Buick 8 – Stephen King


Picking up “Buick 8” by Stephen King had me convinced I was about to experience the magic rebirth of another blood hungry car. First thought didn’t really result in the hit and instead of story about splattering blood everywhere I got story that mainly was kept as a conversation about the past and a car that just appeared in some lives out of nowhere.
Ned, a young man, sometimes acting more like an awkward teenage boy, loses his father in a car accident. His father, lieutenant Curtis Wilcox dies during his working hours, killed by a drunk driver. That sees Ned joining the D district where his father used to spend most of his life working as a policeman.
Ned, starts off by doing some cleaning duties, as he just isn’t ready to let go off his father presence. One day he discovers, a locked up in one of the barracks, unusual car and he asks the policemen working there to tell him more about it. So the gents starts spinning a yarn and the story moves back over twenty years ago…
At a patrol station, a perfectly kept Buick, appeared. Its driver asked the station worker to fill the car up, he then left the car, supposedly to use the toilet and… never came back and there doesn’t appear to be a reasonable explanation as to what had happened.
Ned slowly starts to be obsessed about the history of the car, almost identically like his father did. Every time the coppers try to tell the young man a story not related to the car they meet a wall of resistance from Ned. So the knowledge about the car that Ned possesses is filled in by the station captain and a long friend of his father, Sandy Dearborn.
Ned is constantly unsatisfied with any explanation he is given regarding the strange incident at the patrol station and slowly he starts coming to a conclusion that the drunken guy that knew his father and caused his death was not the only reason it occurred and that the case surrounding the mysterious Buick or the car itself had led his dad to a premature death…
“Buick 8” is a book about an attempt to find someone who left, in a completely different light to what our protagonist might had been used to. It is also great story about a secret and a mystery. What the car really was? Where it came from? Who drove it?
It is a great story with a slow build up of facts that makes a reader to go through the pages as quickly as possible in attempt of finding out the answers to the mystery. It serves as a great example of how pure interest can become an obsession and what consequences it might lead to.
For e-book fans, the Kindle version of “Buick 8” can be found here.