Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy- Everyone Calm Down Edition #13

Everyone needs to step away a bit or by two bits. The numbers backing up Luck’s great 2016 season have been there before the demolition of the Jets occurred last Monday.
Somehow, that huge score escalated amount of articles about Andrew Luck and how good he is. I knew that already but football is a team sport and the wins are earned in unity like Dwayne Allen and T.Y. Hilton showed on Monday too.

Now, this is a big one for any Football Wishing Fairy and the fairies like to get confused as the season has shown already but let’s make it clear, the Colts have much better chances of creating some buzz and chaos than the Texans should they reach the playoffs, so no random fumbles, tipped passes or making Brock Osweiler look like young God himself.
The rest should take care itself if the above criteria are fulfilled by Football Wishing Fairy. The Colts had it last time in Houston but they let it slip out and lost an ugly game that is part of the trio tie between Texans, Titans and Colts sitting all at 6-6 in the awfulness of AFC South…
Houston’s defense is really solid with a decent group of ball hawking corner backs, especially with A.J. Bouye having a solid season so the Fairy shouldn’t whisper some crazy reads to Luck as the game evolves. Just let him take what they give and quietly let’s move to 7-6 record with another appearance above 100 in PR for Luck. If he is solid there’ll be plenty of balls to make plays for those who want it; Donte Moncrief is a beast in Red Zone. 6 targets 6TD.