I am not a HardCore Gamer #43 (1)

2017 in gaming sphere in my world started as the 2016 finished; rather lazily, sluggishly and with very little gaming actually done. Part of the slow start has been my health that limited my pool of energy. That’s life and not much I can do about it besides manage it as best as I can.

Anyways… The games that welcomed the 2017 were Madden 17, Fallout 4 and This War is Mine. I’ve promised myself not to start Dishonored 2 until I’m done with Far Harbor and Nuka World DLCs from Fallout 4 but with the unexpected release of This War of Mine for free on PS Plus things got a bit more complicated and I’m not sure how I’ll squeeze it all in.Anyways, Madden 17 seen sporadic action really. I’ve only played two league games (my game is improving, I think) and spent little time on MUT, completeing some solos and sets.
Fallout 4 meets me past the introduction of Acadia members and Bertha is now on voyage towards Children of Atom. I’m glad I went back to get Nick to accompany me as his story is only adding to the taste of the journeys through the creepy island.
I’m actually amazed how much stuff Bethesda managed to cram into this DLC and I wonder why I didn’t get going there earlier… Hey better later than never.

This War is Mine dropped on me suddenly and I was pleased to see it free to grab for PS Plus members. I had thought of getting it before but never had the funds or the time. Now I have no choice other than play it and see how well I can manage.
It’s nothing fancy, graphic wise, although the way it is done seems cool and eye pleasing. The mechanic are fairly simple and the objective is clear: Survive.
I have played through few days so far and I have already managed to get one of the characters shot and I also robbed an old couple. Ah the choices…. It still appears to be a nice game with a lot to offer for those who like making choices.

Since my health has been failing me I got to play a fair amount of Gems of War and I also managed to get a couple of members into my guild. The weekly events that boost cetain classes definately made me try to choose other cards and build teams around variety of classes/ genres.
Other than that there haven’t been many more fireworks; I have also decided to try to include a count of trophies I amass through the year. An idea that I got from reading blog of 1 Broke Gamer Girl. I’m not sure I’ll remember to do it weekly but I’ll try.

Weekly Trophies Count

Trophies obtained: 7

Trophies total 2017: 7