NFL Rapid Predictions- There will be only two left.

The Saturday Edition of playoffs last weekkend quickly became anticlimactic when the Seahawks got evened out in bad fumbles (Super Bowl against the Broncos, remember?) luck/curse ratio.
It’s good though as this team is too over hyped in my humble opinion but hey, these aside; last week I did poorly missing out on Falcons and the Steelers so shady 2-2 this week for 5-3 play off lot.
We have only three more games this season to play and two are about to go down this Sunday. Let’s see what’s cooking out there.

Steelers @ Patriots: Apparently Bill Belichick managed to perform an act of biological warfare on some of the Steelers players as they reportedly went down with the flu days before the AFC Championship game.
Flu or not flu, Ben Roethlisberger will have to have a solid game for Pittsburgh to have a chance at winning the thing. Antonio Brown‘s infamous now video only added colour to the match up and we might be in for the best football of this season.

Patriots to win 24:17

Packers @ Falcons: It can turn out to be one of a huge feast of offensive display as both teams struggled to support their star QBs in Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers. Both of them are in the chase for MVP award but before that happens, only one of them will find a way to the Super Bowl. This game could be a one loooong highlight reel. Beware defenses!

Packers to win 38:34

What are your picks gals and guys?

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