I am not a HardCore Gamer #50 (8)

Even doctors get sick. Life’s harsh for everyone and as I was nearly half way through my journey to hospital, I found out my appointment was cancelled. There, so much for getting up at 4am to get ready…
I knew this week will be messed up as travels to the hospital usually take a lot of energy out of me so gaming was on second plan this week; still I got some of it done regardless.

She isn’t watching anymore rrwally but shhhh…

The main offender has been Dishonored 2 as I really got pulled into the story and the atmosphere of the game. I’m evolving two stories simultaneously with Corvo having the first run of a mission to get a feel for it; this is high chaos run so I’m not bothered much about stealth and I’m trying to gather information that will allow easier run with Emily where I’m aiming at ‘Shadow’ and ‘Clean Hands’ trophies. Depending how well I manage with some of the collecting items trophies I might play the game third time in -no powers mode- but at the moment we are somewhere in a middle of the story with Corvo and not far behind with Emily somewhere around chapter 5 and the Royal Conservatory.

Clockwork soldiers. Easy to deal with when in hibernation.

I must say that Madden 17 was fairly neglected this week as I haven’t touched my offline franchise and only played HPL League games and collected some items in MUT for some season stars cards although I’m not sure why I still bother since I barely played any solos or H2H in this mode. Ah, we all have to have some craziness in us lol.

On mobile platform there was Gems of War struggles as this week, weekly events were uninspiring for me so I struggled with putting a team together but finally I managed and I levelled up a bit some cards, kingdoms and hero classes and my guild seems to be stable with 11 members, 8 of which take part in playing regularly. I’m stuck at finding fresh blood there though…
I have also carried on with CBS Footbal Franchise Manager and got myself to level 25 which unlocked ‘Showdowns’ which reward some nice things once player win some games. I think I’ll carry on with it as it is like twice a day, check in job taking up 30 mins or so.

And the trophy count this week comes to 10 for a total yearly amount of 53.

What games got you going this week?

Battlefield 1 Official Reveal Trailer

It is a norm nowadays for game trailers to be a very dramatic, cinematographic pieces of little art but EA’s Battlefield I trailer actually got me excited for a while about FPS genre.
21 of October not far… Who knows…?
In the meantime. Enjoy!

Old games, fresh excitement.



In the never stopping world we are just forced to chase the new until we realise we need a break or simply get bored with the fact of chasing that something that never seems to be caught. And that chased thing can’t be caught and be ordered to stay the same as we chase things that are new, but once we caught them, they slowly becoming old and boring…dusty…lacking features and so on and on and on.
I do like some old stuff. Definitely that kind of stuff that made me stop, scream, faint, change a view about something, brought pleasure or rivers of tears hence I do like coming back to games I played in the past.
When I saw “Dishonored: Definite Edition” for PS4 for a silly amount of under £10 I started wondering where there was a catch as I couldn’t really understand why there was this game, remastered for next gen being sold with all the extra content for under a tenner??? I guess all the DLC alone cost more…
So I grabbed it. Since the grabbing was happening online on Amazon’s website, it wasn’t all that exciting and didn’t make me sweat, but I was already looking forward to doing some well uncoordinated stealth action, and all the sneaking I had done some years ago when I played the game for the first time which I bought second hand as it looked like a title I could enjoy and was also published by Bethesda which I have a great relationship with despite some annoyances the company can create.
The whole point I’m trying to make here in a very strange way, is that I nowadays don’t really get all dizzy and sweaty over the games and don’t really queue up at night, or check the pre order status. If I just feel like getting a new game, I check how much I can afford to spend and off I go to find some gems that missed my attention previously or rediscover lands I had already crossed (I can’t remember how many times I had played BioShock series and yet where there was a deal on the PS Plus I grabbed it and later relived the story again).
There are titles you want straight away once they are out. For me that’ll more likely be Madden, since I’m being part of 32 people league and new game marks start of new series of few seasons but when I think of that, I realise that with 24 hours a day and 365 or 366 days available there is no rush or a desperate need to go all the distance to grab that fresh copy of a game right the second it comes out as all the rush will be nullified by lengthy installation time and more likely day zero patch that will kill all the rush (well, I’m joking here a bit).
Especially that sometimes the games are so pricey when these are first released and boy I’m not one of them people that can splash all their money out on games. Instead, I play games that are new to me, or some great titles worth coming back to and then let myself be all surprised and made kinda silly happy for under a tenner when I can grab this deal while it lasts, making me feel like I scored a major contract with a big company.
At times I think it’s great to be able to see little things as big and and old items as new. It’s all down to perspective and a bit of imagination I guess.
So to finish it off, if you had read it all the way to this point and if you are wondering about finding something new or something not many people might know about, I’m sorry but this blog might not be for you. If you do like gaming in general and don’t mind lack of clear structure or direction, hey welcome aboard. Tell me your gaming stories. Let’s discover the past.,