NFL Rapid Predictions- ¬†Any Leftovers…left? Week #13

For some bizzare reason I missed TEN vs CHI in my last week predictions so instead of 16 scores I have 15… And from these 15 I have some good ones really. I’m seriously thinking whether to start some little gamble using real money coz I’m getting that good!
Week 12 saw my score at 12-3 not counting the missed game and for the Season my score is at 0.608 with 107-69 record. I’m really surprised I’m doing that well but it probably is just beginners luck.
WEEK 13 predictions are below as follow and include few upsets (I think):

Cowboys @ Vikings: And the week starts with a big one. The red hot sizzling spicy Cowboys are going to walk all over Vikings’ falling apart defense… Or might we see an upset here?
It is really hard to predict as the Vikings lost their early season’s charm and the Cowboys are yet to run out of perks and potions that keep their score so inflated…

Vikings to win 19:18

Texans @ Packers: Ah… The game that interests me due to Colts needing the Texans to get a big fat L. Will they have a free entry to Aaron Rodgers’ house or will that advert finally becomes relevant? Or at least it stopped from airing any more…
Given the last week sharp performance by Rodgers and Co. the Texans might need to pay up…

Packers to win 29:17

Eagles @ Bengals: I’m not going to lose sleep over the outcome of this game but some people in Philadelphia might…
As far as Cincinnati’s fans are concerned they are still in the picture due to lousy division but I see no play offs for them this season.

Bengals to win 21:20

Dolphins @ Ravens: Both teams are still well in the picture but only the Dolhpind are riding a hot streak whilst the Ravens are blowing their fingers as they got burned few times recently. An important game with plenty on the plate. Who can manage to eat more? I really don’t know.

Ravens to win 17:14

Broncos @ Jaguars: The defending champs are looking poorly, so poorly that they might even miss playoffs so every game is a must win now. Luckily, this week they should enjoy the sunshine of Jacksonville and re-evaluate their goals in the free time between the tackles of poorly beaten up Jaguars.

Broncos to win 19:10

Lions @ Saints: Ah. Ah! That sort of game where one might expect high scores and last second comebacks. The Lions are making history here as they already captured 7 wins in dying seconds of their games and the next such win is going to be historical.
The Saints fancy late comebacks too to some degree and Drew Brees isn’t slowing down so perhaps we will witness more records for the books.

Saints to win 31:26

Chiefs @ Falcons: Both teams are well within the play off hunt and both teams can’t really afford many losses so it is another game where the winner takes home that little bit more than just a W.

Chiefs to win 21:18

49ers @ Bears: Hm… Well… There’s not much hope there except trying to save one’s face while aiming for a highest pick possible in the coming draft.
There were more drama around Kaepernick but the movement seems to have died off natural death of fast foods and even faster news.

Bears to win 17:14

Rams @ Patriots: It is going to be a typical day in the office for both teams really. The Rams will be on the field, setting up in right formation and stuff…
The Patriots will try to quickly put the game away to avoid unnecessary sweating they had when playing the Jets and the order of the world will remain unchanged.

Patriots to win 31:13

Bills @ Raiders: Hm… The Bills started off cold then got hot and then the autumn came and the cold became something unavoidable…
Raiders on the other hand even survived Derek Carr losing a finger during last game that got replaced with a magical glove. There’s no stopping… journos from hailing Carr the MVP.

Raiders to win 27:20

Giants @ Steelers: Giants are apparently rolling quite well while the Steelers took away a win from depleted of talent Indianapolis last week.
The Steelers need that win than the Giants and they play at home so surely it will be a walk around a pond…

Steelers to win 28:24

Redskins @ Cardinals: Cardinals’ season has been a wonderful disaster of all and despite having some mathematical chances for play offs, the real ones look quite dull and dim… Same as the corners of Arizona’s darkest corners of city.
Recalibrate are still in the race and even Josh Norman is still with them despite that awful WWE video mash up seeing him beat by the Dez the Wizz… Ah the glamorous drama… Yawn…

Cardinals to win 26:14

Buccaneers @ Chargers: Tampa Bay has been on a roll and they shouted loud after the game they won 14-5 against the scary Seahawks. Is it some sort mid season trickery or they found a wizard…?
As for Chargers… They play. They win. They lose. Philip Rivers pulls faces. All the same there. I think…

Chargers to win 14:10

Panthers @ Seahawks: Ah. Thatcher Sunday Night F…eel Wieteska Great games are meant to be Player but sometimes it Justyna doesn’t feel like f…ootball.
Since the Panthers are pretty much still hung over from their Super Bowl -never happened winning party- and the Hawks are apparently a terror -that scored whole 5 points against the Buccaneers last week- this game might be a potential bore with the Terror smacking the Hangover…
On the other hand it could be a huge defensive slug fest and festival of punts until someone has enough…

Seahawks to win 10:6

Colts @ Jets: Last season the Colts had a chance to win against the Jets at home and it was also a game when Vinatieri missed 29 yarder and then started a streak of 44 made field goals in the row. The Colts lost then, Andrew Luck didn’t look himself, Gore fumbled on a yard from end zone and whole hell broke loose.
It’d be fitting for Colts to close the miserable circle with a dominant win here and set a new standard for years to come…
Jets… They still have Fitzpatrick, although not the version from last year, they still have Revis Island although loopsided, free entry one that not many are scared of going to…
It’d be an embarrassment and end of 2016 season for Colts to lose, especially that Luck is expected to play…

Colts win 34:21

That’s that. I hope I havet missed any match ups again.
So much for re reading and double checking, eh?
What are your picks this week gals and guys?