NFL Rapid Predictions- Divisional Round. 

Yes, we finally arrived to proper play off phase minus the Texans @ Patriots game which will be a warm up for New England really.
I was wrong one game last week as I thought the Raiders would manage to outlast Brock Osweiler but with a rookie QB and three screen passes in first few plays it just didn’t work. I also didn’t see the meltdown the Giants had at the Lambeau Field but that’s life.

This week we have all 8 divisional champions left, that’s third time since 2002 realignment league that this happened and we might finally get 3 decent playoff games. So onto the divisional divisions people!

Seahawks @ Falcons: This is quite a show to get us going. Matt Ryan (hopefully an MVP soon) will be facing plenty of cover 3 and Richard Sherman‘s yapping. Russell Wilson‘s job will be easy as Atlanta doesn’t do a lot of defence. This game might be won or lost in a weird fashion of a weird play or two.

Seahawks to win 21:18

Texans @ Patriots: The Patriots have plenty of luck as they drew a sparring partner, a boy to beat in the Texans who are strangely fired up for that game. Perhaps Houston needs one more embarrassing outing to remind their players not to get excited.

Patriots to win 24:6

Packers @ Cowboys: Aaron Rodgers versus the rookie duo of Dak Prescott and the other Zak or Mak, Fak or whatever with an occasional flash from Dez Bryant dropping passes.

It’s a game where I really have no idea what is going to happen but despite poor defense on Packers’ side I’ll roll with the experience over the youth, even though the youngsters are at home this week.

Packers to win 30:16

Steelers @ Chiefs: Ben Roethlisberger will play even if he’ll have to wear a protective boot on his foot ouchie. And a lot will depend on how he plays this weekend; despite the Steelers having great offense going, Big Ben’s “brave” decisions might cost him dearly.
As for the Chiefs, well the defensive side is capable of scoring so don’t count the home team out here!

Chiefs to win 28:24

What are your picks for this weekend’s games? Let me know in the comment section gals and guys!


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