played defense in Green Bay.

Colts to lose 18-32

Great bye timing, just in right spot for some wound licking.

  • Game 10- vs Titans; excitement level: 4; interest level: 6.

The scores go up a bit only because of the expected two lost games and how the team responds to these mishaps and a bye week making the need for seeing your team that bit more important. I can’t really see much excitement there once they get going but still, the state of NFL is what it is and some match ups are just down boring.

Colts to win 47-11

  • Game 11- vs Steelers; excitement level: 9; interest level: 10

I think the only thing stopping me from wetting my pants with total euphoria are the recent match ups between these two teams and Colts taking beating like no one business. Given it’s Thanksgiving feature, means I’ll be tired after watching the boring NFC match ups, I’ll be hoping for both offenses to explode from the get go and give all the Americans proper turkey burps and farts.
Big Ben vs Luck comparisons and all the hype will be great for the holidays spirit (not in our household though), but it’s going to be a tough one as it’ll only involve 4 days break.

Colts to lose 44-47

  • Game 12- at Jets; excitement level: 6; interest level: 6

It’s hard at the minute to see where the Jets are going with Fitzpatrick so it is going to be hard to see how this game pans out. It’s going to be a good chance to recover some of the last season’s lost reputation as the 2nd game of 2015 was so winnable, despite obvious struggles of already(?) injured Luck. Although I struggle to see that Monday night match up to be electrifying.

Colts to win 17-9

Game 13- vs Texans; excitement level: 4; interest level: 8

I mean, it’s Houston but given end of the season looming around us and perhaps few more loses than in my prediction and this game could turn into repeat of 2015’s division clencher. It’s going to be a good watch if Colt’s season goes bad (but then, the overall interest and hope for Super Bowl appearance will be low already) but if Colts are on target it is going to be just another game to get thru.

Colts to win 33-17

  • Game 14- at Vikings; excitement level : 5; interest level: 7

The Vikings are on the up and with young quarterback and veteran running back and winter upon us this game could turn into a slug fest of defensive showdown, and a good practice for possible deep run into playoffs. I haven’t seen much of Vikings but this game could be either a good afternoon with some crisps or a long evening with some chewy stuff.

Colts to win 17-13

  • Game 15- at Raiders; excitement level: 8; interest level: 8

I like Raiders. Carr seems to be developing into a solid quarterback, Amaro could have an explosive season where he breaks on big stage with plenty of impact. The defense looks ok, especially the pass rush so, despite the late time in season it could well turn into gunslinging session of pass rushers avoidance and the time of 4pm is great for me too.

Colts to lose 33-28

  • Game 16- vs Jaguars; excitement level: 5, interest level: 6

Barring some crazy series of events and Jaguars actually turning world upside down, this game will be probably a game just to see it through with the least effort to grab a win. It’s gonna to be interesting to see how the Jaguars evolve with all the recent free agent additions along the draft but the game itself won’t be setting the world on fire. Especially given its going to be New Years Day.

Colts to win 22-10.

Here. I’m done with my first projection of a team’s future season. I know 12-4 looks optymistic but the Colts really gotta pull their fingers out and start delivering results, otherwise best years of Luck career will be just a wasted effort for everyone involved.

Oh! And no match up with New England. At least one season without all the ugly headlines and build up for playoffs.