Indianapolis Colts Football Wishing Fairy- The Fairy’s Dead. 16

That’s all from us now really. The last game of the season’s upon us the Fairy’s Dead or otherwise occupied and the Colts are out of playoffs second year running.
The only wish I really have is for the management to look at the future now and let the 2nd, 3rd, 4th stringers to play it all out and see what they can muster.
Playing the few stars of this somewhat broken team would be an utter stupidity…
But the team will want the win against divisional rivalry and Andrew Luck, Frank Gore are close to reach certain milestones in their careers and T.Y. Hilton is leading receiver through 16 weeks so.. There.
After missing out on play offs second year running all we can wish for at this time is for the team management to hit the draft right and find some reasonably priced free agents if there are any and get properly prepared for the next season.
And until that point in September, let’s enjoy what 2017 is cooking for us.
Happy 2017 Gals and Guys!!!


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