Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy – #10 is a round number.

Well. Football Fairy. If you ever cared for our troubles now it is time to show it off. The final stretch of 7 games that some hope will see the Colts smashing into play offs.
This week we host the Titans (whom we already beat once) and on short notice we see the Steelers coming over for some turkey Thursday night. First the Titans, who are on a hot streak and who gave Aaron Rodgers whopping by gaining 353 yards and scoring 35 points… in the first half.
They also kicked off with an onside kick off and knowing the Colts like tricking the Titans with these we might be up for some funky call playing where Football Fairy’s influence might be quite important…
Anyways, both teams need that win badly and for both teams a loss could well mean the end of the 2016 campaign (although in AFC South sometimes there’s no end to this misery of qualifying into playoffs).
Main task here for the Colts is to slow down the ground attack, get ours going and see what hides downfield.
It’s easier said than done but we beat that team once already without our no 2 and 3 receivers and Luck’s sheet against Tennessee is still clear so a bit of help from the Fairyland could help us turn the advantage to our side.
Regardless, a game that looked on paper in August like a Sunday bore, now looks like all guns firing type of smash out football.
Time will tell who shouts louder and whose actions are heard and seen better. Go Colts!


NFL Rapid Predictions – Seven is the lucky number.

Oh boy! Was I on fire this week! It’s almost if I drunk some sort of potion of knowledge as I finished Week Six with a nasty score of 11-4 and three close scores too.
Overall I’m now standing at 51-41 above .500 Mark, much better than what the Colts are at.

Closest games: Well there were actually three This week.
Firstly DEN @ SD 13:21 and I had it at 16:20.
Secondly IND @ HOU 23:26 and I had it at 25:28.
Thirdly CIN @ NE 17:35 were I was just off by the safety that changed the momentum of the game as I marked the game at 17:33.
Wizard or what???? Well, let’s see how I do in Week SEVEN.

Bears @ Packers: It really looks like Aaron Rodgers is kind of broken and the Bears might get a free entry to the Packers home as the recent advert in which Rodgers stars appears to be misleading.

Packers to win 23:14

Colts @ Titans: It seems like it is another must win game for the Colts, and it is somewhat true as they keep on loosing to divisional foes and keep digging themselves a deeper hole from which soon they might not be able to get out of.
Oh. And Titans are ahead of them in the standings, so there. A must win game!

Titans to win 28:24

Giants @ Rams: Back to London for a silly early o’clock game than actually might not be watched by many as the Giants live in shadow of OBJ and his fiancee and the Rams, are well… the Rams.

Rams to win 21:17

Saints @ Chiefs: Hm… Have the Saints caught momentum or was it just the dying breaths of resistance? It’s hard to say but with Brees slinging it all over the field you must never count the Saints out.
As for the Chiefs… Hm… They’ll do whatever in their power not to throw to wide receivers as there are always better options like offensive linemen for example…

Chiefs to win 34:31

Redskins @ Lions: I hear that Cousins is loosing on his value and the Redskins D is bailing him out.
There’s really no one to bail Matthew Stafford out as the Lions D makes all quarterbacks that faced them collectively so far to look like an MVP candidate. Hard times for quarterbacks.

Lions to win 27:21

Vikings @ Eagles: Ah… Couple of weeks ago it’d be a match up of two unbeaten teams but now the reality hit really hard people of Philadelphia and their already crowned a star quarterback looks more like a mortal character after couple of recent loses.
In Minnesota everything ticks like in a precise clock so there shouldn’t be any surprises here, shouldn’t it?

Vikings to win 19:14

Bills @ Dolphins: That is a very important divisional match up in a division I little care about as the Pats are bound to capture the top spot here so there. I suppose few will expect the Fins to roll all over the Bills after a surprise win over the Steelers but I don’t think it’s going to be that simple.

Bills to win 16:13

Raiders @ Jaguars: Ah! It should be simple here but the Jaguars got some wind under their wings and some reckon they stole it off Oakland as the Raiders failed miserably at enforcing their strong position within their division last week.
Have the Jags been stealing…? Time will tell.

Jaguars to win 31:28

Browns @ Bengals: Oh gosh. Another divisional match up not many care about. The Browns are…well… shit, hence the name.
The Bengals came back to their disappointing times where the games seem just without much spark of enthusiasms and it is bad as suddenly the division could be for taking.

Bengals to win 33:18

Ravens @ Jets: Some say that Fitz gets the sack this week and young, hopeful gun named Geno Smith gets his chance. After a surprising season last year Fitzpatrick is on the way to quarterback’s hell and someone has to step in.
Ravens might get a nice bite to eat this Sunday and they need it.

Ravens to win 22:15

Chargers @ Falcons: Two teams that recently beat the reigning champions, Denver. Only one that appears to be somewhat complete and another one that just exist in order to annoy its fans and Philip Rivers. Could be a good shootout and a decent mouthful to enjoy on a Sunday’s afternoon.

Falcons to win 38:34

Buccaneers @ 49ers: Oh God. This will drive some storylines but most of them won’t relate to football per se. The problem is, there might be very little football content for true fans to enjoy during this very long game.

49ers to win 23:19

Patriots @ Steelers: This game was one of the games many had circled on their calendars until Big Ben decided to mess about with his meniscus and all we get now is Tom Brady vs A Back-up supported by two studs trying to cover up all that’s missing in the back-up. Bleah…

Patriots to win 37:20

Seahawks @ Cardinals: It might go two way really. The Cardinals are going to be on A- game and everyone will be happy enjoying a prime time show.
On the other hand we could get the Cardinals that lost their identity and this game will end up being an ugly slug fest.
Fingers crossed.

Seahawks to win 16:11

Texans @ Broncos: Another spotlight on Brock Osweiler this time with plenty of back stories as the quarterback comes back to his previous team.
After another lucky win last week, Houston supporters are waiting for a great performance by their new saviour.
Will they get it or will the Broncos D feast on their ex- mate?

Broncos to win 23:10

Well. That’s the best I could muster this week. Time will correct my mistakes and approve my right picks and in the meantime enjoy every single healthy player that’s active on your favourite team. These days change everything so quickly.