NFL Rapid Predictions- Wild Card Bonanza!

Phew. We made it through people! We are in play offs. Well they are as we are out sadly thanks to the Colts disappointing campaign. Never mind.
The score for Week 17 was 10:6 which brought my total for the season 161:95 resulting with 0.629 for the year. Yay.
Now onto glamorous play off predictions; let’s go!

Raiders @ Texans: Whoa. Calm down people! There’ll be plenty of seats available for those who want to see Connor Cook first QB in NFL history to start their first game in play offs. He’ll face Brock Osweiler who will probably do anything he can to lose that game for the Texans. Thrilling night ahead of us ladies and gents…

Raiders to win 23:19

Lions @ Seahawks: The Lions lost 8 straight play off games and the Seahawks haven’t lost a play off game at home in a while. Make of it whatever you want but late comeback is a possibility as much as a total demolition. The bones will fly high but only one QB will come undefeated.
I’m rolling with “The Lucky Escape Pass Magic” aka Russell Wilson over “The Diving Bomb” Matthew Stafford.
I’m sorry Detroit. Life’s harsh.

Seahawks to win 17:10

Dolphins @ Steelers: It doesn’t look like Ryan Tannehill is going to start for the Dolphins so their plan of game will probably focus on pounding the ground with Jay Ajayi.
As for the Steelers? Well, you choose your poison. Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown or Le’Veon Bell… They’re all dangerous weapons. Bell has been the first player in NFL that averaged 100 rush yards and 50 receiving yards during his season. Great production and probably more to see in coming weeks.

Steelers to win 27:20

Giants @ Packers: The Game of the Week by far… Eli Manning supported by a solid defense and Aaron Rodgers supported by his receiving weapons. It’s really hard to say what this game will look like as the history favours Giants who beat the Packers at Lambeau Field twice in play offs on their way to two Super Bowls but the past is the past. The present is what counts and for me it all looks rather hard to decipher.

Packers to win 24:20

Well. Let’s see how many of my picks makes into the divisional round.
What are your picks gals and guys?