My case for NFL MVP winner.


We have only a week left where we all can speculate, guess, voodoo wish or simply pray for “our” man to be named the NFL MVP. If our man isn’t there really (like in my case, my man’s kidneys hopefully healed by now) then we cheer for someone we hate the most to lose or for some we kinda like to win.

With everyone convinced that Cam Newton is gonna get the award as he truly deserves it, I’m still hoping that some else does. I just don’t think that Carolina’s 15-1 is really down to Newton’s arm and legs. I do think it was much more of a team effort than some people want to see, plus as a passer Newton’s numbers through the season were very good at the very best.
Anyways I started thinking who could be named the MVP (it is a shame that in most cases the award lands in a quarterback hands) and initially I thought, that actually there isn’t any best candidate than Newton really and I resigned myself to curse at invisible things just out of not having a point to make but then I read a bit more and Carson Palmer with his, second in the league 13-3 record Cardinals’, came to mind and given his age and the team he had lead this season, made me realise he should really get a nod at the award.
And even straight comparison numbers stack in favour of Palmer (since quarterbacks are likely to win this award, it is easy to compare them by numbers) so I had a deeper look at the numbers and tried to find a category in which Newton was better than Palmer.

Newton destroyed Cardinals gun in rushing attempts, yards and touchdowns but when it came to passing stats he was soundly beaten winning only in category of interceptions (10 to Palmer’s 11), longest past (74 to 68 yards and hardly important) and that’s it. They both were even in touchdown passes with 35. We already knew Newton is better running threat than Palmer but does it make it him an MVP???
I could list and list and lust many things but there are some clever people out there and I’m lucky to find them and learn from them. Ryan Michael from provides you with a great tool to assess quarterbacks from the same season as well as across different generations.
I won’t be boring you to death as to how his tool works (it is all explained in his website) but it simply takes all important QB rankings and throws a simple number at us to show who was the best. And in 2015 there was no better quarterback than Carson Palmer, Newton was ranked 9th a place behind Tyrod Taylor from the Bills (who in my opinion had a great year and should be kept as a starter).
So yes… Carson Palmer for the MVP! No I say though.
Antonio Brown should be awarded with the MVP as I think he had much bigger impact on his team’s performance than Newton or Palmer.
The Steelers started without their premier running back, then they got him back just to loose their elite quarterback just to get him back and then lose their running back for good and then coping again without their star quarterback.

I think due to huge impact caused by phenomenal season that Brown just accomplished (nearly setting NFL record in catches in a season), the Steelers were relevant all the way through. I mean the dude put 168 yards and 2 touchdowns against Bronco’s defense that had a hell of a year. Add to it 284 yards put against the Raiders that are 9th all the time received yards in a game and you can see how much buzz and positive vibes this fella was able to create within the locker room and you can’t put a number on something as chemistry or leadership or just at the fact that one must never give up.
I know there hasn’t been an wide receiver that was named MVP but I also know that changes are something that ius needed to take matters to another level.